Modern Warfare: The campaign review

Modern Warfare has been rebooted and available since October 25th, 2019. I’m breaking down my reviews of each separately, in order to be able to give the game a fair rating. To start, I’m going over the campaign. This review will be short, but the campaign is short as well.

Moving on, I want to say the campaign is fairly gritty. I don’t get CoD to play the campaign. I get it for the multiplayer, but always complete it for the review. This campaign was well written. Like any solo campaign for CoD, the game steers you where it wants and there isn’t really an option to go off track. Just follow the cues and you’re good.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you, if you haven’t played yet, so I’m not going to get into specifics here, but if you’re a gamer that gets emotionally involved with your video games, you should definitely play the campaign. You will find yourself immersed and walking away feeling accomplished and quite possibly, a little sad.

You won’t be saddened by poor writing or gameplay, but saddened by the harsh reality of war. Modern Warfare is not glorifying war by any means. Instead, it gives a real hard look at what happens. It isn’t pretty. The devs didn’t go overboard with grittiness, but they certainly didn’t keep it PG, if you catch my drift.

While it didn’t take me very long to complete the solo mode (that comes as no surprise), I think it was worth playing through. Not to mention, you also unlock multiplayer items through the campaign. That is a first for Call of Duty and it is a good way to get the “multiplayer only” gamers, to play and complete the campaign. It is a smart move, but not everyone likes it. Can’t everyone, I guess.

To my surprise, I only earned 25% of the trophies for game, and you don’t even need to play MP in order to get the base trophies. I’m not a trophy hunter, but I was still surprised. I do enjoy earning trophies, I don’t grind for them. I beat a game and I move onto the next one.

In regards to negative gameplay, the only thing I really didn’t like about the campaign, was the voiceovers. The voice acting was good, but the dialogue didn’t always match the mouth of whomever was speaking. It was like watching a Japanese movie that was dubbed over with english voice actors. I won’t knit-pick it that much, but it really should have been lined up better.

The graphics are pretty great. I have heard some people the graphics are trash, but no explanation as to why they are saying that. I have to sum those people to trolls because these graphics are on par. Some folks just want attention, even if they have to be negative to get it. That is on them, so its whatever.

Audio is good, outside of the voiceover issue. Controls are tight and responsive as they should be. This is a very high quality campaign, but I am glad it was short. I played and completed it in under 5 hours. Probably closer to 4 hours, give or take a few minutes. It was not boring to me by any means, but I would not play a game like this if the campaign was all that was available. It would become boring for me if it was a 10-15 hour campaign. That's just me, though. To each their own.

All in all, I rate the Call of Duty Modern Warfare campaign 8 out of 10. 8.5 if the voices matched the lips. That might sound petty to some, but I’m trying to be fair and honest as possible.

Have you played the solo campaign? What did you think of it?