It's not easy being a Gamer

It isn't always easy to be a gamer. That sentence may sound silly but, hear me out for a moment. Kids and teenagers are pretty much expected to play video games, you hear them speak of such things and whether you’re into games or not, it comes off as normal. As an adult that has been playing video games since early childhood, I’m viewed slightly differently.

Now bare in mind, the age of the average gamer is mid thirties. The problem is, a lot of these players won't publicly admit they are gamers. Closet Gamers maybe? It would appear that some of these players are slightly embarrassed to tell their coworkers they play video games for entertainment after a long day of work. Worse yet, they don’t want to express to their love interest how into video games they really are. The list goes on and on, but why be ashamed to admit gaming is one of your hobbies?

If a person of interest to you is into art and they asked you to come along to view an art exhibit, you would most likely oblige. If this person really is an interest to you, wouldn’t you want to share the things that you’re into as well? “Oh you enjoy art galleries? You should check out my digital collection of game titles, it's like viewing an art gallery from the comfort of your own home!” It’s as simple as that. If this person of interest doesn’t want any involvement with your hobby, that’s cool, but it's important you let them know you’re into video games, you’re hobbies matter!

Some find themselves worried about being picked on by others. Let's really think about this for a second, grown adults worried about being picked on by other grown adults… If video games make you immature and childlike, what does acting like an overgrown bully make you? Not for nothing, if another adult attempts to pick on you for playing video games, it's not going to sting that bad. Keep in mind, these common folk have no idea what they are missing out on and we should probably feel sorry for their lack of imagination and creativity.

Whenever I meet other adults in my daily life and they ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I’m a Video Game Journalist. They often raise an eyebrow and ask me what I mean and I simply tell them I write and promote articles for the video game industry. The conversations normally end on that note with an “Oh…” and I move along. Sometimes they say things like “Don’t you have to be nerdy to be into video games?” Well, if enjoying video games makes me a nerd then I guess I’m a nerd, but I don’t buy into the stereotypes.

Some people say gamers are fat, lazy slobs, no life losers, so and so forth. Let's be honest, some gamers are all of those things and more. So are some politicians, cops, lawyers, preachers, teachers, drivers, so on and so forth… Anybody could be anything in regards to these terms, that also goes for the opposite. There are plenty of cool, kind hearted, relaxed, outgoing and hardworking gamers out in the world, but with any community type, there's always going to be bad eggs. It's the circle of life, some would say.

Like I said, it isn’t always easy to be a gamer but, my take on it is simple, embrace who you are, life is much more miserable when you feel the need to hide the little things that make you happy. Being a gamer isn’t a stereotype, it’s a term that demonstrates one the many awesome things about who you are and your personality! That's how I feel about it anyway, what's your take on the subject?




Gaming has been apart of me since the age of 5, & I'll never stop playing!

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