Microsoft Announces The Xbox One

Finally, the last player in the next generation wars has finally revealed itself: the Xbox One. Announced on May 21st, Microsoft not only unveiled information about its new console but even went so far as showing the console itself. Should Sony gamers be worried that the PlayStation 4 won't stand up to this newcomer? Read on to find out!

As seen in our PS4 Vs. Xbox One article, the hardware statistics of the Xbox One gaming console are very similar to the PlayStation 4. Here is what we know so far:

• CPU: Microsoft custom-built 8 core CPU
• GPU: D3D 11.1 chip with 32 MB embedded memory
• RAM: 8 GB DDR3
• Optical Drive: Blu-ray
• Storage: 500 GB Hard Drive

Each console includes the Xbox One controller, which includes the same functions as the standard Xbox 360 controller with no real differences to speak of, and the new and improved Kinect, which sports such features as improved gesture recognition, the ability to read your heartbeat and the ability to know when you've passed the controller off to a new player.

Unfortunately, it has also been confirmed that the Xbox One is not backwards compatible with either the original Xbox or the Xbox 360.

Microsoft Announces The Xbox One All-In-One Entertainment
The Xbox One is named as such for its media capabilities, transforming it from a mere gaming console to a total entertainment package. The Xbox One features the same applications you've come to expect from any video game console, such as Netflix, Hulu and an Internet browser, which is Internet Explorer in this case. The Xbox One also has exclusive Skype integration (naturally, as Skype is owned by Microsoft), enabling you to chat with a friend video while playing a game. The Xbox One also features the ability to run multiple applications at once, enabling you to browse the Internet while simultaneously playing a game or watching Netflix.

The Xbox One will also have the ability to broadcast and record Live TV and, in a partnership with the NFL, will provide live broadcasts of football games coupled with your fantasy football statistics.

What would a video game console be without the games? While Microsoft didn't show a lot of games at the conference, instead opting to wait for E3 to reveal most of its catalog, it did reveal two exclusive games that will be hitting the console: Forza 5 and Quantum Break, which is a new IP from Remedy, home of the original Max Payne and Alan Wake.

Electronic Arts has also entered into what they called a “special relationship” with Microsoft, showcasing Madden 25, FIFA 14, NBA Live 14 and a new UFC game for Xbox One at the conference. It's unclear what EA means by “special relationship” and if these games will appear on the PlayStation 4 at a later date, as no PS4 release was or has been been announced.

Microsoft also announced that they have 15 exclusive games lined up for the console, with 8 of those games being brand new IP. In addition, the company confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will received exclusive timed content on the Xbox One.

Angry Joe is pissed at XBox!

A Different Form Of Sharing
While the PlayStation focuses on sharing among fellow gamers, the Xbox One focuses on sharing a vast array of entertainment options instead, setting itself up to be the premier console for your entertainment needs. Is it enough to pull you away from the PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 5/23/2013

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Ps4 better for me

Watch the release on it. Like some of the features on it but really wasn't impressed seems to me like they just updated the software. Controller the same kinect probably just as bad as original. I'm going to stay with the ps4 despite I don't even know what it looks like. I enjoy my free online. Yes Microsoft did mention they will have 300 thousand servers double what they have but imagine this it still has a lag what good does doubling have not paying 60plus to play online when I can go play on Sony. Yes they have lag also but I still have 60 dollars in my pocket. Also the Xbox one has DDR3 while ps4 has DDR5 lil better graphics I believe if I'm not mistaken.also the damn thing looks like my direct tv box. Wtf is that. I usually don't bash on systems but come on Microsoft make it a little bit better but yea I will stay a Sony guy this decade.

Xbox and their Exclusives

Why does Xbox always seem to buy their way into popularity? 15 exclusive games, first DLC's for COD: Ghosts, partnership with EA, I love sony, but if they don't make some deal breaking partnerships or stun the world on June 10th, I'm afraid they might lose this generation console war. Did anyone notice that before the Infinity Ward guy showed the trailer for COD: Ghost he said "here's some footage of gameplay played directly from the Xbox One" It's funny cause that's not gameplay, it a playback of a trailer film!

Cable Box

The XBox One is a cable box that plays games. Sony doesn't have to worry, Comcast does.

Being Realistic

What Xbox showed was great for those who are social media junkies. However it strays to far from the gaming community for my likes. But I got to thinking, with Sony splitting its gaming division from its entertainment division, is this MS's attempt to get on top of the entertainment market sacrificing its gamer market. Yes it will play games but come on. Forcing people to pay, pay, and repay for the same game over and over... that's a bit greedy. Games are already $60 for the initial purchase and to have your friend or family member (who has their own acct) buy the game AGAIN for a yet undisclosed, yet rumored MSRP price to play it on their account.... If this is the stance you want to take, fine. But drop the price of games to like $20-$30 dollars. That way more people will be able to afford them. That is IF PIRACY, Free Trading and such is what was keeping the games at the $60 mark.

the PS4 rocks

Im so excited for the ps4 but the xbox one is disappointing


Ever since the 1st xbox playstation was always better the ps4 announcement excited me but i decided i'd see the trailer because you know it might be ok but it sucks!

ps4 is going to rock

Microsoft sucks and they have copied sony wayyyyyy too many times. Its about time microsoft came up with there own ideas. Ps4 is leading in the gaming industry. Sony rocks! Anyone who says other wise is a hater!