Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail Walkthrough

Infamous: Second Son is a next generation game through and through. Beyond just incredible graphics and great gameplay, there is also a set of unique missions in the game referred to as “Infamous: Paper Trail.” These missions are part of a six week set of ongoing content known as an ARG or “Alternate Reality Game.” These missions will alternate between content in the game, and segments where you have to put down the controller and perform some investigations on a web browser in the real world. Sounds next gen, doesn’t it? This type of game isn’t new to the world of gaming, but the fact that we’re seeing it on a console means that boundaries are being pushed already.

So, we’re here to help you find and solve the riddles and ultimate see what lies at the end of this mysterious “Paper Trail”. Each week after the game’s release, Sucker Punch is adding a new set of missions to this story. We’ve got the full walkthrough coming to you each week as the missions develop. Welcome to the PS4 Experts official walkthrough of Infamous: Paper Trail!

Prologue: “Prepare Thyself”
You can start the Paper Trail missions in the game, but shortly into it you’ll be asked to register for an account online to continue. Time is money, so before you tackle any of the in-game content head to this website:

From there, you can log in with your Facebook profile or create a new one, and link it to your PSN account, look for the option on the right side of your main profile page. Completing this link will earn you free Karma in the game too, which in my case leveled me up. Feel free to explore the profile, though you won’t see much yet.

For those of us who like a lot of backstory, keep an eye out here for options and links to other websites in your messages column on the right side of the page. For example, right now you can take a “Conduit’s Truth Quiz” on a real website advocating Conduit rights. It’s very cool to see the developers take this extra step and bring the game into the real world. Okay, now that you’ve registered, boot up your copy of Infamous: Second Son so we can get started! One thing to make note of here is that anything after Part two of the Paper Trail missions will only appear after you’ve finished the main campaign.


Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail

To begin, you’ll need to look for a mission start icon that looks like a cross on the map. If you’ve already acquired the Neon powers in game, then you’ll be able to find it easy. Just head back to the billboard where you first found Fetch’s things. The Paper Trail start is located there. Again, if you haven’t registered with the website above, do so now. You can play this first mission without registering, but anything after that isn’t going to work without a linked account.

Once you begin the mission, you’ll be instructed to follow the Paper Conduit through the district. This chase can be difficult with Smoke powers equipped since the Conduit moves extremely fast. I recommend having Neon equipped if possible, and having the endless run upgrade really helps as well. If you’re not that far into the game, or you don’t have the aforementioned ability, you’ll still be able to keep up just fine. Just keep an eye on her paper trail (pun intended).

Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail

You’ll follow the Conduit to the theatre where you come across a crime scene. Using your camera, you’ll need to snap three pictures. The first one is of the crime scene on the ground, the second is the man hanging from the theatre’s neon sign, and the third is a picture of the swirling papers at the top of the theatre.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to approach the crime scene and pick up the wallet from the ground there. After that, climb the theatre and take the origami dove from next to the sign on the roof. Once you have these items, retreat from the theatre and the game will tell you that you must investigate your findings. This is where things get awesome.

You’ll need to set down the game here and head to to continue. Once you’ve arrived and logged in, you’ll see new items added to your profile page; namely the wallet and dove from the crime scene. You can also view the photos you took from the crime scene and access Delsin’s cell phone.

Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail

Once you’ve explored a bit by clicking on the various icons, you can progress the story by opening up the detective’s wallet. Inside you’ll find various items, but the one most worthy of note at the moment is the Brunberg Detective Agency business card that matches the name of the I.D in the wallet. So, our guy Emilio is a detective.

Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail

Head to the website on the business card in your web browser:

You’ll find that it’s a real website, very convincing in fact. Click the link at the bottom of the page for the employee log in. You’ll find yourself without a username and password here, and we don’t have one so click “Forgot My Password.”

Now you’ll be faced with three security questions. These questions have several alternate versions, but regardless of what version you get, the answers are always found in the contents of the wallet, so go back to your profile page and check the wallet again. These were my three questions, and where I found the answers:

Question one: “Who was your Favorite Teacher?”
Answer: “Mrs. Wintervale” (Found on the back of a polaroid picture in the wallet stating she is the best teacher ever!)

Question two: “Where do you Park your Car?”
Answer: “Gruderman’s” (shown on a business card found in the wallet labeled “Gruderman’s Parking”.)

Question three: “What’s the name of your Favorite Uncle?”
Answer: “Morty” (found on the back of another polaroid picture in the wallet.)

Once you’re in, you’ll see a list of cases, but only one is currently active. Select that one and you’ll be taken to a new page with several documents to choose from. All of these provide additional information and story elements, but only one is needed to move on. Look for a document labeled “Killian Czalov Mobile I.D.”

Inside here you’ll find a string of numbers. Again, these change depending on your login so mine are different from others I’ve seen. I imagine they did this so people wouldn’t just cheat and actually use the web browser content. Regardless, these numbers are what you need. Head back to your profile on the Paper Trail and put the string of numbers into your cell phone tracker to begin the next phase of the Paper Trail.

PART ONE: Mission two: “Find the suspect”
Once you’ve put in the tracking number on the website, you’ll need to head back into your game and go back to the last Paper Trail icon you left off on. From here, the game will connect with your online profile and you’ll be instructed to follow the cell phone signal in the game. It’s quite a distance so once again I recommend Neon or Video as the power to use here for quick travel.

Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail

Once you arrive, you’ll be instructed to take down some drug dealers. Nothing you haven’t seen before so dispose of them and you’ll be able to take some new photos of the scene. Looks like Killian got the short end of the stick. You’ll need three photos here again. One of the neon sign, one of the body, and one of the orange cooler on the ground beneath the body.

Once you’ve done this, Delsin will spot a D.U.P drone fly past. Follow the drone a short distance until you come across some more drug dealers. Dispatch them and investigate the drone for a lock box. Once you have it, head back to the marker on the map to upload your findings to the Paper Trail profile online. Grab your computer, and let’s see what we found!

Logging back into your profile shows three new items at the bottom of the list. You’ll see the pictures you took, another phone, and the tracker drone you encountered. Check out the phone to see a text message from a guy named Skeeter. He claims that he “talked” to the detective and that he’s going to stop snooping around. Well, either he killed both the detective and Killian, or there’s more than meets the eye.

Next, click on the drone and click again on the keypad you see. You’ll need to discover a six digit code here. There are two ways to do this. I’ve shown both below:

Method #1: You can use trial and error to find the code. When you enter a code, green numbers mean that you got that number right. Yellow numbers mean that number is right but it’s in the wrong spot. Red means it’s wrong all together and you should not use it again.

Method #2: This is more for the less patient gamers, like myself. If you right click on the keypad, you should see an option called “View Page Source”. Click that to pull up a bunch of coding. Scroll down to line number “106” (the numbers are on the left) and look for a line that starts with “Var currpd =” and then six numbers. That number is your code. Again, it changes so putting mine here wouldn’t help you any.

Once you have the drone opened, You’ll find some cash (No, you can’t have it) and a note. The note if from someone who just calls themselves “J”. It sounds like Killian was in some trouble with this guy, but the note mentions a specific place, so it’s time to head back into the game and follow the, wait for it, paper trail. So happy I got to use that line, thank you Sucker Punch.

PART ONE: Mission 3: “Follow the Money”
Once you’ve synced back up to your game at the mission marker, head to the Crocodile as mentioned in the note. When you arrive, expect some moderate resistance. After dispatching yet more drug dealers, head inside. A quick look around reveals another crime scene and another victim. Three pictures, all on the body, and you’re done there.

Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail

The Paper Conduit Celia shows up again and drops off a origami dove for you. Head over to the stage and pick it up. Once you exit the building, you’ve finished part one!

PART TWO: Mission 1: “Pick up the Trail”
You’ll find the start of Part 2 on the bridge connecting the first and second areas of the game. Once you begin, Celia appears and you have to chase her down once again. It is worth noting that if she loses you, and she probably will, a marker on the map appears to show you her last location so you don’t have to start from the beginning again. She moves very quick and makes a lot of turns so you may need this feature.

Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail

When she finally finishes running, she’ll drop another origami dove for you. After picking it up, you’ll be treated to a shot of a body bag in the alley below. Jump down to investigate the scene. Another set of pictures here. The first one is the body bag on the ground, the second is a pile of papers next to it. The third is between the two crime scene signs on the ground to the right, the fourth is just above the third.

Once that’s finished, collect the poster, the key FOB, and the cell phone from the crime scene. Follow the marker on your map to have these items uploaded to your Paper Trail profile online. Once you’ve done that, pause the game and open the website to continue.

On the website, you’ll need to begin by looking at Origami Dove #3. Scroll down to see a note, at the bottom is a FAN (File Access Number). Use this number by clicking on the D.U.P Intranet icon in your Paper Trail profile. Enter the fan number here and it will pull up a case file on the D.U.P website. Read through the case profile and at the bottom you’ll see the fourth origami dove. There is a note telling you to connect the dots.

To solve this, follow the small dots in order of number. As you draw each line, you’ll pass through one or two circled numbers. Write these down in the order you pass them and you’ll come up with another eleven digit code to use. Go back to the Intranet page and enter this number. I am unsure if this one changes, but mine was 36544572885.

Now you’ll have your hands on a security protocol document. Essentially, the phone you found and the FOB are not enough to get the passcode to unlock the phone. Instead, you’ll need to take each digit shown on the FOB and add three to it. If doing so moves a digit past ten, remember it only goes 0-9 so anything past 9 wraps around to 0 and goes from there.

Check the phone icon on your profile page and perform these steps, adding three to each number on the FOB, to unlock the phone. Once you’ve done this, we’re back to the game!

PART TWO: Mission two: “Case Dismissed.”
Once you arrive at the marker, you’ll find Linda from the voicemail pinned to a Heaven’s Hellfire billboard. Now we have two dead D.U.P officers, and the plot thickens. Three pictures here, two of the body, and one of a notebook on the roof next to the billboard’s base. Pick up the notebook and head to the marker to upload your findings. Pause the game, and pull up your profile online.

Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail

You’ll see the photos and have the opportunity to look inside the notebook on your profile. Apparently Linda was meeting with our other victim that day. We can also see her D.U.P badge in the picture. On the top of the page, her website is listed, open a new tab and head there on your browser.

So, her site’s been hacked. This is one of the coolest elements thus far in the Paper Trail missions. Much of the site’s text has been replaced with bold accusations of corruption and bribery. As you read through the red text, you’ll see numbers in place of certain letters. Write those numbers down in order from top to bottom and you’ll have a new File Access Number. Mine was 14359595841 but yours could be different here as well. Head back to the D.U.P Intranet from your profile page and enter the number there.

This will pull up a news broadcast that is very interesting in terms of story development. During the video they talk about Judge Paulson and above the video in the left corner is the case number. Enter these two things into the submission box on Linda’s legal website to continue the story. (Note: Enter the name judge paulson in lower case with a space between the two words.)

PART TWO: Mission Three: “The Final Verdict”
What do you know? The judge is dead. When you arrive, take photos of the scene. You’ll have two here, both of the body. Afterward, collect the wallet. Celia appears and leaves a dove for you so pick that up as well. When you leave the hideout, everything will be uploaded to your online profile. And that’s it for Part 2!

PART THREE: Mission One: “Pick up the Trail”
You’ll find the next Part of Paper Trail over in the Georgetown district, behind a billboard on a roof near the train rail. Celia will appear and lead you on a wild goose chase once again. When you finish chasing her, you’ll be at another crime scene, although there isn’t a body we can see. Instead it’s a burning car.

Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail

Take photos of the car, the origami dove next to it, and the posters on the ground to the right of it. Once you’ve done that, pick up one of the posters and the origami dove. From here, you’ll upload your findings to the website, and then it’s back to the computer at home to see what we’ve got.

Once you’re back into your profile, check out the origami dove you found. At the bottom image, there is an eleven digit code that you’ll need to enter on the D.U.P website we’ve been using. Here’s the site for convenience:

Okay, now enter your code on the site and you will see a camera feed of a prison cell. Should look familiar. The way this puzzle is set up can be confusing, but I’ll my best to describe it. My solutions were the same as others I’ve seen so this one may not be random each time. Lucky you.

If you’re looking to solve the puzzle, use the arrows on the feed to look at the left and right walls. On each wall, there is a web like drawing with numbers written at points where the lines intersect. You’ll also see an origami dove you can interact with. Open the dove and look at page three for each wall. The process is the same from here each time. The dove will have a replica of the design in front of you, except the points on the dove are numbered sequentially. Essentially what you’ll do here is find point one from the dove’s grid, on the grid in front of you. You’ll see a number there like twenty two, or four, and you’ll write that down. Once you’ve gone to every point from the dove on the real grid and written down the numbers, you’ll have eleven digits. Can you say case file? Here are my two solutions:

Wall #1:

Wall #2:

Again, some puzzles in this ARG are random and some have the same answer each time. The method doesn’t change, so if these codes don’t work for you, you’ll need to use the method above to find your own.

Start with the first string of numbers and input them into the D.U.P Intranet. This will pull up a incident report with two sets of numbers. One refers to Celia and the other refers to Hank. We’ll need his number next. This shouldn’t change from game to game. It’s 00731718404.

Putting this into the D.U.P Intranet yields Hank Daughtry’s file. It’s an interesting read, but at the end is a number that we need. The number is: 46298893710

Inputting this pulls up a camera feed on the last page. This feed has a camera I.D number in the top left hand corner. It’s randomly generated so giving you mine won’t help. Even so, take that number and input it on your profile through Delsin’s phone. Now we’re back to the PS4.

PART THREE: Mission two: “Electronic Witness”
With the camera on your map, you’ll just need to head to the circle where it may be. Once there, it’s on the left side of the zone in parking lot surrounded by buildings. The camera is small, tucked away on the top right of a grey building with red pipes sticking out. Shoot the camera and collect the data drive. This gets uploaded to your profile online, once you reach the marker on the map,so leave the PS4 and back to the web browser.

Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail

This next part can be trying, so let’s hope you’re the patient type. When you open up the data drive on the Paper Trail website, you’re introduced to a mini-game where you have to match colored nodes with one another to defragment the hard drive and access the footage within. Sounds easy, but it’s not. They do give you instructions right off the bat, but this is something that is totally random and must be done on your own. There are seven puzzles in total, so pace yourself.

Once you broken three computers and two mice while completing that, you can move on. You have two options here, one is a video file and one is a software patch. Load up the video first and watch it to the end. Right before the last few seconds, a license plate is displayed on screen. Pause it here and return to the other tab to click on the software patch option.

In the patch notes is a website:

Go to this website and enter the license plate into the search bar. You now have the location of the vehicle in game. It’s equal parts satisfying and creepy. Back to the PS4 now.

PART THREE: Mission three: “Decisive Meeting”

Back in the game, just head to the marker where you left off and start the last mission of this segment. You arrive at the scene just as the senator is about to meet his demise. Once you have control, go to him and decide if you will heal him or finish him off. After you’ve decided, pick up the two pieces of evidence near the car.

If you head back online, you’ll be able to read the pieces of evidence, but as of this moment you’re finished with Part three. One of the pieces of evidence is a set of instructions on how to make your own origami dove. Of course, there’s also a twist. If you follow the instructions, at step 9 you’ll be told to write some numbers down. When you’re done, the numbers will give you a F.A.N number to use on the D.U.P website.

If you’re like me and you can’t make origami, here’s the code to put in on the D.U.P Intranet: 93588247459.

PART FOUR: Mission One: “Pick up the Trail”

The next part begins in the upper right corner of the market district, where you’ll once again chase down Celia as she explodes into paper and dashes in every direction imaginable. She’ll lead you to the park and to the top of a structure that I found extremely difficult to climb. At the apex, you’ll pick up another dove. Follow the marker to upload it to your profile and then it’s back to the website for investigation.

Once on the site, scroll through the images of the dove to find another F.A.N number at the bottom. The number is:99902081433. Head back to the D.U.P intranet ( and enter this number in the search bar.

You’ll pull up a memo with some information about an organization called Lifeline Purity which the D.U.P is concerned with. In the memo there is another F.A.N number which is:62751111459. Searching for this file will bring up a simple puzzle for you to solve.

While this puzzle is indeed simple, I found it to be time consuming. The object is simple enough; arrange the shredded pieces of the business card to see the message. Simple, but not easy. Unfortunately the number on this is different for each account so you’ll have to find your own. Once you have it, head to the Lifeline Purity website: When you’re there, go to the forums. The one we’re interested in is the “Funny Flick” thread from Vengeful_Vince. Once you click on it, a passcode is required. The code is the number from the business card you pieced together.

Once in the forum, you can watch the very unfunny “Funny Flick” and scroll down. Click the last sentence to bring up a screenshot from the game. Now you’re ready to return to the game.

PART FOUR: Mission Two: “The Purification”

Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail PART FOUR

Our first order of business here is to head for the place in the picture we saw. The game doesn’t place a marker, but you’ve got me so everything’s just fine. Head to the market district. Head to the right side of the leftmost section in the district. Look for the neon sign on a roof with the giant crab, you can’t miss it. At the bottom, follow the steps down to a crime scene. The police officers here will attack so you can choose to take vengeance for all those parking tickets, or you can show mercy, you’re call.

When everything is back to normal, search the area for eight body bags. You need to stand almost directly on them and use the touch pad to take a toe tag from each bag. There are eight in total confined within the circle on your map. Once you have all the tags, upload them to the profile online and head back to your computer.

When you examine the tags on your profile, you’ll notice a series of red dots on the bottom. By connecting these, you’ll find that they actually form a series of numbers. You can do this mentally, or by printing them out, but I have a third option. You see, the number is always the same so: 02240835619. Whoops, how did that get there?

Take this number and enter it into the D.U.P intranet. This unlocks a paper dove with some more story. At the top in red text is a message containing another F.A.N number which is: 48281723399. Enter this into the intranet once more to pull up a D.U.P document concerning someone’s potential misconduct.

I hope you like documents, because there is yet another F.A.N number at the bottom of this one: 70031718405.

After you have read through this document, a final F.A.N number is given to us: 10255211988. This takes you to the puzzle portion of this segment. Here you’ll see a waterlogged phone. Once you click on the phone a puzzle will start. It simply involves clicking and dragging the broken pieces of the picture into place. At the top will be a number that you can enter into Delsin’s phone on the Paper Trail website. The number is random, but luckily this puzzle isn’t too hard. Once you’ve found the number and entered it into the phone, head back to the game.

PART FOUR: Mission three: “Confront Tyler Bennett”
Once in the game, you can track the signal on your cell phone. Remember to get on a rooftop and follow it from there. Your destination is at the docks once you get close. I thought for a moment I had to cross the water, but just check the docks and you’ll find them. The buyer will run scared, leaving you with the D.U.P leak who was trying to sell the threat list.

Spare him and take the list, or kill him and take it. Your choice of course. Once you’re finished, go to leave and Celia will appear to leave you yet another dove. Pick that up and everything will be uploaded to your account. That’s it for Part Four ladies and gents. Stay tuned for an update next week with Part Five!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 04/12/2014

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