Infamous: Second Son Easter Eggs

Sucker Punch has created quite the legacy for themselves over the years. With a few beloved franchises at their helm, the studio is in a good place right now. Recently, they released the latest incarnation to their hit franchise InFamous with InFamous: Second Son, and the game is chock full of easter eggs and other unique secrets that are certain to put a smile on the faces of Sucker Punch fans. Don’t want to wait and search for some of the easter eggs yourself? Take a look at our list of some of the best easter eggs and secrets Sucker Punch snuck into InFamous: Second Son.

Infamous: Second Son Easter EggsSly Cooper Street Art
If you thought Sucker Punch was done with the Sly Cooper series, think again. With the release of Thieves in Time in 2013 and a feature film coming our way in the next few years, the world’s favorite raccoon thief is still alive and well. One of Sucker Punch’s homages to the popular raccoon is via street art in one of the dark alleys in InFamous: Second Son. Painted on an alley wall in the heart of Seattle, a large spray painted face of Sly can be seen grimacing at those that walk through the dark and grimy alley. Pretty neat, right? That’s not all of the Sly Cooper homages.

Sly Cooper PlaygroundSly Cooper Playground
Take a trip to Seattle Center and you will spot a playground decorated with images of Sly Cooper and his buddies. A playground full of see-saws, slides, and Sly Cooper images? That sounds like the best playground of all time!

Cole McG’s ElectronicsCole McG’s Electronics
Remember the first two InFamous games where you got to play as protagonist Cole McGrath? He was a grizzled individual thrown into an extraordinary situation, and with the power of electricity, he was able to achieve remarkable things. Well, it seems as if Cole retired and opened up an electronics chain, because that’s exactly what you can find in multiple areas of InFamous: Second Son. Over the course of the game, you will find many of these shops throughout Seattle.

Empire City the MusicalEverybody wants to see Empire City the Musical
If you played the first InFamous game, then you will remember the game was set in Empire City. Well, a billboard around Seattle suggests that someone mad a musical around the famed city. Does it retell the story of the events of the first game? Perhaps future DLC will allow us to sneak into a theatre and watch the play for ourselves!

Interesting ringtoneInteresting ringtone
The next time you hear Delsin’s phone ring, listen closely. It’s actually the theme song from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Two-in-one easter eggTwo-in-one easter egg
Interestingly enough, the video game store in InFamous: Second Son is called NextJen (a play on ‘next gen,’ or ‘the next generation of consoles’). The store has a news ticker, and according to the news ticker, Sly Cooper was arrested for burglary. Either Sly Cooper actually exists in the universe of InFamous: Second Son, or some fat guy dressed like Sly Cooper is referring to himself as Sly Cooper and robbing people blindly.

Pulp Fiction ReferencePulp Fiction Reference
Near the DUP sign in Paramount, there is a restaurant called Burger Royale With Cheese. If you have seen the film Pulp Fiction, then you automatically get the reference. If you haven’t, go watch it already!

Reference to The Legend of ZeldaReference to The Legend of Zelda
The next time you are inside Eugene’s room, take a look around. You will spot the Master Sword thrown somewhere in his room. Hey! That’s no way to treat Hyrule’s most noble weapon!

Knack FigurineKnack Figurine
Stroll around the Wooden House near the beginning of the game. A few moments before you turn left to see Betty, you will see a Knack doll lying in a chair. Cute figurine, terrible game.

Xbox One JabXbox One Jab
One of the vests you can unlock in InFamous: Second Son is the ‘X-Bone’ vest, a clear jab at Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

Yet Another Sly Cooper ReferenceYet Another Sly Cooper Reference
Notice anything unusual about the chain of gas stations in InFamous: Second Son? Called ‘Panda King Gas,’ these stations are a reference to Sly Cooper’s enemy-turned-ally, the Panda King.

Are there any easter eggs that we didn’t mention that you feel is worth a shout out? Let us know in the comments below!

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 4/13/2014

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