Mad Max Review

Video game adaptations of movies often turn out to be stinkers and that reason alone is enough to smother sales for these types of titles. Pitting a movie adaption against a highly loved and successful franchise is probably not the best to fight an already uphill battle, but then again Mad Max has always been against the odds as a character so why not make it so with the game adaption? Mad Max sales are doing “OK” but would be doing much better if it could have been released a month earlier.

When the time came for me to start playing Mad Max, I had mixed feelings of excitement and low expectations. To my surprise Mad Max turned out to be a great experience that I am glad I didn’t miss out on, but for reasons that don’t normally apply toward making it a great game in general. I guess what I’m saying is that while it does have a main story follow, the story has been practically nonexistent to me. To sum it up you’re Max and you wander the wastes of the desert (normally cruising in your car) completing specific tasks/missions for other factions in the land while trying to eradicate the bad guys to make things safe.

Setting the story aside, Mad Max manages bring back fond memories of other titles I've played in the past. The combat system and slow motion cinematics remind me of Batman expect simpler. I don’t know too many people that are dissatisfied with the Arkham series combat system and it fits into Mad Max nicely, but it's an extremely simple version of the controls and requires no skill whatsoever. punch and counter is the basis and if you have say a shiv in your pocket, you’ll be prompted to press X and use it as a finishing move.

As you work your way through the wastes and defeat certain areas they will become safe and populated with friendlies. The best comparison to me would be the infamous series. Defeat sections of the map, complete side missions and work your way through all the exploring you can handle in between. Mad Max definitely outsources a of other titles the sense of exploring with its ever generating map, you will never find an actual end. The map will generate items, landscapes and enemies no matter how far you attempt to travel. It makes it pretty easy to forget what you were planning to do in the first place after gone off track to explore a little further.

The biggest attraction in Mad Max is the vehicles and for good reason. You spend roughly 65 percent of the time driving in the desert so its important to find a way to keep things fresh for the player as it get too boring awfully quick if it was restricted to just a cruise. Decked out with weapons such as the Harpoon, it almost never gets boring in your car. As you level up and collect scrap metal you’ll be able to upgrade your vehicles weapons system, armorer, engines and everything else you’d normally find in a game based solely on cars. Coming up against enemies in their own vehicles can get pretty intense at times! From trying to slam into one another to having passengers jump on your vehicle and punching you in the face, there are a lot of ways these scenarios could play out.

Depending on the level of your weaponry and the enemy vehicle, you can fire your harpoon at vehicles and rip of the doors or the tires, fire your shotgun at an explosive to destroy it completely or even fire the harpoon directly at the driver and rip him right out of his ride. The harpoon works on certain structures and enemy characters alike, you will gain access to other car type weapons as well, the harpoon is the first unlocked and my personal favorite though. It doesn’t hurt that there is no need for ammo, but keep in mind there is a cooldown time for the reload process so its a good idea to upgrade that reload speed.

The graphics in Mad Max are gorgeous and truly help to make the game what it is. While it may not sound like much to have a nice looking desert, there is beauty in the sand and the cinematics. Graphics may not be everything, but they are important none the less. While there is no multiplayer or co-op experience to be had, Mad Max delivers a fun title that any player could drop in and drop out at anytime without skipping a beat. The lack of multiplayer is definitely sad to many of us that have been playing the game and the chances of a sequel seem rather slim, but you never know, they may just make another if this one can grab the traction needed. All in all there is plenty to do and you should be able to rack up around 50 hours gameplay before completing everything.

If you’ve been playing Mad Max, let us know what you think of the game, what you add and remove? Tell us favorite moments and whatever else is Mad Max relevant! We’ll see you next week with the full release of Destiny’s The Take King!