Everything You Wanted To Know About The PS4's Japanese Launch

On February 22nd, the PlayStation 4 launched in its last major territory, not to mention its home one: Japan. Below, we have all the information you need about how the launch went, the games that Japan got that were different than us and why the launch was delayed in the first place.

Why Did Japan Have To Wait Three Months For The PS4?
One of the most popular comments on Facebook regarding the PlayStation 4 launch in Japan is "why did the PS4 launch later in Japan than in the US?" The answer is simple: Sony wanted to wait until there were enough Japan-centric games on the PS4 before launching.

Japan is not a fan of first-person shooters or the typical games that sell millions in the United States, so launching on November 15th with the games that were available would have been a disaster in Japan. As such, Sony opted to give Japanese developers an extra three months to get some titles ready that appealed more to the home audience, as you'll see in the launch list below.

What Games Launched With The Japanese PS4?
Below is a list of 18 games, both digital and retail, that launched with the PS4 in Japan:

You'll notice that while there is some games shared between the US and Japan, Japan got a number of titles we don't have such as Mahjong and Sudoku. This is because video game adaptations for those titles sell well, unlike in the United States, which is why Dynasty Warriors 8 launched early in Japan as well.

It's just a shame that Sega has no plans to launch Yakuza: Restoration in the West as of the current date.

How Well Did The PS4 Do?
The PlayStation 4 did just as well in Japan as it did in any other territory. The system launched on a Saturday and by Sunday, it was completely sold out at almost every single retailer.

The PlayStation 4 was the country's third most successful console launch, selling 322,083 units during the first two days the system was available. For a country that is more into phones and handheld systems than game consoles these days, these are great numbers.

What Was The Best Selling Game?
In Japan, Knack was included with every PlayStation 4 purchase, making it the number one sold game by default. So what was the actual best selling game? Check out the numbers below:

Yakuza: Restoration - 73,086 copies sold
Battlefield 4 - 26,878 copies sold
Killzone Shadow Fall - 25,978 copies sold

This Guy
The Japanese launch also brought us this guy, in what might be the greatest PlayStation cosplay ever assembled:

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 2/26/2013

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