Lightning Strikes Twice; Final Fantasy XIII-2 Headed to PS3

What was first hinted at a month and a half ago with a teaser image designed by Tetsuya Nomura and distributed to Square’s fans, has become a reality, as Square/Enix has officially announced Final Fantasy XIII-2, which will hit PS3’s at some point in late 2011.

The first trailer shows Lightning decked out in some new armor that makes her look like she just stepped out of a Valkyrie Profile game. It also introduces us to the game’s new antagonist, a shadowy male figure that contrasts greatly with the almost angelic appearance of Lightning in the trailer. Director Motomu Toriyama has hinted that this glaring contrast is intended, and things may not actually be quite as obvious as they seem. This raises some interesting questions about Lightning’s mission, and why this new character is trying to thwart her. It has not yet been revealed which other characters may or may not return, though it’s likely most of the original heroes will at least make appearances, and some of them will undergo their own changes.

As many RPG fans are probably aware, this isn’t the first time Square has made a direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy 10 also received a sequel, FF X-2, after its melancholy ending left many fans unsatisfied, and clamouring for more.

Lightning Strikes Twice; Final Fantasy XIII-2 Headed to PS3Unfortunately, opinion on the sequel was mixed (perhaps due more to an overly vocal minority than anything else, as the game retained strong review scores from most critics and gamers, though lower than the average Final Fantasy). This was mainly attributed to three things; the fact that FFX-2 was vastly different from FFX in execution, with a new battle system and game play progression; the fact that much of the game used the same environments from FFX, though some were redesigned; and the fact its all-female cast, and underlying girl power theme rubbed some male gamers the wrong way.

FFXIII-2 may run into some of these same issues again, as the environments will almost certainly be reused in some places, and the game will probably play quite differently than its predecessor. Toriyama-san has stated that the feedback from fans will be taken into consideration, and that the traveling system in particular will undergo changes, resulting in a more realistic and open world, with NPCs strewn about its regions. This is not a big surprise given that one of the major criticisms of FFXIII was its linearity, lack of towns and NPCs, and corridor-like environments for much of the game.

The good news for fans is that thanks to the reuse of existing assets, the wait for XIII-2 will be far shorter than the wait for XIII was, as the planned winter 2011 release suggests. So are you pumped to play as Lightning again? What changes would you like to see implemented? Let us know your thoughts below.

Update: Expected release date Q4 2011/Q1 2012.

Update: The majority of staff that worked on the first title have been confirmed as working on the second, same staff, same problems?

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looks of charecters

you need to make it so when you equip different armor that the look of the character changes. like ff 11


personally i would like to see what happened to hope he was the only one left that didn't have someone come back to him. sure he still had his dad but seriously at the end of the game he kinda looked like a fifth wheel just left hanging.


They've already killed the series in my opinion, I guess they may as well mutilate the corpse.. :D My top FF titles - FF7, FF8, FF10 The majority of fans I meet have one of those as their favourites, the best points about each of those is whats been missing in the newer titles. Bad choice after bad choice, they won't be seeing my money until we get an FF7 remake :D

7, 8 & 10 awesome..... 13 = an insult to everything that is FF

Mate you stole words right out of me lol. 7, 8 and 10 for me were by far the best. 9, I couldn't stand, kings queens castle's and goofy main characters, pft. And the most pointless "limit breaks ever" 11 was some purely online tat, whereby square effectively stuck its middle finger up at the majority of its fan base, including me, and ruined the series. 12... I know a lot of people did not like, complaining of poor main characters and a poor story, which I agree with. However I thought the gameplay was good, and the game was packed full of side quests etc and ways to improve your characters, so in general I thought it was a good game. No where near 7, 8 or 10's standards though. 13... I hated even more than 9, and that's saying a lot. I most cetainly will not be purchasing 13-2. The game as a total dissapointment from start to finish. It has one side quest in the cith stones, however these were completely pointless and without reward or purpose. Dreadfull, dreadfull game! A remake of 7 would have my money though for sure. If they do not go back to the core elements and roots of the FF series, I'm afraid this is where I part company with it.

My favor is FFX, it's the

My favor is FFX, it's the only game that I played over 12 hours a day for 2 or 3 days straight~(except COD) I like its story "A LOT", it's ending actually made me wet my eyes~ However, my worse Final Fantasy is FFX2, I still can't believe they recreate Yuna into a totally different person, plus its story and game play was totally sucks which totally ruin the original FFX. The PS3 has been out for over 6 years, and there's not even one game that can beat Metal Gear Snake Eater or the FFX (in my opinion). I really think those games developer really should flashback and realize what we (the gamers) like. Change isn't a bad thing, but sometime unchange is better~

FF died after ff6

Final fantasy already died after 6. 10 was okay.