Mirror's Edge 2 Leaps Onto The PlayStation 4

Electronic Arts once noted that a Mirror's Edge sequel was one of the most-asked about sequels by many gamers. At E3 2013, those gamers finally got their wish as Electronic Arts finally announced that Mirror's Edge 2 would be coming to the PlayStation 4!

Despite having a two at the end of the name, Mirror's Edge 2 is not a sequel to the original game but a prequel/reboot. The game will once again put players in the role of Faith as part of an illegal rebel courier group. Not much else is known about the story at the present time.

Like with the story, not a lot is known about the gameplay aspect of Mirror's Edge 2, but what we do know shows the game is going in the right direction. The game will once again be in the first-person perspective with an emphasis on speed and agility as Faith is a master of parkour.

Electronic Arts has revealed that the sequel will be in an open world environment, a huge change from the first game's level-based structure. Electronic Arts employee Patrick Söderlund gave CVG the scoop, stating "...we're taking more of an action adventure approach on it than maybe before. First-person, running predominantly - this will be more of an action adventure game, but true to what the first one was to a large extent."

Mirror's Edge 2 Leaps Onto The PlayStation 4With a little luck, Electronic Arts will drop the gunplay seen in the first game, as it did nothing for the game except make it worse.

While we're not sure how Mirror's Edge 2 will take advantage of the PlayStation 4 hardware, as the trailer is pre-rendered, what we do know is that the game will once again feature a striking color palette that is predominately white and cool blue but with flashes of bright red. It was visually amazing in the first game and will look even better on the PlayStation 4 in the sequel. Mirror's Edge 2 will use the Frostbite 3 engine along with Battlefield 4 and Dragon's Age 3.

Release Date
Currently, there is no release date for Mirror's Edge 2. When addressing these concerns, Electronic Arts merely stated that it would be released "when it's ready" and that developer DICE is being given all the time they need to make the game.

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Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 6/13/2013

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