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Mighty Switch Force! Collection

The Mighty Switch Force series is one that I’ve never experienced before, so when the collection came to PS4, I had to take a look. The combination of puzzle and platforming elements helps it stand out from the pack, and a great art style also makes it a joy to play in HD.

With numerous titles in this collection, is Mighty Switch Force! Collection a must have for fans of the genre, or should this police game get locked up? Let’s find out!

Puzzles, Platforming, and Police!

Mighty Switch Force! Collection, brings together four titles in one collection for the first time. Since they originated at handheld titles, they are also all bite-sized and fun for quick gaming sessions.

While I did say four titles, it’s worth noting that Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition is just a revamped version of the original titles with newer graphics. It’s odd that it exists as a separate option in the main menu, but you’ll have the option between the original title’s presentation, and the newer version.

The premise of these games is simple: you play as a police officer (or a firefighter in the second game), and make your way through levels to rescue a certain number of people before getting picked up by an awesome mech suit.

Beyond platforming and light combat, the levels allow the use of a “switch” mechanic where you can bring sections of the environment into or out of existence. This is used to scale walls, open up new areas, and solve some excellent puzzles as you progress.

It can even be used as a weapon. If you or an enemy are standing in the space of an object when it switches into view, you’ll find yourself splattered against the screen, so these puzzles certainly have bite.

The biggest difference between the titles comes in the jump from Mighty Switch Force! And Mighty Switch Force! 2. In the first game you are a police officer with a gun weapon, but the second game has you becoming a firefighter. Your gun is swapped out for a fire hose, which actually adds a lot to the gameplay.

Not only will you need to fight enemies with it, but you’ll need to put out fires and manipulate the environment with your stream of water. The sequel also amps up the environmental puzzles with switches that propel you around the level and require precise timing.

As I mentioned earlier, the Hyper Drive Edition in the main menu is just a revamped version of the first game, so there’s not much to say about that one other than it looks nice. The original also holds up very well too.

The last game in the Mighty Switch Force! Collection is Mighty Switch Force! Academy. This game introduces local multiplayer into the mix and offers a zoomed out view of the entire level at once. This makes the details quite small, and the characters a lot smaller than you see in other titles.

It can be hard to see exactly what you’re doing, especially on a big screen, but there’s no denying that the gameplay works very well in a multiplayer setting. Thanks to the excellent puzzles and smart level design, Mighty Switch Force! Collection adds enough to the genre to make it well worth your time.

While I would have liked to see more behind the scenes content or unlockables as part of a collection like this, the games look and play great. For the asking price, fans of puzzle platformers will find plenty to enjoy here, and those chasing a high score will find plenty of reasons to come back as well.

A Timeless Style

Mighty Switch Force! Collection

Whether it’s the pixel art of the original title, or the sharp HD visuals of the other games, Mighty Switch Force! Collection looks and plays great in motion. The unique puzzle elements and the finely tuned animation give the game a smooth and enjoyable presentation all around.

The menus are pretty threadbare, but as a collection of titles, there’s a lot to love here. The inclusion of a fun and upbeat soundtrack rounds out the experience quite well. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I jumped into Mighty Switch Force! Collection, but much like the game’s most unique mechanic, my expectations were certainly switched when I realized how much there was to love about this series.

Final Score: 8.0/10

A copy of Mighty Switch Force! Collection was Provided to PS4 Experts for Review Purposes.

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert date - 8/6/19

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