If you could choose one game series to be exclusive on the PS4, which one would you choose?

Grand Theft Auto
28% (799 votes)
Call of Duty
34% (950 votes)
Final Fantasy
12% (334 votes)
Elder Scrolls (Oblivion, Skyrim)
13% (358 votes)
10% (279 votes)
Mass Effect
4% (114 votes)
Total votes: 2834


exclusive ?

Why would you want a game to be exclusive at all? Let everyone play!

Call of Duty

I'd pick Call of Duty, because then that way maybe it would have PlayStation Move compatibility, like Killzone 3 or Resistance 3.


Ya call of duty but thats a no brainer but what about Mag2! mag was By far the most intense game ever.sony u guys really have a lot dedicated and loyal fans still on mag.and even with zipper gone im sure someone like dice could greatly improve mag for a second round. That Would be amazing


Because your popularity, this will smash the concurrence.

Metal Gear

How is snake left off the list?!


Call of Duty is alredy the xbox series, it wouldn't make a change, GTA has always been on the playstation since 1997 and should be the exclusive series on the PS4


no games should be exclusive to anyone platform

like no

COD exclusive?
Just what we need. A bunch of 13 year old kids coming to playstation to rant over mics because someone keeps killing him.


First of all:
Only the spoiled kids rant on mics, most of them dont have mics.
2. Atleast we aren't pedos looking for kids and girls to rape
3. COD is an amazing game
4. You should be a shamed of your grammar.
"A bunch of 13 year old kids coming to playstation to rant over mics because someone keeps killing him." What kind of grammar is thatT??

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