Hyper Light Drifter is Making its Way to PlayStation 4

Some of the most amazing games and innovations that are coming out rely on retro looks and feels. The most memorable and addictive games of the past few years weren’t necessarily the ones that involved the most realistic graphics. Instead the winners of innovation seem to be the games that engage the player and even if simple, keep them coming back for more. Thanks to the jump in technology, these games are no longer just confined to computers, they have been brought into the living rooms and TV sets of many players through direct download through the console. So games like Hyper Light Drifter, which a few short years ago may not even have been given the time of day are now anticipated on consoles as much as they are on their computer counterparts.

Hyper Light Drifter is a Kickstarter project that received such praise, it was fully funded long before it’s close date and has actually managed to reach it’s stretch goals in as such, will be coming to a PlayStation 4 console near you.

The game is a 2D Action RPG with throw back 8 and 16 bit graphics but plays like a game of today. It is both dark and beautiful with massive and varied landscapes for the player to travel through. Though the game may appear simple at first, it is anything but.

First and foremost, its simple graphics betray the true reality of it. This game is brutal. Not the Assassin’s Creed type of brutality but more engaging. This isn’t about making a clean kill, this game just wants you to make the kill any way possible. More like the games of older generations where the enemies kept coming and the player had to keep pushing through them. But the reward is great as the further you go, the more of the twisting and dark world you are privy to.

Players will use a sword as their main weapon which is efficient at taking out most anything the player may encounter in their journey. They will also find a variety of weapons that are a bit more advanced than the trusty sword. These weapons include a variety of guns that the player charges with limited batteries that are found scattered around the world.

Hyper Light Drifter is Making its Way to PlayStation 4 Players also have a shield that they can use to deflect attacks and in some cases fire back at the attacker if it is a projectile weapon. Players will also have a dash function that can be used in a variety of ways.

Watching the game play brings to mind the original Legend of Zelda but the game moves much smoother and is positioned far differently. It is more like the games that were released for Sega Saturn if anyone remembers that era of gaming. Or even the very early PlayStation games but with cleaner graphics. This game is not trying to be something high tech, instead is keeping its look simple to create a dramatic and beautiful playing world.

The game has currently raised almost $400K which is what allowed its development for the PlayStation 4. Originally it was going to be computer only but since it has done so amazingly well through Kickstarter, this has allowed the developer to move onto the other platforms and create other modes and options for play. It has received far more its original goal of slightly shy of $30K.

As the game receives funding and if it is able to reach any further tears before the close of the campaign, the small developer will be adding additional bosses, modes, and play levels to the game for people who have contributed to the Kickstarter.

The game is still in development obviously as the Kickstarter has not even finished out yet. However, the delivery date for the game and other assorted goodies that fans can get as rewards for pledging are being sent in the summer of 2014 so the game will no doubt be available there about for interested parties who may have missed the original pledge period.

After the pledge period, news, updates and pre-orders will likely be available through the developer’s website.

Game Category: Indie

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 10/4/2013

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