The Most Competitive Games on the PS4 - Our Picks!

What could be the most competitive games on the PS4? You know, the ones that get your adrenaline going and make you really want to perform better than all the friends on your list? Let's go through the very best possibilities for you to do just that once the PS4 releases.

NBA 2k14 is really pulling all the tricks this year to make sure that this edition makes you want to compete. The crew mode is back and it's making the competition go back at its core – pure uncomplicated street play where only the most skillful will pull through. The players who were brought in at the 2K studios were thrilled to try it out – and we’re looking forward to it as well.

Then there's Diablo III, which certainly isn't a game where you want to give up anything to your opponents, be it items or any advantage whatsoever. It's just one of those games where the stakes feel high at all times as you play.

Call of Duty Ghosts can't be underestimated either as a competitive game on the PS4. The latest versions of the franchise have made good strides each time to provide the competitive community with more tools and options to make their matches more interesting for players and viewers alike. Call of Duty isn't stepping off the stage of the MLG pro-gaming circuit anytime soon and the first Ghosts tournaments are already being announced! We will surely see the switch being made to the next-generation and all your favorite pros will be able to share their gameplay directly with you!

Killzone Shadow Fall can’t be forgotten either. With its new warzone concept, the problem of balanced gametypes and maps could become a thing of the past. These user-submitted modes will be available right from the multiplayer menus and will provide settings that are balanced and competitive, and more importantly, chosen directly by the community. It’s the kind of idea that a lot of FPS fans have been waiting for (one that really brings the genre somewhere else multiplayer-wise), so we’re eager to compete in this one with a lot of vigor.

The Most Competitive Games on the PS4 - Our Picks!And finally, we have a wide selection of racing games for competition purposes. It’s hard to choose only one, but The Crew could be the one that promotes competition the most naturally on Sony’s new console. You might have to cruise through the objectives as a team, but the game seems to be rewarding enough towards competitive players so that it will push the best ones to try and gain that extra edge over just anybody really. It’s a world where owning the best car will be very important, so any race or challenge will involve some very motivated players as they try to put their hands on the best car parts.

And if I may I will also include an indie here: Day Z is one game where competition will be the most cutthroat. The decisions are all yours to take in this game, everyone has its own agenda and your life is always on the line. This mod of the year is about to make waves whenever it lands on the PS4.

So to summarize, the Playstation 4 is going to be a platform that’s just as competitive as the PS3. With its share function, it will go to the next level as gamers compare and watch themselves through shared footage. The Xbox was the primary machine used at most of the competitions during the mid-2000s, but the Playstation really came to life competitively at the end of the current cycle by being introduced to professional gaming leagues like Major League Gaming and Virgin Gaming. Those had the appearance of strictly one time publicity deals with Sony that wouldn’t last, but a few huge $100 000 + tournaments built a pretty solid following for the console, be it sports game, first-person shooters or other genres. Now fans actually expect tournaments to appear on the Playstation platform, which is a very good thing – Sony doesn’t have to convince competitors to pick up the console anymore and a good selection of titles is coming out right at launch to support the fact that Playstation is just as good as Microsoft for competitive gaming.

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 10/01/2013

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