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A year and a half after the official release of both the Xbox One and the PS4, we've seen the Xbox One already slash it's price $50. Could the PS4 be far behind? As of February 2015, Sony has stated that NO price cut is planned for the PlayStation 4. If you want it, better get the $400 together.

To figure out the price based on hardware, we can compare it to what it would be like if someone were to build a computer with similar specifications as the console is essentially made up of computer components. We know that the PlayStation 4 will feature an AMD 8-core processor with a 1.84 TFLOPS Radeon-based graphics engine. In addition, it will sport 8 GB GDDR5 memory, a built-in hard drive and a Blu-ray/DVD drive running at 6x and 8x speed, respectively.

Let's start with the processor; AMD sells an 8-core processor on its own website for $160. It also sells the 2 TFLOPS Radeon HD 6870 for another $145, which also has 2 GB of GDDR5 memory. Though it is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 with 2 TFLOPS, it has a quarter of the memory expected for the console, so we can even out the difference in price. Hard drives for the PlayStation 3 ranged in a number of sizes, but the PS4 will come with a 500GB hard drive. This can cost anywhere between $100 and $150, depending on the brand name and speed. Finally, a Blu-ray/DVD drive for a computer would run about another $50 on average.

Playstation 4 Price and Cost DetailsWith these basic components, a similarly-equipped computer would cost about $450 to $505, depending on the website or store you buy each item from. This kind of price is actually within the confines of what Asahi, a well-known Japanese publication, guessed the cost of the PlayStation 4 would be.

When you look back at the PlayStation 3, which released for about $600, it makes sense that Sony would not want to repeat this mistake; with such a high price, sales suffered as gamers were too hesitant to spend such a fee on a console. $399 was a smart move on their part, that's for sure.

In terms of the lower price this time around, Sony Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny has been quoted as saying "We want a system that can reach as broad a gaming audience as possible. We have created a console absolutely focused on gamers – and we want that to be gamers in the broadest sense as well."

What this means is that Sony realizes the pricing mistakes it made on the PlayStation 3 by originally pricing the console not only out of reach for casual gamers but hardcore gamers as well. It's nice to see that they haven't made the same mistake twice. Another smart move on Sony's part was keeping games at the same price and not restricting the use of pre-owned games. Since the PS4 comes with a decently sized hard drive, an HDMI cable, and the controller, there won't be any required accessory purchase out of the box.

It's been over a year now since the console released and we've seen no price drops. That being said, various bundles have surfaced during the holiday season. The announcement of a 20th Anniversary PS4 has also brought a new stylized design into the fold. While Xbox has since lowered their price and made the Kinect optional, PS4 still continues to sell strong. It's all thanks to Sony's wise decision to keep the system priced at something far more reasonable than PS3's launch price.

PlayStation 4 fans, keep your eyes on not only this page, but PS4 Experts in general for up-to-date PS4 pricing news!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 03/11/2013
Article Updated: 12/19/14

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i need 1 for definite

the real price

haha you guys. the price will be $399 for the ps4


it will cost $419.00


How do you know this? Not to be mean but the price has nor been released.

PS4 Cost

obviously they are gonna charge as much as they think they can get by with, but they have said themselves that the potential of the PS3 goes way beyond any of the games that it has seen so far so with that much potential left in the PS3, I can't see spending a small fortune on a new console so long as developers continue making new games that start to push the limits of my PS3. And with the PS4 comeing out many developers will begin to focuss their devlopment on the new console leaving a huge void to be filled in the PS3 market so even if some developers move on to the new console, there will be to much money to be made with the PS3 for everyone to give up on that market. That being said, I think, in order for it to be as successful as it can be the price range should fall somewhere between $399 and $599. I can't see many people paying much more than that with so much potential remaining in the PS3.



mate those prices are just

mate those prices are just shop made its not actual price of PS4 because its not confirmed yet.

Shop made proces

Just to let you know that the PS4 is also available to preorder in Denmark at the price of 4.495 dkr. which in pounds is app. 450, I know that they are shopmade but they must know something or have and idea about where the price will end up at.

Ps4 Patience with ps4

if its to expensive example $400 to $500 wait a year while enjoying ps3 then check eBay & gum tree for great deals Games included i love games but be wise & think of your future there are more important priorities like paying your bills shopping supporting your family & being connected to reality & real people, your families kids wife friends, hay if you are well off & can afford it cool lets say the ps4 is $500 that's many weeks working to save considering if you pay bills electric,gas,rent,food,mobile credit, if you have a car buying fuel & i'm sure you can think of more. be wise but in the end its up to you, Good luck.

The price of games only went

The price of games only went up $10 from the time of the Ps2 to the PS3, and are not going up from PS3 to PS4. That's about a 14 year period right now considering some overlap time. If you adjust for inflation, paying $60 now for a game was worth paying $68.07 then, so in all truth the prices for games has continuously gone down. So if you werent complaining about buying PS3 games, you shouldnt about PS4 games. Also, a $50 PS2 game now is the same as paying $65.84 then.


the new piston which has less specs then a ps4 is retailing for 999$. anything less than 1000$ for the ps4 is a steal, that thing is a straight up behemoth light years ahead of the ps3. as a point of reference, the ps3 has 512mb of ddr3, the ps4 will have 8gb ddr5, that'a waaaay more then 16x better. im pretty sure all of skyrim can be held in that ram alone. and the thing is, it'l probably sell for around 500. hot damn im excited!


Just FYI, the PS3 only has 256MB RAM, so your point is actually more valid than you originally thought :-) It has 256MB accessible for system memory, and 256MB accessible for the GPU (graphics card). Either way, it only has 256MB RAM accessible by either, as opposed to the PS4 which has 8GB DDR5 shared memory since it is utilizing AMD's new APU technology (acclerated graphics onboard buit into CPU chip).

Plus side

A huge bonus to me is that you don't pay for play station network. For Xbox live it is $60 a year... All depends on how long you plan to use it. I love my ps3, I don't like my xbox360 at all.


Sony said that they will release the console around holiday 2013. They wont launch it 10 days before christmas, they will launch at least a month before. Think about it; if Sony releases it in November at say 400-500 dollars then a month later when christmas time rolls around they will have a sale on them. If its originally at 500 dollars it will probably go on sale for 450. If its originally at 400 dollars then it will go for maybe 350. Hope this helped someone :)

Halloween is a holiday :-)

According to my calculations, from the countdown timer, the PS4 is expected to launch just before Halloween. This means it could go on sale for pre-order around mid-september to help them assess supply and demand for stocking and orders. My bet is on Friday the 13th :-) I definately think that it will be out before Thanksgiving at the very least so people can show it off to their family's, that would be a smart marketing strategy. Everyone wants to keep up with the Jones'.

Holiday *year* is a universal term.

When "holiday *year" is used, it's referring to the "holiday season", as in around November to December, not just any holiday. I don't understand why people don't understand this, considering this has been a term used for decades...


if it runs over 400 i will wait maybe 500 but we all know they we be sold out to people who pre order 10+ so they can make a buck and sell them on ebay


Made me geek out

Made me stall out and buy an XBOX 360.

I wanted the PS3 but the price... Should've sucked it up and payed up though. XBOX won't let me use HULU or Netflix without the fool's gold membership. LAME! If this is over 500 I'll wait until it's under and suffer with my 360 while the 720 teases the Hell out of me. Bill Gates claims to be a philanthropist. Gates can bite my shiny metal ASS!

Gates and Microsoft

Bill Gates doesn't even run Microsoft anymore. He stepped down like ten years ago. Just sayin' is all.

price drop

Everybody that thinks the ps4 will drop in price in a few months is crazy. Remember the ps2 and ps3? I think the biggest was Sony avoids losing so much money on new consoles is by limiting their availability. With the ps2 and ps3 they had a shipment come in and then there wasn't another one for several months, thats why people were paying $1000 for a ps3 on ebay. I'm sure the price won't drop for well over a year.


i was ganna get the ps4 but its a ripoff sereasly now im gonna get the ps3. it rocks. p.s. dont give up the ps3 it rocks

Retail costs

You can't only take into account the cost of the ps4 through direct distribution. Retailers will chalk up the price as much as legally possible to gain the maximum amount of profit out of a popular and sure-to-be in-demand console. I woud assume some where between 500-600 would be the price range to expect, taking into acount inflation, demand, and the middleman.


xbox 720 rules I got it early because my butt is rich in crap.

dont lie

Don't lie about you having the xbox 720 you liar because it not even out yet you douchbag so think about what you say and don't lie next time! P.S i don't believe your a rich person!

Wrong Name

It is just a rumor that itll be called xbox 720

No hints towards new Xbox

I have not yet seen a single hint that a new Xbox will be out Sony got the drop this time and got the PS4 out which surpised me because Xbox is richer since people pay for live

Just because XBL costs money doesn't make Microsoft rich...

Just lik Sony does more than just PlayStation, Microsoft does more than just Xbox. Sure, people pay for Xbox Live, but what about other things? Windows, for example? Just as Sony makes TV's and Blue-Ray players. Microsoft may have more money, but that doesn't necessarily make them more capable. Look at where Windows is going - people are HUGELY disappointed with Windows 8, and Microsoft has been losing MASSIVE amounts of sales. (I'm not saying the next Xbox will be this way - don't take it like that.) And a company's income doesn't matter in mass production of new hardware - what's available is what's available. (Unless of course the company can't AFFORD to build new hardware - which obviously isn't the case for most successful software and hardware manufacturers). There HAVE been hints at the next Xbox - for just as long as the PS4 rumors were showing up. There's an Xbox event coming up on the 21st of May for the unveil. And it's looking like it won't be called the Xbox 720, but rather just "Xbox"; which I find rather odd in my opinion. The specs are looking very similar to the PS4, and it seems it's still "pay to play" for online services. Also, leaked prices show an option of a $500 console, or a $300 console plus free Xbox Live for 2 years (which is going for $10 a month) - you'd save $40 on the if you didn't get Xbox Live with the $500 option.


ps4 should be about 300-450 because on the ps3 alot of people didnt buy it because how much it cost so now in the xbox 720 there going to drop it down so people to buy would you want that to happen would you

The price guaranteed won't be "too" high

While I would love for the PS4 to be $299 out the gate and would most likely by one right away at that price, it will most likely be $349 and $449. Anyone who thinks it will be $500 or more is delusional. I will say right now that will NEVER happen. The bottom line is Sony is in business to make money and with the PS3 they lost a LOT of money. They went from being far and away the most dominant gaming company on the planet with the PS2 to literally last place with the PS3. Another mistake like that could unequivocally put them out of the console market, considering how much money PS2 made them, that is a market they can't afford to lose. That said, the fact is the "major" mistake was the price, there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. We know it, Sony knows it, other companies know it, there is no possibly a competent company would even take the risk of looking priced too high let alone actually doing it and making the same mistake again. I won't happen, Sony can't afford another third place even if at this point they are most likely assured second... they want to be number one again.


Yes......I really appreciate your advice cause I will gonna buy that soon if that was released...but to be honest I think that would be true...cause i will not but that if that cost over $500

Sony lost money from expensive build costs...

Sony didn't lose money because they weren't selling enough systems due to overpricing, it was because of build costs. Even at $700, Sony lost money on every console sold due to an expensive blue-ray drive ($700 for Sony to make alone, let alone all of the other components), and cell processor, both new at the time. The PS4 HAS to be less expensive because the components are cheaper - though it's looking more like a $400-550 price range.

ps4 cost

i think that if playstation suck that console with prices they will probably drop prices under 300 with less GB storage and if they do not fail (they will fail) they will probably make it 300$ but christmas holiday comes and after christmas day (the next days for non-follower of gifts) it will drop at 250-310$ for all sale at walcrap and all the fool market next to your door soo enjoy your moments of rage in black ops 2 or DVD all scratched with ps2 or... no the ps1 is the best of all enjoy your depenses!!!




Everyone needs to stop whining about the price... you know as soon as it is out for pre order were all gonna flock the stores to pay for it... no matter the price... thats just how most people are. and yes i am one of them!!!

Cool selling price, can buy young ppl.

Not more than $500, I ll agree, if you are guys given factory one, than it should be in you retail shops all over the world, and it should be a good price that the C level coustomer can reach that price, I agree $450 - $500.


I already pre-ordered my PS4, I'm so happy !!

how much

How much was it to pre order?

Make The Damn Price

Make the damn PS4 100,000,000$ trust me

PS4 is a total rip off!

Open your eyes people, no console in the world should ever be more than $250 dollars. There technology is outdated and you will be stuck with this crappy tech until next one comes out which will also be outdated. Its the biggest scam ever created.

Come on man!

The materials to build the machine is more than $250. Even if you are a pc gamer your pc is still going to cost you more than $250.Also please don't complain if you are not going to buy it!!!


The PS2 at launch was $300... The 360 was 400... The PS3 was 600-700... Don't see why it should never be more than $250, if you get a lot with it. Sony needs to make money - they still have to buy components.

He is Right

How in hells name will it be over 200$ let alone 400$ I would understand at the very least 250 And at the most 400 Maybe

Because the components cost well over $200...

Sony doesn't just grow money on trees - they make money from sales. If you spend $400 to make one console, I guarantee you you won't be selling it for less than 400$ - you'd want to make a profit. The PS3 was $600, and Sony was spending $700 on just the new blue ray drive alone, losing hundreds with every console sold. Multiplied by millions, and Sony lost hundreds of millions on the PS3 initially. The PS2 was even over $200, and the US dollar was worth more then... I don't see why you don't understand how the PS4 isn't worth $400-550 (the price range ACTUALLY rumored, contrary to information in this site), considering the hardware you get.

Initial loss to gain profit later

Sony has an incentive to take a loss on the console if they can make it up by selling games, peripherals, add ons and subscriptions. They made a huge mistake by making the Sony overpriced and out of reach of most consumers. This is the reason it took so long for them to start making a profit on the PS3 in the first place. If the take a loss on the hardware and it leaves it priced moderately in the 200-500 range, they may take an initial loss on the component parts (although by buying in bulk and having a steady demand for the components will drive the price of said components down by sheer volume), but they will make it up because the average gamer has at least 2 to 4 controllers on current generation consoles and several games to go with the console. Given that they can take a loss on the system and bring more people into the fold again (one has to admit the Xbox360 gained from Sony's pricing debacle of the PS3) they can more than make up for initial capital project losses on this one.

Outdated Technology!!!

They r already open,Maybe u r from the future where a new game company creates a very high tech of gaming,to b sincere I would have wanted to sell it over $800-1000 but only desperate people will buy it which is not business,so Sony though if they sell it at lower prices even the unconcerned would buy it,just 2 use it to relax,which my friend, would beneficial to gamers and u,cause the tech being used is "THE LATEST" according to the present not the future,of course u have to b stuck with this awesome tech until the next one,so it ain't a scam buddy.


I have a job , so eff it . Ill give it a few months ,for sony to work out the kinks as always.then drop 600 on it Plus I'll get smart tv at the same time,lol.