N++ Jumping To The PlayStation 4

We saw a lot of new indie games come out of Gamescom, but one of the most surprising was the reveal of N++. Originally released for the PC as N, then released for a variety of platforms including PSP and 360 as N+ around 2008, the series makes its way back to the PlayStation 4 with N++.

The Premise Behind The N Series
While the above video may not look like anything to the untrained eye, what it's showing is a series of levels. N++ is not unlike games such as Super Meat Boy (despite early iterations of N releasing earlier), where the objective is to make it through a stage unharmed. Throughout each level is enemies and traps that will kill you in one hit, forcing you to start the level over again from the beginning.

N++ switches things up a bit, however, by adding a time limit to the mix. This time limit can be extended by grabbing coins in the level, but you're never in a position where you have time to waste: you need to always be moving. Additionally, getting to the end of the level is not just a matter of making it to the exit; first, you need to find the switch to open the exit door and then make your way to said exit.

Luckily for you, the main character of N++ is a ninja, complete with a move list featuring wall jumps and super fast speed. You'll need your skills and reflexes as you deal with heat seeking missiles, lasers and robots, all bent on your destruction.

This trailer for N+ is a bit more in-depth than the N++ trailer and will give you a better idea of the game:

N++ Jumping To The PlayStation 4The series features minimalist graphics, and N++ will carry on this tradition, so don't expect this game to be a demonstration of the power of the PlayStation 4. If you're the type of gamer who gets easily frustrated when playing a game, this series might not be for you as it's well known for its difficulty, especially in later levels.

N++ on PS4
Not a lot is known about what N++ on the PlayStation 4 will contain. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Mare Sheppard, the co-founder of N developer Metanet, discussed the new features of the game.

"There will be new multiplayer modes, new enemies, new levels, new graphics and sound, and a new editor. We’ve even built a database so that all user-made levels can be shared globally, including leaderboards with replays for every level."

Metanet is aiming to make N++ on the PlayStation 4 the definitive version of N.

Release Date
No release date is currently attached to the project, so don't expect it when the PlayStation 4 launches. Our best guess is that the game will release in 2014 as a digital download via the PlayStation Network.

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Game Category: Indie

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 9/16/2013

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