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A year and a half after the official release of both the Xbox One and the PS4, we've seen the Xbox One already slash it's price $50. Could the PS4 be far behind? As of February 2015, Sony has stated that NO price cut is planned for the PlayStation 4. If you want it, better get the $400 together.

To figure out the price based on hardware, we can compare it to what it would be like if someone were to build a computer with similar specifications as the console is essentially made up of computer components. We know that the PlayStation 4 will feature an AMD 8-core processor with a 1.84 TFLOPS Radeon-based graphics engine. In addition, it will sport 8 GB GDDR5 memory, a built-in hard drive and a Blu-ray/DVD drive running at 6x and 8x speed, respectively.

Let's start with the processor; AMD sells an 8-core processor on its own website for $160. It also sells the 2 TFLOPS Radeon HD 6870 for another $145, which also has 2 GB of GDDR5 memory. Though it is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 with 2 TFLOPS, it has a quarter of the memory expected for the console, so we can even out the difference in price. Hard drives for the PlayStation 3 ranged in a number of sizes, but the PS4 will come with a 500GB hard drive. This can cost anywhere between $100 and $150, depending on the brand name and speed. Finally, a Blu-ray/DVD drive for a computer would run about another $50 on average.

Playstation 4 Price and Cost DetailsWith these basic components, a similarly-equipped computer would cost about $450 to $505, depending on the website or store you buy each item from. This kind of price is actually within the confines of what Asahi, a well-known Japanese publication, guessed the cost of the PlayStation 4 would be.

When you look back at the PlayStation 3, which released for about $600, it makes sense that Sony would not want to repeat this mistake; with such a high price, sales suffered as gamers were too hesitant to spend such a fee on a console. $399 was a smart move on their part, that's for sure.

In terms of the lower price this time around, Sony Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny has been quoted as saying "We want a system that can reach as broad a gaming audience as possible. We have created a console absolutely focused on gamers – and we want that to be gamers in the broadest sense as well."

What this means is that Sony realizes the pricing mistakes it made on the PlayStation 3 by originally pricing the console not only out of reach for casual gamers but hardcore gamers as well. It's nice to see that they haven't made the same mistake twice. Another smart move on Sony's part was keeping games at the same price and not restricting the use of pre-owned games. Since the PS4 comes with a decently sized hard drive, an HDMI cable, and the controller, there won't be any required accessory purchase out of the box.

It's been over a year now since the console released and we've seen no price drops. That being said, various bundles have surfaced during the holiday season. The announcement of a 20th Anniversary PS4 has also brought a new stylized design into the fold. While Xbox has since lowered their price and made the Kinect optional, PS4 still continues to sell strong. It's all thanks to Sony's wise decision to keep the system priced at something far more reasonable than PS3's launch price.

PlayStation 4 fans, keep your eyes on not only this page, but PS4 Experts in general for up-to-date PS4 pricing news!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 03/11/2013
Article Updated: 12/19/14

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costly but reasonable

I dont think it will be so much of a problem as a cost. The first ps3 i purchased cost me $700 so I can see myself spending 500-600 or even 700 for a ps4. Im a 360 fan not that I dont like the ps3 or anything. My thing is: A) Backwards Compatibility: Will it have backwards compatibility with ps 1, 2, and 3(at least ps3. if not I think I will jus stick to it since there are titles I have not purchased yet) B) software: Will the ps4 have problems like ps2's disk read error or ps3's yellow light problem(I had problems with every ps2/ps3 that I had) C) Hardware: Ive dropped my 360 several times and it works just fine. when i dropped my 2nd ps3(first had yellow light) it broke completely apart and it was the original with backwards compatibility. luckily it was under waranty(even though sony said it couldnt b fixed) D) size: the ps2(original) was ok, but the ps3...come on. (I thought the original xbox was huge)

Less price

If Sony's smart(which we hope) they will know that they will need to sell it for 400-500$, otherwise most people(like me) will go for the xbox, instead of the 600-800$ ps4.

you are a fool haha

LoL go to the crap box let it crap out on you 5times burns itself out worthless junk. i will pay more because i know what i am getting and it is something that will last

Not necesarily...

They need to improve the hardware, it is to dated now, and the true is hat the part are expensive, of course they get lower price for the parts than normal costumers, but still they have a lot of cost, so an improved console means new and more expensive hardware, but it is their fault, they holded to much time to make an improved hardware that the gaming hardware prices got stocked and didnt need drop the prices a lot, I mean if you try to create your costume gaming computer you will noticce that nearly all the Graphic Cards in the market are much better than in the PS3 but you will notiec than they didnt drop for the price to muche even after many years, the reason is becouse you get better experiecne but the old ones can still play new games, becouse the console didnt improved in a lot of time, meaning that even id they are old, they are not outdated, and now we have to deal with the fact that to improve, we need to expend more than th last improvement.


i thing it will cost about 250$ because with the economic crisis which the people have they haven't got enough money to buy it so or it will costs about 500$ and no one will buy it or it will cost 250$ and every one will go to buy it! (to the shop the price will be about 300$ for sure! so the shopkeeper make money too!)

Not a chance ps3 still goes

Not a chance ps3 still goes for that price so Sony won't price it that low... Don't plan on spending less then 500-600 and don't expect a price drop until Microsoft releases their new system and even then it won't be much of a drop.


If its that cheap its not even worth buying ps4... If ps4 is that cheap its like a ps3 with a new font. And its would still be better then xbox Sure i will hand it to xbox, You do have a better internet provided service to you, But so what? Ps3 got the best exclusive games...Ever Connection issues? What? where? PsN got hacked once..And still people cry over it. Microsoft have been hacked WAY more then that, But why do people choise to hack down on PsN's one Rather then Microsoft Total Hacking score. Almost like someone playing pacman with the security there Also Tbf i'm extremly Happy that sony made their bets on blue-ray, Because of what? Its working, Way better. Can store more information(A whole bunch more) And less issues. Oh and lets not forget the smooth and awesome grafik you get with that For those who don't wanna pay more then 250$, May i direct you over to PsP or something, its as big as your palm, But stronger then xbox360.

PS3 is and will be a good machine and so will the PS4

I bought my PS3 back in january of 2007 the first generation and its been the best console I ever bought for $500 and never had anyproblems with it!! so if sony wants to keep the price high let them they make a good quality product!!!

sony b smart

Been a sony man since 95 been playin since I was 3 but considering that not only does the playstation have problems such as the sensitive ylod and the psn network is always hacked or down I own a xbox360 never had a problem with it but the ps3 always had problems and I dont think I wuld pay more than 400 for a ps4 im either gonna wait til the price drop or not buy it at all I love games but im an all around type of person I kickbox I do tats I am very athletic I have talent in drawing and I do music. All those things entertain me so I can go without if sony wanna play dumb and still get beatin by microsoft again

Cheap ass people

I flew to Vegas and picked up a ps3 a day or two after the launch at a ea games store on the strip. Cost me 850 with 3 games and an extra remote. I'll do 1000 for a ps4. Stop hitching about the economy and think out the box and get paid!

Ps4 price

we all want it cheaper but really!!?? $250?? no way! itll be fairly priced but very expensive and we cant guarantee anything right now... its all up to sony. so stop geussing how much itll be cuz we dont freaking know

If this thing is $700+

If this thing is $700+ nobody's gonna buy it. Think about it... the 3DO came out in 1993 at a $700 price tag and nobody bought it, which is why the system failed. If Sony has any clue with economics they'll cut the price to less then $300. If not I'll bet everyone will buy a different system.


In 1993 $700 dollars was a lot more. I will still buy it.


In 1993 something for $700 would actually be $1,100 in today's economy when you calculate in annual inflation rate. So if you started with "If this thing is $1,100+ nobody's gonna buy it" you might have had a feasible argument.

I WOULD PAY $1,000 for a all this

you know they wont break on you or get the ring of death like the XBOX has CONSTANTLY. JAP computers, tech, and minds are better with engineering their technology. Stuff is ALWAYS dependable. why do you think sony is a name brand. PS4 is going to be insanely much better than the XBOX 720. the ps3 is better than the xbox now.... so who do you think will be ahead if they advance their technology at the same pase. (supposing that we keep up) < even not likely we will... the japs will always be ahead than us than microsoft. ps3 network was down because of teen hackers messing around. xbox you have to pay for online and to even change your username its $15.... seriously crazy. PS3 has a blue ray player in it as it is...Xbox has regular sensors not blue ray ones used in MW3 on blue ray disks high quality on the playstation only. so with the stats compaired to the xbox 360 with the better ps3 now imagine whats going to be in the PS4 with better reliable technology game system that wont get the RED RING OF DEATH like the XBOX does. BY JOSHUA A. NY


PS4 might not be better than next Xbox, we don't know the specs about either, though I agree that the PS3 in terms of hardware is better than the 360 so you can only guess by that, but err since when do you see developers utilise either to their fullest capability. PlayStation not getting RROD is kinda err obvious, PS3 doesn't have that ring. They do get YLOD, though, though not as often as the 360, so I'll accept your statement. Sony being hardware manufacturers, though, would explain why their hardware is better. MS being software developers would explain why their software is better and why there's less hacks and stuff. PS3 has a BluRay 'cause Sony is part of the Blu Ray Consortium or whatever it's called, why would MS support their rivals format? Maybe it had better licensing deals with HD DVD, maybe it couldn't even license Blu Ray. Thought of that, kiddo? Xbox costs a lot less than PS, or at least it did. Developers wouldn't want to make a game that would work on one and not the other, so PS3 users are kinda losing out, huh? Unless they play PS3 only games. You might have to pay online, even to change your name. But errr you're kinda forgetting playing online isn't all that magical as you think, dude. There's costs involved. Don't be surprised if Sony will do the same for PS4. They have to maintain it so it won't go offline. Maintenance mean people. People wanna get paid. Also servers use electricity, that needs to be paid for. They will also need to employ and pay people to create software for the servers and updating the Xbox OS. Sony do the same but will be losing money, hoping folks would chip in by signing up to PSN Plus. Now. Am I a MS fanboy? Perhaps, but I use a PS3. Does that mean the PS3, overall, really is the better console? Not at all. So why do I use one? Friends have the PS3, so I got the PS3 to play BF3 online with them. Tl;dr: Kid, both consoles have their weaknesses and pros. Doubt you understand the costs involved. Anyway, haven't you got some homework to do for middle school?


If anyone was going to spend thousands of dollars for gaming they'd probably just get a gaming PC.

Let the fools pay the big bucks

Unless sony offers something really good that you wont be able to get unless you pay the big bucks, i will be waiting it out for a cheaper price. But that something would have to be, Making the system run Like never before,



It won't be cheap

You're kidding your self if you think it'll be under 500. When the ps3 was released for 650 it was loosing money on the console it's self. They made it up with the price of the games. Now with technology years ahead of what it was and the cost of living going up (even in this economy) the price will be higher the the previous 650 tag they had 6 years ago. How much higher I have no idea. However people will still buy it. Including me. If you want to go out and get a cheaper wii or Xbox, then be my guest. But the hardcore gammers will be happy to pay. Gaming isn't just a bunch of kids in their room playing after school anymore. We grew up, got jobs, now can and will buy it. P.S. I have no idea what language that "wrong clothes" guy is talking about.

true gameing

Yeah true gamers will pay the big bucks, Sony will probably market it at £500 - £750 when its first released to generate initial sales then drop price to suit the market a year later. An to be fair most die hard gamers will buy both the new xbox and Ps with both consoles set to have the latest tech. I don't buy into the bs debates on which console is better as both next gens will have there own respective exclusives an features not found in the other, so as a lover of gameing i choose both as i like the 360 and ps3 both have there flaws and perks and i could just as easily play either.

Wave out of Form

That won't happen again. Ken Kutaragi was great in many ways; as with many men who reach greats heights, they also reach too far when the going is way too good for good to come of it. Ken personally F* the Playstation brand in a way that should have been impossible after the PS2; but he somehow managed to do that alongside that "full of it" Phil Harrison. Phil Harrison was the primary reason the Playstation 3 failed in the first 3-4 years. And he took far too long to realise he was riding on a wave that didn't belong to him. In a nutshell, he was out of the depth the Playstation 3 was in, but well in the depth that he only had for that role.


So pose that's like 50 years of pocket money lol


sony will be aimming to new gammers as much as older ones


ps4 of you are forgetting that it will be a super multimedia powerhouse games console so 1000 isn't that bad when if you brought a blu ray player and a games console of top quality and future proof it makes sense

for all the games

I think it should be whatever price says lmafo games are games stop fighting over it damn it.


can we pay it in payments ?

RE: $$$$

That'll come down to your retailer. Many retailers off HP here in the uk, if it's a big shop like Best Buy or some other big electrical outlet store I would have thought they'd have payement plans, though I doubt these $1000 or £636 prices are accurate, even if this site has got some specs right.


it cost 2000 2 thousand

Pricy But Still worth it

Even if it would cost 2000$ i would still buy it, It would A:Beat all computers for another decade. B:Internet supirior to Xbox360 and upcoming Xbox720 C:Playstation games just rocks... D:Sony's products are TOP class, They very RARELY breaks or show any sign of bugs E:Blue-ray dude....One CD to rule em all. Unlike the other two...Which provide worse grafik and service..But they do give out more disc's! F:It keeps all those people who thinks Quantity=Quality away


True man...This blu-ray thing makes you think twice about your decision of buying PS3..Even after you save monay and buy a PS3 would you have enough to buy every latest Game(Which is obviously released in Bluray==More Money)....


A:Beat all computers for another decade. False.

....You are Funny....

Beat all PCs for another decade????? Keep Dreaming bro... :) :p


A. No. It's actually outdated already. They're introducing a $80 graphics card that was released years ago. B. Internet superior to Xbox 360? Not at all, Xbox has a premium online service that's never down (Unlike PS3's), you get what you pay for. :). C. Playstation games rock? Oh yeah? Name some. D. Sony's products are top class? Are you sure? Because my brother has a PS3 and those puny controllers break all the time where as I've had the same Xbox controller for 2 years now and it works perfectly. E. The Xbox 720 is going to have blu-ray. Oh and blu-ray is still pretty dumb if you're using it to watch movies, seeing as no one actually buys movies anyways. (Torrents FTW) but it's nice that it has a 50GB disc. F. I don't even know what you meant by that stupid statement.

Re: Ignorance

A. Nobody knows the specs of either console yet, so to claim Sony is definitively using one of X value is ridiculous, neither Microsoft of Sony have said anything about the specs of their next consoles. B. Microsoft doesn't give you the internet service for free as you pointed out, Sony's giving it's users the ability to play games for free online, so they aren't obliged to make a seemlessly running service. Besides some more reliability with Xbox Live there's nothing really better about Live over PSN. C. This is subjective of course, but Uncharted, God Of War, Little Big Planet, Resistance, Infamous, Heavy Rain, plus there a couple of new franchises in The Last If Us and Beyond that look to be very good, but we'll have to wait until they're released to find out for sure. D. I've had my PS3 since the day after it was released here in the Uk and both the console and controller that came with it have worked perfectly since then, the fact is Xbox has suffered from more Red Rings than PS3's have had Yellow Lights, in terms of build quality I've had a 360 for about 3 years, my brother's had a couple of them and a PS3, he sold an older 360 to a mate and it did eventually Red Ring, I have loads of mates that have Both Xbox and PS3 and the Xbox has been the one to have more faults amongst them than PS3 has. E. This comment is ridiculous, I have nearly 200 movies on Bluray, they're the better format over anything else in terms of picture and sound quality that's out there at the moment. There are millions of Bluray customers that prefer the format over anything else. You can use them so long as you don't have a power cut, where as Torrenting films is illegal, if you get found out downloading movies you'll get arrested, fined and probably put in jail for a few years and if your internet is down you can't download new movies anyway.


you could build a gaming pc for 1000 dollars that would blow ps4 out of the water. ever heard of eyefinity it lets you play with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 screens how many you want just be sure you got a great rig for 4 and above. i highly doubt the ps4 can do that. the max its worth is 700 dollars.

Your clueless

A. Computers will always be ahead of consoles. B. I dont even know what that means, but the internet uses a browser. It really has no bearing on either system. C. Both systems have great exclusive games to name a few PS3: Uncharted 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, God Of War, Resistence, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, and Metal Gear Solid. XBOX: Halo, Morrowwind, Gears of war, Far cry, Unreal, etc. D. I had a blinking red light of death on a PS3 which was 4.5 years old. I know several who had a couple XBOXs with the red light of death due to a manufacturing issue. Overall, I dont think you can prove a difference based upon quality. E. Blu Ray is probably included in the XBOX 720, and F. Agree with another user, I dont understand that statement at all. Overall, you sound like a complete fan boy with no facts or even opinions to back up your statements. I go with Playstation its what I grew up with and I could trade systems with a buddy to play the exclusive games. The difference between the two consoles will be minimal overall. PC and console are still way far apart in regards to overall gaming ability.


if price wnet ddown i would buy it right now but i dont have so i goint to sell my ps3 in 1 year or 2 and buy it



NEVER wait a few years

its a good ps4 but wait in less u have the money go for it


The ps4 is gonna be around 800 dollars at least1 especially wiv da new tech involved.

in 2 years

it look cool if the price was not so high i would buy it now

Hell Noo

1000 dolla's u mussc Crazy dats a waste of money i ga by some jordan and take my girlfriend on a date so i striaght 4 now

Mom of a gamer

Im not a gamer but in 1997 my brothers bought the first playstation and I had fun playing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat now son plays these games and im in awe of how far Playstation has come. My brother has bragged that he got the PS3 when it first came out and now I am looking to buy one for my family, I have the Wii but I think my husband and son would really enjoy the PS3, now that I know the PS4 is coming out im hesitant in purchasing the PS3. But if I have to pay $700 on the console than I would rather just put that money into buying a larger TV and just buy the PS3 with mov bundle for $379 with move bundle at Walmart. If I were an addicted gamer I could see me throwing my money away on a PS4 but that price is just outrageous. I think I would definitely hold out for it to be $350 with the move bundle before I even think of purchasing this.

Dad of a gamer

Hi i would say just hold out till June 7th and if Sony announce a new ps4 then it might be worth saveing for it over the ps3 as it will be future proof but for what its worth a ps3 is worth buying as there cheap these days but it all depends on what your family would prefer my kids bleed me dry on game consoles but i would be more than happy to save for the ps4 given its possible 10yr life cycle

ps4 $$$

Hi, I just wanted to say that te ps4 price might drop after a while so you probanly want to buy that.


if its awesome i would sell my ps3 and pay the rest but if no one buys my ps3 then no, too much money for ps4