Lego Dimensions Preview - The Missing Piece?

Legos started out as a toy, but in recent years the name has been synonymous with gaming. Just about every major franchise has a Lego game. Everything from Star Wars to The Hobbit, to an upcoming Lego: Jurassic World game. These games have become the picture children for a fun experience that works regardless of how old or young you are. Plus, it’s co-op!

Lego Dimentions

To say that Traveler’s Tales (not to be confused with Tell Tale) has a cash cow on their hands, is like saying that Star Wars is a fairly popular series. The popularity of these classic building blocks reached a climax with the recent (and amazing) release of the “Lego Movie” which was just an amazing piece of cinema. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, you should.

Riding on that wave of popularity is the recently announced Lego Dimensions. At first glance this looks like Skylanders meets Lego. Is it out of this world, or should it have stayed in a parallel universe? Let’s dive into the details!

The Next “Video Game/Toy” Hybrid?

Lego Dimensions

So far we’ve had Skylanders and Disney Infinity to show us the magic of putting figures into your game. Nintendo tried to do something similar with their Amiibo, but they’re so damn hard to find, I barely count them as something that exists. Lego Dimensions follows suit with the same model, although these figures run the gambit from figures, to vehicles and act as playable toys in addition to in-game characters.

At launch on September 27th, 2015, you’re going to need a starter kit which is going to set you back a cool $99.99. It’s coming out for most of the main platforms, but all we care about is PS4, so we’re good there. The starter pack includes the following items:

  • The game (of course)
  • The Lego Toy Pad reader
  • Batman figure
  • Gandalf figure
  • Wyldstyle figure (from the movie)
  • It’s probably safe to assume that the game will ship with levels from the Lord of the Rings, Lego Movie, and Batman franchises. Never thought I would say that about a single game. Of course, you’re not going to stop there, otherwise this concept would have died off a long time ago.

    At launch there will be additional level packs priced at $29.99 which contain mission-based levels that you can access by placing the minifigure on the pad. Then you've got the Fun Packs for $14.99 which give you new characters, but no new levels. Whichever pack(s) you decide on, you’ll be getting one figure and one vehicle or gadget figure in the box.

    But wait, there’s more! There are also Team Packs for $29.99 at launch that include more character, vehicles, or gadgets, but not any levels. Confused yet? The level packs are promising “mission-based” expansions that will most likely include open world areas with various adventures to partake in, similar to Disney Infinity. Unlike the aforementioned game though, any character can play in any dimension which should just be commonplace in my opinion. How would this be any fun if Gandalf can parade around the streets of Gotham? How I ask, HOW?

    Facts and Rumors Thus Far

    Rumors are already swirling about which franchises will be joining the fold once the game is released. Some are speculating more DC Comics level packs and also Scooby Doo. The combinations are going to be quite interesting as the Toy Pad allows for up to six characters and one vehicle at one time.

    Obviously the biggest questions is whether or not the pad can read a different customization. The most likely answer is that it won’t be able to do this without some sort of camera attachment. What we do know is that the minifigures can be detached from the bases, allowing them to be used as ordinary toys.

    While this does sound like a good feature, the toys won’t work without being put back on the base. This means that if the two get separated, or one gets lost, you won’t be able to use the figure in the game anymore. The game also requires an internet connection, which is odd, seeing as how a feature like that didn’t do so well for the Xbox One (zing!).

    Only Time Will Tell

    While the game/toy hybrid industry isn’t very saturated (there’s only three mainstream options after all) the cost for even one of these titles in the long run is quite steep. Lego Dimensions makes sense because of all the franchises that Lego has under its belt. Still, it’s going to take a lot to make this stand out from the pack.

    Good start, let’s see where it goes from here. Stay tuned for more information as it releases.

    Article by: Bradley Ramsey
    Insert date - 4/28/15