PlayStation 4 is the Fan Favorite in the US

The PlayStation 2 is the top selling system of all time. Sony discovered some magic well of perfection when they put out that system and still, today many fans still play their old systems reliving many of the great adventures that were put out in that era. Unfortunately lightning didn’t strike twice for the company with the PlayStation 3 and it is no secret that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 ran away with the title for the last generation outselling the competition and it seemed, at first, like it was set to do so again with the Xbox One. However, if one were to base the winner of the console wars solely on reactions of fans at E3, then it would be clear that Microsoft is king no more in the US.

However, ratings aren’t based solely on reactions from conventions and expos but on actual real world numbers and polls and recently in looking at the numbers it is clear from fans that PlayStation 4 is the top choice for next generation in the US. Obviously, the rush of preorders helped to cement the systems place in the top slot. Many retailers burned through their allotted preorders of the PlayStation 4 within hours of the reveal and have had to list further orders for backordered systems meaning that these fans will not receive their system on release day but at some point later when it is back in stock. This is certainly a sign that system is doing well.

There has also been a poll done for Reuters that showed that the majority of people making a choice were making it for the PlayStation 4. Now the poll was a limited study as most polls are but combined with the earlier preorder evidence it makes for some compelling proof.

Sony already had a gained edge with fans when they flat out rejected an always on system. At the time of reveal, Microsoft was still holding on to the notion of having an always on system much to the upset of many fans. Although they quickly changed this outlook it seems this was not quite fast enough as fans had already begun to preorder the PlayStation 4.

Some shops predict that the Xbox One will sell out the PlayStation 4 over the holidays based on past experience with the two brands and fan reactions. Although experience is always nice to have, there hasn’t been a year quit like this in some time. PlayStation 4 is the Fan Favorite in the US The last two times that the console wars commenced there were three systems in the running to take the top spot. Nintendo was also up for competition at that time but as anyone who has been paying attention for the past year knows, the Wii U is not selling very well and is unlikely to be any threat to Microsoft of Sony this holiday season. This is for all intents and purposes a vs. match against the two companies.

Microsoft made some very unpopular choices at launch and really failed to show any sort of support for what sort of games their new system would be playing or how they would play. Sony hit the reveal hard at E3 and dazzled fans with gameplay and by showing off the features that fans said they wanted and declining the ones that they did not. They showed a strong dedication to gaming as opposed to some sort of multimedia entertainment center.

And although PlayStation 4 may be looking at some issues with downloading large format games in the future, they are working hard to correct these issues before they become a problem showing that as a company they care about making sure their product is top notch for their fans.

Although the official release for the PlayStation 4 is still a month off, there has been a marked stance in with fans regarding their choice in system for the next generation at least in the US. Although it’s near impossibly to ask every person in the country who is planning to purchase a system the numbers seem pretty clear as to who is favored in this battle but there is still some time left before release and the tides have been known to change at the last minute.

What about the PS4 has you the most excited?

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 10/17/2013

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