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A year and a half after the official release of both the Xbox One and the PS4, we've seen the Xbox One already slash it's price $50. Could the PS4 be far behind? As of February 2015, Sony has stated that NO price cut is planned for the PlayStation 4. If you want it, better get the $400 together.

To figure out the price based on hardware, we can compare it to what it would be like if someone were to build a computer with similar specifications as the console is essentially made up of computer components. We know that the PlayStation 4 will feature an AMD 8-core processor with a 1.84 TFLOPS Radeon-based graphics engine. In addition, it will sport 8 GB GDDR5 memory, a built-in hard drive and a Blu-ray/DVD drive running at 6x and 8x speed, respectively.

Let's start with the processor; AMD sells an 8-core processor on its own website for $160. It also sells the 2 TFLOPS Radeon HD 6870 for another $145, which also has 2 GB of GDDR5 memory. Though it is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 with 2 TFLOPS, it has a quarter of the memory expected for the console, so we can even out the difference in price. Hard drives for the PlayStation 3 ranged in a number of sizes, but the PS4 will come with a 500GB hard drive. This can cost anywhere between $100 and $150, depending on the brand name and speed. Finally, a Blu-ray/DVD drive for a computer would run about another $50 on average.

Playstation 4 Price and Cost DetailsWith these basic components, a similarly-equipped computer would cost about $450 to $505, depending on the website or store you buy each item from. This kind of price is actually within the confines of what Asahi, a well-known Japanese publication, guessed the cost of the PlayStation 4 would be.

When you look back at the PlayStation 3, which released for about $600, it makes sense that Sony would not want to repeat this mistake; with such a high price, sales suffered as gamers were too hesitant to spend such a fee on a console. $399 was a smart move on their part, that's for sure.

In terms of the lower price this time around, Sony Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny has been quoted as saying "We want a system that can reach as broad a gaming audience as possible. We have created a console absolutely focused on gamers – and we want that to be gamers in the broadest sense as well."

What this means is that Sony realizes the pricing mistakes it made on the PlayStation 3 by originally pricing the console not only out of reach for casual gamers but hardcore gamers as well. It's nice to see that they haven't made the same mistake twice. Another smart move on Sony's part was keeping games at the same price and not restricting the use of pre-owned games. Since the PS4 comes with a decently sized hard drive, an HDMI cable, and the controller, there won't be any required accessory purchase out of the box.

It's been over a year now since the console released and we've seen no price drops. That being said, various bundles have surfaced during the holiday season. The announcement of a 20th Anniversary PS4 has also brought a new stylized design into the fold. While Xbox has since lowered their price and made the Kinect optional, PS4 still continues to sell strong. It's all thanks to Sony's wise decision to keep the system priced at something far more reasonable than PS3's launch price.

PlayStation 4 fans, keep your eyes on not only this page, but PS4 Experts in general for up-to-date PS4 pricing news!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 03/11/2013
Article Updated: 12/19/14

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do you no if psn is charged monthly or still free ?


psn will cost 50 dollars per month on the ps4

^ retard

It's similar in cost to Xbox live.

PSN is $49.99

PSN is $49.99 a year. XLive is $59.99 a year

Are you having a laugh or

Are you having a laugh or something. If you are going to be charged 50 dollars a month for online wow. i would understand 50 dollars a year but a month. In UK its 10 pounds a month. So you are being completely ripped off

or you can just get a 1 year

or you can just get a 1 year playstation plus card for 40-50 bucks like I did


3 xbox 360's all of which suffered from the red ring of death. Never again will Microsoft get my hard earned money!!!! PS4 all the way baby!!!, Nuff said.

It cost to much

The xbox 1 is way to much for online for the ps4 it not even close


I wil chose ps4 becuse its better then Xbox One.

pay ? ps4

what ? they will charge for network ? how this thing will work ? so i get ps4 and i put my net, and 0 ? means i will not able to play against friends ? or just i will not able to use ps4 fancy things shop downloads ? or how it will ?


I bought the x box 360 when it first came out,It lasted 3 weeks, What a waste of money, I have had a ps3 for 4 years now without a single problem,there is no way im throwing another 500 bucks away on an x box.

Dissing playstation 4

All you Xbox 1 guys should stop comming on playstation's sites and dissing it man you are not only dissing playstation but you are dissing the players and the fans STOP IT!

I'm in love

Watch dogs special edition is sick on ps4

it is funny how everyone gets so angry...

Really you guys have you never heard the phrase It's just a game? You'd think that you made them personally with all the defensive responses. Please don't get all pissed off cause its only a game and everyone is entitled to their own opinion about each console! Chill crazy gamers!