The Role Indie and F2P Games Will Have on the PS4 in 2014

Sony knows that indie and F2P games are going to have a major role in the PS4’s future – so much so that Sony has been heavily touting that the PS4 will be a ‘perfect haven’ for indie developers since they unveiled the console in Feb. 2013 and showcased the console at its E3 2013 conference. In addition, they have also touted that the PS4 will feature some of gaming’s best F2P games and are providing developers with the tools needed to easily showcase their games (whatever niche they may be) on the PS4.

Gaming is changing, and Sony realizes this. So what is on the horizon for 2014 in terms of the indie and F2P niches? Here’s a brief insight on the roles indie and F2P games will have on Sony’s newest console in the coming year.

Indie Games
Steam is primarily the place to go players you want to play indie games on the PC. When it comes to playing indie games on mobile devices, gamers primarily go to Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Yet when it comes to consoles, there isn’t one dominating platform that players flock to, and that is what Sony is hoping to change in 2014.

More than ever, Sony wants players to think ‘Sony’ whenever they think of indie gaming on consoles. Sony is aggressively doing its part to welcome indie developers both seasoned and new over to the PS4, and although the console has been out for only a few months, the amount of indie games on the PS4 is already staggering. Even the first free PSN games available to PlayStation Plus members were indie games (Resogun and Contrast). Add to the fact that some of 2013’s best indie titles such as Don’t Starve and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons are coming to the PS4 as early as January, 2014, and it becomes apparent that Sony wants to be the platform of choice when it comes to playing indie titles on a console.

The Role Indie and F2P Games Will Have on the PS4 in 2014Certainly, Sony is striving to build a large library of indie games as quickly as possible in 2014 (and judging by their current indie offering such as Tiny Brains and Super Motherload, they are already doing a great job), but it isn’t to solely attract players that enjoy indie games. Sony knows that in order to survive this upcoming change in the gaming industry, the support of indie games is mandatory. Take a look at Sony’s already confirmed indie games coming to the PS4 in 2014. The absolute best indie games will be on the PS4 in 2014, and without question, I can honestly say that not only will Sony find that indie gaming is a profitable niche in gaming. Additionally, they are also going to discover that with every passing year, indie gaming is going to grow more and more profitable until it rivals AAA gaming. Is this a bold statement? Of course, yet it’s going to happen, and 2014 is going to be the start of it all.

FPS Games
”Consoles, I believe, are dead.”
Former World of Warcraft lead developer Mark Kern believes that the future of gaming is the F2P model, and the only way consoles will be able to survive is if they latch onto this business model and feature F2P games on their consoles (and I thought my statement above was bold). While it is way too early to tell whether or not he’s right, one thing is certain: the F2P model is here, and it isn’t going away. Thus, Sony is doing its part to embrace the model and provide some of the best F2P games on the console.

What does 2014 hold in store for Sony in terms of F2P gaming? For starters, some of the best F2P games currently available are set to hit the console in early 2014 such as War Thunder and PlanetSide 2. Throughout the rest of 2014, other quality F2P games are set to launch on the console as well, and while the F2P genre isn’t booming on consoles/PC like it is on mobile devices, I predict that by the end of 2014, the F2P niche is going to be thriving on the PS4.

Sony is embracing both niches in an effort to become the ultimate gaming platform. The keyword here is gaming too, as Sony wants the PS4 to be the ultimate console for everything gaming. Will the indie and F2P niches prove to be profitable for Sony in 2014? You better believe it, and we’re only getting started.

Article by Dusty W.
Insert Date: 1/5/2014

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