PS4 Release Date Delayed?

No PS4 Anytime SoonSeeing as we are dedicated to the PS4, I think it's safe to say that we are all looking forward to its release! Kaz Hirai, however, has other plans. The president of Sony recently came out and pretty much said, "Sorry you guys, not this year."

It all started with a bunch of rumors from supposed "sources" that told somebody at MCV that both the PS4 and the Xbox 720 (or whatever it will be called - "720" is just a working title for speculators) would be announced at this year's E3 in June. We fans spun ourselves into a frenzy, speculating this way and that on various websites.

Soon enough, Sony Computer Entertainment head Andy House came out and said the rumors were not true. Then, Hirai backed up those words while speaking to the press at CES.

"It's a Ten-Year Life Cycle"

That's what Hirai said when talking about developing Sony's consoles, adding, "There is no reason to go away from that." In other words, since the PlayStation 3 came out in 2006, we should not expect the PlayStation 4 until 2016, or maybe 2015 at the earliest.

That's if you believe Hirai, keeping in mind that the PS2 life cycle carried on even after the PS3 was released.

If Hirai is fibbing a bit, it may be that Sony is covering up the fact that they ARE in fact working on the PS4. It's highly unlikely that Sony has not started development of the PS4, and almost impossible for them to not have at least started working on some aspects. Maybe Sony gets a little thrill out of playing cat-and-mouse with us fans and the gaming press. Who knows?

The CEO of PlayStation France, Phillipe Cardone, also chimed in recently, saying that Sony would probably be the last to announce a new console. His Microsoft counterpart, Cedrick Delmas of Microsoft France, agreed regarding the new Xbox, saying, "The Xbox 360's cycle is not over at all."

So it may be a stalemate.

What Does it All Mean?

PS4 Release Date Delayed?At this point, the words coming from Kaz Hirai give a lot of Sony fans a sinking feeling. There have even been rumors that there will be no PS4. As in, EVER. Those rumors have less credence, however.

One thing that strikes me is that perception is everything in the market once you get passed the quality factor, which Sony has in spades. The perception out there is that Sony is lagging behind Microsoft in the console wars, whether you like it or not. No matter how great your company or product is, perception can make or break you.

For now, hardcore gamers are still very much interested in what Sony's doing. That's not going to change. Casual gamers, who make up the bulk of sales, probably aren't paying attention, but if they are this can really affect their perception of Sony if they simply keep hearing Sony say, "Nothing to see here; move along!"

The Future

For my money, I'd love to hear that I won't have to wait until 2015 or 2016 to play a PlayStation 4. By then, Microsoft's next console will certainly be out barring any unforeseen apocalypse. If Sony wants to be perceived as a competitor they have to stay in the race. People aren't paying attention to the specs, aside from the hardcore gamers; they're paying attention to broader aspects of the game.

Sure, some people will opt for cheaper, older consoles, but most people want the newest, biggest thing. When they go to the store and see a new Microsoft console and no new Sony console, they're going to buy the new Microsoft one - not an old PS3.

If there is not PS4 announcement at E3 this year, Sony simply HAS to do something to wow us. Anything to do with the Vita or the Sony Tablet is just not going to cut it. The PlayStation, no matter what iteration, is the flagship as far as Sony gaming goes and it needs support. This will especially be compounded if Microsoft actually does announce the new Xbox, as has been rumored.

What do you think?

Article by - Brett Huffman

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10 year life cycle

10 Years dont mean there is no next console until 2015/2016 it means that sony supports the ps3 at least 10 years with new games and updates the ps2 is over 10 years old and still get new games (japangames and so)


If Microsoft has a head start of 2 years, minimum, it doesn't really matter what Sony do with the Playstation 4. I don't think even the most ardent PS3 user will be able to forestall their want of an Xbox Next that "could" be close to 8x the power of the previous generation in 2013 - but lets assume for the moment that developers over that 2 year period firmly establish a "to the metal" code ethic, and are able to draw out a clear x10 performance leap from the current generation just from an established devkit point of view and a better understanding of the architecture. So are you telling me that Sony now are going to suddenly supplant a x10 PS3 power output from the get-go by 2015, with the understanding that 2 years of existing owners have already experience next gen with a very real possibly that 35% of the entire PS3 community is now an Xbox Next owner. That would be a mistake even the bravest individual would dare not follow to an inevitable conclusion. The PS4 must make an appearance end of 2013 and as close to Xbox Next as it possibly can. Otherwise, it will fail. And by fail, I mean another 5 years of catch-up to Microsoft, and now Nintendo. I'm not saying this is a race; this is simply dictated logic of common market share and consumer desires.

This year or the ps line is dead....

They are still trying to charge 200 bucks for a game system that's 6 years old. Enough of sony already. And its not all about Xbox either. The last time there was a lag, Sega jumped in, and TurboGraphix 16, and the last Atari launch. Sure these systems and companies are all but defunct now, but there's Panasonic, JVC, Samsung and a whole slew of other electronics manufacturers (not to mention Honda-yes HONDA-their AI team had to come up with game relatable soft and firm ware developing the ASIMO robot) that are more than willing to take any stall from sony as a chink in the armor they can exploit. The game market is milk and honey, and its so hard to pirate games in relation to dvds and mp3's its a golden cow in today's uncertain economy. We have 3d tv's with built in blu-ray, I say lets give sony the middle finger. If you sit around waiting for them they will stall as long as possible. You start walking away instead of hanging on their every word and action, and 'surprise' the ps4 is ready now!


Sony doesn't really intend to drag a market down - it's just when they speed it up, no one is ready for it. The Cell being a classic example - although I suppose you could argue that Sony wasn't ready for the Cell, but I doubt that any company would not be ready for a $5B funding exercise without an intention to do something revolutionary. PS3/Cell/Blu-ray was just one long mistake that couldn't really be corrected quickly enough. It was a combination of not listening to game developers and just trying to control the games industry by making it completely non-standard - even to itself. Sony were a*holes in 2005>2010. No one can really deny that. I doubt anyone here is keen on Sony going back to a habit of "5 years down the line and the problem self-corrects itself from disaster. PS1 and PS2 were not a mistake. If anything great could happen with a games console, they both achieved it on somewhat different levels. PS4, on the other hand, will come from the minds of a different group of people; a different mindset of Sony. We already know that that has already happened in 2012. The PS Vita. It's not that they looked at Nintendo having found a market for it, it's the fact that they did it at all - it was another huge risk for Sony. And Sony did it. You'd expect it from the Smartphone "monster manufacturers". But Sony? At this point in time? The next big thing from Sony, is the next Playstation; and if it's like the PS Vita - right out there, right where it needs to be, wanting to achieve exactly what Sony intended it for - then that next Playstation is likely to set a precedent that hasn't been seen since the "Sega Dreamcast" days. Sony's only real competition is itself.

Damn you right

your right, i haven´t think about befor

Helf those 3-D tvs are made

Helf those 3-D tvs are made by Sony. Nevermind that, the blu-rays are Sony proprietary hardware. Unless a competitive developer can also create a new method of software distribution, as Sony did with Blu-ray, then Sony can sit back and cash in on that competitor's profits.


I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer, but not a normal gamer, either. I've been playing an xbox360 and it broke a few weeks ago, but with these rumors I want to get a new xbox720, or ps4. The wii u doesn't fit my taste. If ps4 is that late I hope they make a ps3.5 that can play ps3 games unless there's an xbox720 first.

the controller

the controller looks relly ugly and orquard to use ? who agrees but apart from that evrey thing els looks pritty good :)

the ps4

Thats not the real ps4 in the picture.

Simple Explaination!

Sony is trying to get as much money as they can from the Playstation 3, If the new Xbox is affecting the sales of Sony then no holds barred Sony will play their last card- The PlayStation 4!

PS3 Support Only

They meant their going to give it support till 2016, not that there going to wait till then to realease the ps4. Just look at the ps2's life cycle, it still had some support at least a little while after the ps3's realease. So don't assume that you have to wait till 2016 to get your hands on a ps4.

Yeah the people who were

Yeah the people who were still buying ps2 games were the ones waiting for them to lower there price. Or for someone to pawn one so the can buy it via layaway.

people are ignorant

The ps strives 4 exellence and if there was a community to truly support ps it would be thw best of all the only good thing about xbox is thw fast release of games but when ps releases something its art ps3 is like apple vs android sure adroid has cool stuff but apple just whups its butt in all is the ultimategaming system and its capable of so much the army made a supercomputer out of ps3s lol where is thexbox? Oh yeah in the hands of fans who love weird controllers and gae hype wait till ps3 reaches its full cpacitt then

sony next gen need to upgrade to hvd and haveeebc?

Sony ps4 or whether they call it? Shouo ld have a whole lot of gaming bundles they should announce it on g4 x-play and or something lilke that. It should be five different bundles the first month from one terabyte to 5 terabyte and the more terabyte you buy the bigger the memory and cloud memorty storage. And I do not want too hear about sony ps franshise can't afford it they are a multi billion dollar franschise he almost have a trillion dollars or he might have a trillion dollars in business. Not only he has the consoles and games he has the tv's blu-ray players, dvd players, cd players and hvd players and all computers he might dwarf bill gates in money if you count all the things he has to sell. He could be the richest man in the world bill gates is the richest man in north america. So he afford to upgrade to better technology for the ps4 and be able to have backwards compatibility to the console ps1 to ps3 games and afford to have games with the console and movies. And other accessories like ethernet and extra controller and for the first couple of months. He can have a code in every box that if you buy it psn is free for the life of the console he can have all ps1 games up to ps3 games to be free and even have after a while alot of ps4 games can be free. No more demos especially for the ps1 to ps3 games have games be full games. And we know he and he's partners get alot of the hardware to make consoles dirt cheap. And if he and his employees complain about losing money stop giving consoles away for free to the people who work for your franchise. And make them pay for the consoles you let them give their families and friends free consoles or super discounts. If you have bc for the ps4, hdv, blu-ray etc., and beast games with the gaming bundle and if you give an sd card and ethernet and movies or anime series and please no fee for used games. If you do alot of the things i said. 1 terabyte bundle with games, movies and hdv, blu-ray, bc and other accesories should be 350. 2 terabyte bundle with pretty much the same but many if you want to add another game 375. 3 terabyte bundle about the same but any more advances because you spend more money 400. 4 terabyte bundle about the same but the more terabyte you get more memory you get and free cloud gaming storage 425. 5 terabyte bundle about the same but the best offer of all you get a free ps4 game every month for taking advantage of the deal right away and the price 450. A reasonable prices and you still will make alot of money not charging a arm and a leg. But most likely sony won't do that and if they did anything close to what i said it would be for the smallest terabyte to the largest what i said would be very expensive. I like sony about a week ago i say youtube and when the announcement of the ps3 and the media person said how come you charged so much money alot of people can't afford that. At first when i heard it, sound like it was fake but i seen something on a reliable website and the samething was said when the spokeman for sony computer entertainment. Was asked easy question he paused for a long time and kept stammering wishing that it was over he never had an answer. I like games from sony franchise but they don't care for the customer and if you know that if someone don't care for you. You shouldn't care for them they just want our money and it took for a ps3 slim for it to get pretty cheap and withgames and ps move it is still expensive. So if they do have bc, games, movies and a terabyte or more hard drive and hvd not to mention blu-ray etc. And that's not counting ethernet and hdmi and extra controllers and usb cords and if they charge a fee to unlock new and games and it is not going to be a speaker in the controller so expect an expensive headset. If tbey have all of that expect for the first 6 months of ps4 to go down but not that much. Expect for different versions of the console with the larger the terabyte and other thing that i wrote the more expensive the price so expect the cheapest console to be 750 to the most expensive console 1200 dollars if you want all that stuff added with that. If I see something on qvc and and hsn and they will have the console with flex easy pay so cheapest terabyte console will probably be 135 to 150 a month with no extra charge on the accessories i mentioned. And the most expensive terabyte console will be 185 with 6 easy payments and the free games and accessories and i will get it right away and the tax will be split in paymwnts. You can laugh all you want but go on get capital one and buy it on the credit card and soon you have to pay thousands of dollars in interest. And soon when you can'tt afford to make the payments not only they take the console away talking about repo men. But they take your tv's your microwave, stove etc. And you will be out of luck. So laugh it up. I will have easy flex pay with no interest with my debt card just have to put money in the bank. Everytime i want to get a game and games i can afford to get it. And also im doing the samething with the next gen xbox it will probably be better deals than what i said qvc and hsn not counting there website. h Send simiiar letters to sony and microsoft about how your not happy with them. Don't be a kiss butt and agree with anything they say even if you know their wrong. Stop it only sony lovers and only microsoft lovers they want you to send hate mail to the realist. It just like the bus drivers it be alot of bus drivers talking crap to the passenger and the people that defend them don't learn their lessons. Just like whenever the bus drivers go on strike their crying saying the bus drivers don't care about us when they have to walk far to get work and home. That's what they get for kissing butt. Alot of the console designers and spokes people for each company they make deep in the six figures to some where in the 7 figures a year. Being yes men and yes women. If you want to get an honest opinion from the gaming console franschise pay the gamers money to be honest and don't tell them what to say as long as there been respectful. Because the spokes people are spineless they only have something to say truthful things when their fired or layed off or the professional term downsizing. Stop being spineless so called gamers i am a truthful gamer not all of us can be rich thick you know what people that will pay thousands of dollars on ebay and it might cost in stores 65.24 for the standard and about 90 for the limited edition or plantium hits or game of the year edition. I know who you are probably your a spoiled punk teenager and you probably get 25,000 dollars a week allowance. And you want to be a bad guy so you will buy most of the consoles from gamestops and walmarts and targets. And that's not counting the online stores like and ebay etc. People like that should be stoned or shot or worse. People like you prbably not a gamer you are probably that stubbord kid on wild grinders maybe your butler or maid is the real gamers and you pay them to let you win. So if it is someone buying alot of consoles at once at stores and online please sony and microsoft get supicious their their countierfieters or they what to may keep one or two and sell the rest online for more then what it was worth. Because im sure people did that from ps1 to ps3 and probably when the sega genesis before that. Please sony be smart just don't think of mone, money is not the root of evil it's what they do what the money that makes them evil don't let the money control you. You cannot take it with you .

the game ps4

the ps4 is going to be good in 2016 if is not bad


hi there your right a 1 gb/s 6 terabyte halographic game disk and a 100 gb solid state drive be alwsoume and hope fully a 9.9 oled tablet controler