Inifnite Warfare Review

Once again, Call of Duty has another title added to the long running franchise and it wouldn’t be a Call of Duty game, without a mix of love and hate from the community. Those that are enjoying Infinite warfare, seem to be rather happy with the title. Those that are not as happy, are either playing Modern Warfare Remastered or simply traded their game back and accepted the loss. Of course, there are other scenarios, but these are the most common.

So, if you have been playing Infinite Warfare, you have most likely formed your opinion of the game already. I’m not going to try and sway anyone opinion on this game, fact is, your opinion belongs to you and if someone else says you’re wrong, that's simply just their opinion, so don’t let others bother you over it, whether you love it or hate.   

That being said, I do not love Infinite Warfare, but I do not hate it either. In my opinion, it's alright. Nothing more or less. In the past, Call of Duty, used to give me this overwhelming feeling of excitement. All my friends would be playing it, I would look forward to making new friends along the way and thoroughly enjoyed the competitive side, but a lot has changed over the years. Some changes for the better and some the worse.

Not everyone enjoys being able to double/boost/thrust jump in video games. If you hated Advanced Warfare and or Black Ops III, this probably isn’t the game for you. Infinite Warfare has all those futuristic elements that people seem to love to hate or just love, depends on who it is where talking to. The speed of sprinting, jumping, wall running, it's all there and then some, which is probably where the franchise has gone wrong. A lot of people were hoping for “Boots to Ground” gameplay, not necessarily because they hated the futuristic settings, but more because they have had their fill of the future.

A lot of Call of Duty players purchase the game every year and plan to play the game all year, when you have three different developers creating a title for the same franchise, you would expect the games to change up a little up bit more than it has. Advanced Warfare was a big change up from Ghosts, Black Ops III was a solid change up compared to Advanced Warfare, but Infinite Warfare, doesn’t change much from Black Ops III. There are changes, but minor ones.

The lack of changes I’m speaking of, are based on multiplayer. The campaign is always different as it has a new story each time or is a sequel from a previous entry that also includes a new story. The campaign in IW, I will admit, is pretty good. It has a good story, good gameplay, great visuals and audio. If you’re a campaign player, you will probably enjoy the story, but if you hate anything sci-fi or futuristic, you probably won’t. That's a matter of preference, but is neither here nor there.

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The Multiplayer aspect is a lot like Black Ops III. Different weapons, instead of specialists you get combat rigs, a few new game modes that don’t a whole lot of innovation, but the maps are surely different than many of the maps we have played on in the past. Except for terminal of course. That is more of a reskin of the fan favorite map, but it's a good map. There's a reason it's a fan favorite after all. The maps in Infinite Warfare, are rather large and that is pretty important for a game of this playstyle. The maps offer a lot of cover and openings at the same time. You could be holding off a point against your opponents and get flanked at any given time. Most maps in past call of duty titles, haven’t offered so many different options to plan an attack. Teamwork can be essential in this area and if you’re in a random lobby playing against a party, you might wanna take things a little slower, or else you could risk taking a major loss. Its up to you of course, but that's my advice.

I haven’t seen a lot of camping going on in this game so far. Sure you always see that one guy, but its been minimal compared to other titles. One thing I have noticed though, is that many players won’t play the objectives anymore. They are not there to win or lose, they're just there to try and pick up their K/D ratio, by attacking objective players. That can take a lot of fun out of the game for objective minded players, as they have to readjust how they play if they don’t want to suffer any strikes at their K/D either, I mean who does?

The Combat Rigs are pretty cool and offer both a passive and lethal setting. You can mix it up a little between passive and aggressive or strictly passive. It's all up to you. With the game offering challenges from a list of different factions, you could be asked to get 5 kills with the War Fighter Combat Rig or another Rig, so if you want to earn some points, scrap, keys or certain weapon variants, you’ll need to get used to changing out the Rig you use. It does keep things a little fresh when you are getting new orders each match.

Scrap can purchase new weapons variants form a list in the Quartermaster’s depot. Keys will unlock the now infamous supply drops, which offer camos, calling cards, Combat Rig skins and gestures and of course weapon variants. Some weapons and item are only found in Supply drops and while the list is still somewhat small, we are sure to see a whole lot of new weapons and other items added through the year. Weapon variants can unbalance the game in many ways, but that's the risk we take when playing I guess.

The game mechanics are pretty smooth and the wall running feels much better than it did Black Ops III. I may be wrong, but I feel like wall running in IW lasts a little longer before you drop off. The boost/thrust jumping feels better too, almost a more natural transition, if you will. While the game is an improvement to its predecessors, it feels like a giant expansion pack from the past two titles. Sorry if you disagree, but the biggest problem for me here is, it doesn’t feel new. While many people will say Call of Duty is always the same and just copy and paste, this time I would have to agree, to a point.

Call of Duty is always different, despite the years of people claiming it's always been the same, you need to go back its roots and see for yourself how much this franchise has evolved. Enter MWR, if you will. People will also say you don’t like a call of duty game, because you suck at it. Well, that's just people with a lack of any real intelligence behind their thought process. I’m pretty good at this game as I am with most FPS shooters that I play. My friends are good at this game as well, so we’re never short on having a decent team. My problem lies above, it feels mediocre and not new.

Like I said before, the campaign is pretty good, but I do not buy Call of Duty so I can spend 5-10 total, playing the campaign. Zombies is a lot of fun and challenging at the same. Of course, Zombie is a mode where bringing your own friends tend to be useful. You can be paired with players that will either help or hold back your 4 player team or worse yet, get a Rambo in there, that only cares about him/herself and just ruins the experience for everyone. Besides, if you were to actually take down hordes of zombies, you’d probably want at least one friend on your side anyway!

All in all, Infinite Warfare is a good game, but not for everybody. Nothing ever is though. I rate Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with a 7.5. While everything in the game is solid for the most part, it just doesn’t innovate for long time fans. It does for some, but I am sure they are not looking at from my point of view. Keep in mind, it's my job to dissect these games and give a non biased opinion in my reviews. Being able to have 40 kills and 5 deaths per match  and winning at every turn, doesn’t always mean it's fun. I’m not playing players with no skill either, I have had some great challenges from others, but I can’t give it a better score simply because I’m good at it. That would be biased to say the least. So what would you rate this game on a scale of 1-10?