Modern Warfare Multiplayer - 5 weeks later

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dropped 5 weeks ago. While a review of the Multiplayer variant would seem better written at the games release, I felt that there were plenty of other reviews at that time and let’s be honest, with all the issues that come with a Call of Duty release, It can be difficult to give a real opinion out the gate.

Let's get into it. It was no surprise that Modern Warfare released riddled with bugs. We have seen a lot of patches come through and it still has some problems with progression and completing missions, but it's not game breaking.

Prestige is gone and we are going to be playing through seasons as a trade. Reaching level 55 unlocks everything for class customization. After 55, you can rank up 155 during each season. At the end of a season, ranks will be reset back to level 55. I don’t know how long one season will last, but I reached rank 155 in two weeks of owning the game. Hopefully a season will offer plenty to keep us busy, but we will see.

Leveling up and seasons aside, the CoD community has expressed mixed feelings on the matter. Some love it, some hate it and some just want to see a few changes to improve the experience. The audio to the footsteps might be the biggest complaint/changes asked for, that I have heard/read. A lot of people feel that the loud sound of footsteps is a promotion for camping and slowing things down.

I know every CoD game has had its share of campers, but Modern Warfare seems to have an overabundance of them. I am not complaining. Honestly, I don’t blame most people for camping. A lot of people say that players are only concerned about their K/D, but I don’t think it's that simple. When you want to run n gun, but an enemy team is camping and waiting to hear your footsteps, there is a pretty good chance you won’t make it around the map and back. I have been in matches where I was the only player on my team capturing an objective. I have played KC many times where no one reaches the score limit and the timer runs out. Matches in TDM where both teams stayed in their spawns and didn’t come out. Another timer runs out.

I like to run n gun, a lot. I have always chosen that play style, but Modern Warfare has slowed me down a little bit. If I am playing Team Death Match, I always slow down a little. I expect the camping to be heavy and I can’t peel around corners like i would in KC. Now when I play faster paced game modes, I have be cautious about where I sprint to. It’s every game mode is TDM, but some have objectives. I don’t like that the audio is so loud, that players will sit and wait until someone finally runs by them. We keep hearing about audio changes to the footsteps and I really hope Infinity Ward comes through with that.

The other major complaint I hear about is the minimap in core. While I don't think the minimap really promotes camping, a lot of others do. Rumor is, the minimap will be updated to show enemy fire on the radar and not just the compass. I am this will happen, but I don’t think it will have a major impact on the overall experience. Another note, some are asking for dead silence to become a perk instead of a field upgrade. I doubt that will happen, but you never know.

There is plenty to play in Modern Warfare's Multiplayer variant and supposedly, more to come. Aside from the traditional game modes we have come to expect, there is also a Ground war mode featuring 64 v 64 players. Ground War is basically a larger scale domination match. Lots of snipers everywhere. Tanks, helicopters. It's a paradise for players that want to earn kill streaks and play whatever game style they want. It reminds me of the Battlefield games, but Battlefield players are more organized. I feel like in CoD’s ground war, people just don’t know how to play with such a large number of players. It’s kinda weird to watch sometimes, lol.

Time to kill is definitely playing a role in the camping problem in Modern Warfare. I like how quickly you can kill someone, but not a lot of people support me in this matter. Some say the TTK is too quick and again, promotes camping. It might promote camping, but on the other hand, past CoD games seemed to have taken too long to get that kill. I mean, I get people wanting more realism and some people want to be superhuman because it is a video game. To be fair, before the game was released, it was described as realistic. We all had the chance to play the beta at some point so, complaining that it's too real, isn’t an excuse to complain.

All in all, I feel that Modern Warfare has pretty decent multiplayer. I along with so many others, would like to see the audio adjusted and the bugs fixed, but it's a pretty solid title. Good controls, good graphics and good music. With crossplay enabled, it's easier to find more people to play with, but keep in mind, crossplay can offer a disadvantage against your ping and of course mouse/keyboard players are more likely to show up in your lobbies.

With the Modern Warfare Multiplayer, I give the MP a 7.5 out of 10. Plagued with bugs out the gate and legitimate audio issues, It’s difficult for me to offer a higher score. I enjoy the game and have a lot of playing it, but if I scored it any higher, it would be based on my personal satisfaction and that just seems too biased.

What would you rate the MP mode in Modern warfare? What has your experience been so far? What would keep and what would you change? Let's discuss in the comments.