Modern Warfare Alpha -Post Thoughts

After waiting patiently, PS4 owners were treated to a completely free and open alpha, over the weekend. I played with friends and random players alike and while the alpha only gave us a small taste of what’s to come, it certainly left us with plenty to discuss.

To get right to it, I feel that I should point this out. I’m not really a fan of the 2v2 mode itself. I’m not saying the mode isn’t any good, I’m just saying it’s not a mode I would personally play if given other choices. The same would go for any FPS game that would offer small 1v1 or 2v2 modes. Small modes like that might not be my thing, but I did enjoy the alpha and the things I learned about the upcoming title.

Graphically, the alpha was impressive. While I didn’t well on textures and detail, it is clear that Modern Warfare is going to be absolutely stunning to my eyes. I cannot wait to see the final cut of this game. I’m sure the campaign will look phenomenal, but I wouldn't expect watered down graphics from such a long running franchise. Semantics. Let’s continue.

The audio was a little strange to me. My own footsteps were a little too loud and I found I had to stay absolutely still, in order to hear enemy steps approaching. I didn’t really care much for that and from what I could tell, neither did many other players. As feedback came through, IW began implementing a fix that lowered the sounds of the players footsteps and turned up the enemy steps, instead. I believe that is still being tweaked, but all in all, I didn’t have much to complain about in regards to audio, after the fix. I figure it's an alpha, so there is much to be ironed out.

While playing the Alpha, we did not get to create any load outs, but there was a slew of weapons to try. I didn’t notice much recoil on any of the weapons and they seemed to fire smoothly, no matter what I was using.

One thing I am on the fence about, is the time to kill (TTK). I was rather surprised at how quickly an enemy player would go down. I mostly saw 1-2 shot kills, with just about every weapon. Seeing people die (myself included) in the kill cams, really showed me how off balance this is. One player died from getting shot in the ankle and then again through the hand. It wasn’t anywhere near the head or torso at the time. Another player died from getting hit with a flash bang, and another took serious damage from a smoke grenade.

Running an lmg, it was 2 shot kills all day long. Accuracy did not seem to play a role at all. I found that to be disheartening, but I can’t imagine the game will release with this as the TTK for all of its core multiplayer modes. I am guessing that the TTK for 2v2 mode, is based on what the hardcore playlist would be like, in order to keep matches moving along quickly. I reached out to Infinity Ward, but did not hear back from them at the time of this writing.

Considering it was an alpha, the connection time to lobbies and matches were pretty quick. There was a moment during the alpha, where everyone seemed to be having trouble logging into a match, but a hot fix took care of it and once again, matchmaking was fast and smooth. I have to say, it was impressive.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I am not a fan of small 2v2 matches and I knew the MW alpha wouldn’t change my mind. Personal feelings about game modes aside, the alpha has really raised my hopes that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, will be a great game. When they told us CoD was going back to roots with WWII, I was excited, but it didn’t really go back to roots. It was not a great game to me. It was ok, but not great. Here’s hoping MW, will be.

We’ll discuss the full beta next month. Talk about what we learned, what we hope for and what needs to be addressed. In the meantime, let me know what you thought about the MW alpha and what you hope from the beta.