New Playstation 4 at E3 2013

E3 is expected to be quite the show this year. Fans who have been complaining about the lackluster E3s in recent years probably won't be disappointed this time around. The clock is ticking for both Sony and Microsoft to announce their next-gen consoles and it is mostly coming down to strategy at this point. Sony already pointed out that it would "let Microsoft make the first move" but after all, both companies will really think twice before skipping the biggest gaming show on earth when it comes to announcing their new consoles, especially with Nintendo already out of the gates.

That's why Sony is very likely to announce the PS4 at E3 2013. Everyone wants to see the next wonder in the big E3 glass bubble and it would be almost crazy to proceed otherwise. Sony owns a knowledgeable fan-base that knows what's needed to do things right in gaming and anything else than an E3 announcement will be considered as a letdown. Online streaming and the ton of eyeballs it now provides for the event should also not be underestimated. This year, people will literally be hopping online to see the unveiling of a new console live on the Internet. So would Sony really be willing to play the waiting game until the end of time with Microsoft? I highly doubt so. The stars are really aligned this time around and showing up at E3 without THE big announcement could be jeopardizing the fans' enthusiasm towards the next Playstation.

Do not expect an all-out announcement
However, strategy is still a player here and we probably shouldn't expect a full all-out announcement concerning the PS4 at E3. Some details of the console and its marketing plan could remain hidden to keep their competitor Microsoft out of the loop a little longer on certain aspects. At least expect a nice aesthetic announcement though – Sony will now want us to have a clear image in mind thinking about their next generation console, instead of only a bunch of numbers and specs. For example, announcing the new PS4 controller would pretty much be right under the current circumstances, as it would get a lot of talk going (as the DualShock model dates back to the nineties) without allowing the competition to mount much of a counter-attack.

PS StageAnother hint: The very advanced development phase
Besides, the development phase of the console is pretty advanced and waiting further to announce the PS4 would be pretty much letting dust collect on a grand announcement and creating a dangerous opportunity to second-think everything. After all those years and the advancement of the development phase, Sony should be confident enough in their product to put it up at E3 no matter if Microsoft decides to do it as well or not. Microsoft is a giant and fierce competitor no matter what strategy or timing is used for the “official” announcement. Besides, even if first impressions can be important sometimes, Sony has always been good at making themselves shine in the long run – look at how well the PS2 did years after the release of the PS3, and now even the PS3 is considered to have won this generation’s consoles war over the years.

In conclusion, expecting a PS4 announcement at this year’s E3 is more than mere speculation – we now have a several concrete facts that indicate that an announcement at E3 would be timely. While Sony and Microsoft had “dream and hopes” to respond to at last year’s E3, they actually have pressure to respond to this time around at E3 2013. Everyone will be looking at the two of them, so not moving could already be a mistake! So Playstation fanboys, grab some popcorn and get ready for the battle at this year’s E3!

UPDATE: We might even get the announcement earlier. Sony released a teaser trailer for it’s upcoming meeting in New York on February 20th! At this point, it all comes down to the pace at which Sony is willing to release its details. Save the big stuff for E3, or take the lead and announce it in full before Microsoft? Post your opinion below.

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 02/01/2013

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