Playstation 4 Console Concept Design - Author Unknown


maybe all black

i am a playstation fan i have 6 PS3 and i want 3 ps4 for christmas if this was the console i only buy 1 ,i need something universal something to make my main home theater look cooler and perfect

Why do you want 3 ps4 and why

Why do you want 3 ps4 and why do you have 6 ps3


Yeah... good question! Maybe 3 PS4 for 3 TVs?


That would mean he/she would probably get 3 copies of each game bought..




I do the same I got 5 ps3 and my home is like a mad house even with 5 ps3 all they do is play online with friends and make 1 big group im going to only buy 1 ps4 if disc is only play on first console


Why do you need, or really WANT 3 PS4's? What's the use...? Do you have a bunch of siblings or something...?

why do i need or have 6 ps3 ?jummm

i have 1 on my game room another in my bed room another in my office another in my mom house cause sometime she got her 7 grandsons all together loooool and i have two special edition on the box (special edition grayfox metal gear only 10,000 was made and one white japanese firts edition and if i buy 3 playstation 4 i just donate 3 of my ps4 to my nephews

you got him

you got him, ha ha.


Why would you WANT 3 ps4s? whats the f*cking use?

do better

Come on Sony,a ps3 lookalike

c'mon sony !!!!

stick to the look you have there is nothing wrong with it just make the adjustments you have to for the new controllers and camera and the other added outer features ....i personally love the sleek shiny black's kinda like a sports car and it matches the basic color of almost all tv's ....but please make this ps4 backward compatable to the ps3 for the dlc games and the disc games i love my open world rpg's and i have games like skyrim and oblivion game of the year edition or kingdoms of amalur with dlc content and love to play them ....and no matter how many times i do it's a different experience other words they are to much fun and not to mention the money spent on them to lose the ability to play them it would be nice to be able to play used games still if your someone like me who has been a member of gamefly for 2 years now it's nice to try a game before you buy it and have ample opertunity to try it out and you should think about the people you employ buy doing this also at places like gamefly and game stop and other game stores that sell used at sony and the folks at microsoft need to know that you are now like the car industry in the amount of outside vendors you support besides just the tech companies

Sony worked hard on their

Sony worked hard on their upcoming console. They have no intentions of ruining your previous gaming experiences, you can still use the games you have mentioned with your Ps3, so there is no difference. However, if anything, Sony is actually doing something good. Did you know the Ps3 and xbox 360 have both been the current gen consoles for over 7 years now? I prefer the ps4's release, even if it were at an "inoppertune" time. It has been a LONG 7 years of the ps3 and xbox 360 being the current gen, and i'm glad there is some progress. I, for one, will support the production of the ps4 :)

And as for the design, I don't mind a change. As long as it stays reasonable. It can't be some over the top kind of fluorescent cube that won't exactly be convenient in terms of space. All i'm asking for in this department is for the new design to be flexible, and not hideous... lol.