What Should Sony Name Its Next Console?

PlayStation 4 (PS4)
72% (1166 votes)
Move 2.0
1% (23 votes)
Best Console Ever!!!1!!11
4% (69 votes)
Nintendosoft Wiibox Killer
9% (143 votes)
Other (add your own in the comments)
7% (110 votes)
Playstation Orbis
7% (114 votes)
Total votes: 1625


PlayStation Name

PlayStation: NGC (New Generation of Console)

Xpera Playstation

Xpera Playstation

ps4#name making

Call it the shock wave#4

just a thought

Call it B.O.R.N = B.est O.f R.ight N.ow... meaning this is the best they have but still be more to come... if u dnt like it O.D.S = Out Da Spot HATERS... ya boy Meta