Infamous Second Son: Tips on How to be the Best, or the Worst!

When I first saw Sam Raimi’s rendition of Spider-Man, I was floored by the movie. Then of course he did a second and third one that we don’t talk about. The first one though, that one was something special. I think the line that resonated the most with everyone who watched it was Uncle Ben’s “With great power comes great responsibility.” No more has this been shown to us gamers than in the Infamous series. There’s good and evil choices, but in Infamous, the consequences both positive and negative, resonate through the rest of the game. Powers change, events change, and while it’s not perfect, it adds weight to these powers that you possess.

Be you a veteran of the series or a PS4 owner that decided to pick up the latest release, now is the time to gather round the Ray Sphere, and learn how you can be the best Conduit this side of a superconductor.


Infamous Second Son Maximize your Karma Tip #1: Maximize your Karma intake Early on with these Abilities
Infamous relies heavily on Karma which is earned through good and evil actions. Your first power in the game is the Smoke power. The best thing you can do here is target the headshot and smoke grenade upgrades as early as you can. These two abilities allow you to instantly subdue or incapacitate an enemy, leaving them vulnerable for a Karmic finishing move that will add to either your good or evil Karma. Gaining these Karma points will help push you toward the next level.

Infamous Second Son Gather Blast Shards Tip #2: Gather Blast Shards, and look in places you wouldn’t expect.
Blast Shards in Infamous: Second Son are the sole currency by which you upgrade your powers. The best way to get them in the game is first remove any jammers or Mobile Command Units from the district. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to see the location of all the Blast Shards in the district. Here’s a bonus tip, you’ll also be able to get Blast Shards from the fingerprint scanners. Try them out if you like, but blasting them open will net you a free shard for your trouble.

Infamous Second Son abilities Tip #3: Don’t be stingy with upgrading your abilities.
You may think that if you pump too many shards into the smoke powers, that you’ll run out of shards later on. Not so, Infamous: Second Son contains enough Blast Shards within it to upgrade each ability in every power you get. This means you don’t need to worry, you just need to follow Tip number two and scour the districts for those Blast Shards!

Infamous Second Son you’re not invincible Tip #4: You may be a superhero, but you’re not invincible.
Playing Infamous: Second Son on harder difficulties can really put you in your place. You may have superpowers, but this game will make you feel just as mortal as anyone else in the game. Case and point, we have some mini strategies here to keep you from getting chewed up by gunfire. One word, guerrilla. No, I’m not talking about a giant ape, I mean guerrilla tactics. Going in with all your powers firing off is going to get you killed, especially in a big battle. Instead, try to get the drop on the enemy, literally if you like. Use rooftops and cover to your advantage and know when to retreat. You can go in, fire off a few rockets, maybe get a headshot or two, and then retreat to a rooftop. This way, you stay on the move, and you stay alive.

Infamous Second Son final boss fight Tip #5: The Last One’s a Doozy.
Without any major spoilers, the final boss fight is quite intense if you’re not prepared. We’re here to make sure you and your controller is safe and prevent a Dark Souls scenario in your living room. Before entering into the final confrontation, you’ll want to have at least twenty Blast Shards saved up. These will be used to purchase some very important abilities during the boss fight. During you ask? Yes, during, and you’ll know why when you get there, and you’ll be happy you had the spare shards, especially on higher difficulties.

Infamous Second Son Good Karma Tip #6: When you’re shooting for Good Karma, precision is next to Godliness.
Good Karma is easy to get in Infamous: Second Son, if you’re careful. Precision attacks and a overall lack of collateral damage are the best things you can shoot for. Keep an eye on your abilities as you level up your Karma and look for ways to subdue enemies and perform attacks that limit the amount of damage you’ll do to potential civilians nearby. For example, as mentioned earlier you can get an ability to instantly subdue enemies with headshots from your smoke power. With the Neon ability, you can target an enemies legs to subdue them. In addition, you’ll find opportunities to slow time or freeze enemies that further set you up for opportunities like these.

Infamous Second Son Bad Karma Tip #7: Bad Karma is like Taking Candy from a Baby
Bad Karma is arguably the easier thing to earn in Infamous: Second Son. Rampages, headshots, and a utter lack for the safety of your fellow people are the best ingredients for this recipe. Because it’s so easy to be bad, you can also use your special abilities far more often. Don’t expect completely different powers though, the game does mix up a few abilities, but otherwise you can look forward to some color changes and not much more in the powers department.

Infamous Second Son Switching Powers Tip #8: Switching Powers is not as Easy as You Might Think
In a perfect world, you could just press a button and switch powers, but that’s no how Infamous: Second Son works. If you want to switch from say Smoke to Neon, you’ll need to absorb the energy from a neon sign to do so. And, if you want to go back to smoke, you’ll need to find a chimney or blow up a car. This mechanic makes sense, but if can be tough to switch during a mission. My advice here is to choose your power before entering the mission. If it seems like you’re about to chase something, choose Neon or Video powers. If a fight’s coming and it’s close quarters, Smoke is probably your best bet. Having this forethought is going to be the best way to get through missions the first time around.

Infamous Second Son Missions Tip #9: Leave some Missions for the After Party.
Again, not looking to spoil anything for you dear readers. The final power though is given to you at a very late part of the game. If you want to really experience this power and be able to use it, I would recommend not doing every single side mission you come across. Leaving some of these will give you the opportunity to mess around in the open world after the credits have rolled and you have your final power to use as you please. If you’ve already done everything you’ll have this shiny new power and nothing to use it on. So, perfectionists, hold back a bit.

Infamous Second Son Paper Trail ARG Tip #10: Don’t Miss out on the Free Content included in the Paper Trail ARG
You may encounter it, or miss it entirely, but there is a side mission you can partake in called “Paper Trail.” When you finish this mission, you’ll be asked to sync up the game with an account you make online at This Augmented Reality Game allows you to go back and forth between the game and your smartphone, computer, or tablet. As you participate, and as time goes on, you’ll be able to unlock new content in the game. Best of all, it’s free! They didn’t go much into this when the game was coming out, so spread the word and try it out yourself.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, now you have the power and the knowledge to destroy, or rebuild. Either way, you’ll have a great time doing it. Are there any other tips you would suggest? Were you good or evil the first time you played? Tell us in the Comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 04/05/2014

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