How to Play War Thunder Today (Even if You Live in North America)

If you are like me and you have had a taste of War Thunder on the PC and live in North America, then you are probably anxiously awaiting the day that War Thunder will be playable on your PS4. For those not in the know, War Thunder is a WWI dogfighting game that allows you to control some of the best fighter planes from that era and battle other players in the skies. Allowing you to zoom and dive while aiming to shoot and destroy your opponents, War Thunder is one of the most exciting yet pulse-pounding games to be released in recent years. Add to the fact that the game is F2P, and you have a game that everyone can afford (everyone can afford a free game, right?).

Yet, the game was supposed to be released on the PS4 on launch day. For PS4 owners in North America, that obviously did not happen. However, there is no need to continue being angry at Sony, as there is a small trick you can use to play War Thunder on your PS4 today! Within a matter of minutes, you will be battling in the air as you do your part to destroy your opponents in your favorite WWI fight plane. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Sign out of your account by select ‘Power’ at the top right corner of the main menu then selecting ‘Log Out of PS4.’

Step 2. Press the ‘PS’ button then select ‘New User,’ ’Create a User,’ accept the user agreement, and choose ‘Next.’

Play War Thunder North America

Step 3. Select ‘New to PSN? Create an account,’ then choose ‘Sign up Now.’

Step 4. Ensure the ‘Country or Region’ is set to United Kingdom and set the ‘Language’ and ‘Date of Birth’ as you had it in your original PSN account.

Play War Thunder

Step 5. This is where things get a bit tricky. On the next screen, you must enter your ‘home location.’ Of course, you live in North America so you are probably unfamiliar with the UK, so you need to do a bit of research to ensure you label your ‘home location’ as a valid area. On this page, you need to know three things: ‘City,’ ‘State/Province,’ and ‘Postcode’ of the area you will be using as your home location. Luckily, I have provided a convenient resource you can use to find a proper home location that you can use.

First, go to this page and find the ‘postcode area name’ that you want to use. I used Aberdeen, and by clicking on the ‘Aberdeen’ link in the resource linked above, I found that its state/province was ‘Scotland.’ So automatically, I have found the ‘City’ and ‘State/Province’ I will be applying to my ‘home location.’

All that is left to do is to find a valid postcode, and the easiest way to do this is by typing the search string, ”What is the postcode of [insert UK city],” into Google. The first result that appeared gave me a valid postcode (AB1) to use. Once you have all of the information on the screen, select ‘Next’ to continue.

Step 6. You will need to choose a proper email address and password you will be using for the moment. We all have an alternate email address we never use, so use that one to make this process faster. And if you don’t have one? Get one real quick.

Once you have inserted your email address and password you will be using to access your new UK account, select ‘Next.’

Step 7. Now it’s time to create your UK PSN profile. Choose an ‘Online ID’ you will remember and use your first and last name. Select ‘Next’ and choose to show only your ‘Online ID’ on the ‘Name and Profile Pictured Settings’ (unless you really want your full name to show up). Continue selecting ‘Next’ until you see the ‘Join PSN’ screen (picture shown below). Choose ‘Accept’ then choose ‘Do this later’ when opted to login with Facebook (we don’t want to do this at this time). Do not choose to sign up for PS Plus and click ‘Next’ until you come to the following screen.

Step 8. Do not select ‘Activate’ at this time (you can choose this later on if you choose to do so). Click through the prompts until you come to the main menu.

Step 9. Go to the ‘PlayStation Store,’ select ‘Games,’ select ‘Search’ at the top, then type in ‘War Thunder.’ Choose to download it as you would any other game, and it will begin to download normally.

War Thunder North America

Step 10. Want to play War Thunder without having to switch between your regular PSN account and your UK account? If so, choose ‘Settings,’ PSN,’ ‘Activate as Your Primary PS4,’ and ‘Activate.’ Interestingly enough, this will not de-activate the primary status of your regular PSN account, thus allowing you to play War Thunder on your main PSN account.

There you have it! War Thunder is available for you to play before everyone else in North America. Using this method, you could also play other UK-only games as well and perhaps other region-only games that are not available in your part of the world.

Are there other tutorials you would like to see that demonstrate how to play other games not available in your region? Let us know in the comments below!

Article by Dusty W.
Insert Date: 1/6/2014

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