Which new PlayStation 4 feature are you most interested in?

DualShock 4
15% (113 votes)
PlayStation Eye
5% (34 votes)
New and improved hardware
42% (316 votes)
Social features
6% (47 votes)
31% (236 votes)
Media aspects
1% (9 votes)
Total votes: 755


Something New

PlayStation I really hate my gamertag. When I look at others name it looks awesome. I always wanted to change my gamertag but I cant. But you can do something about that. PlayStation Im begging you.. Can u please make something in the setting that allows people to change there gamertag. Some people regrets having their name. But their is also a rule, you can only change it twice after that u cant change it anymore... I hope u look at this comment...
From: LinSenpai