PlayStation 4: Recent Job Postings, Rumors, and Reports

It should be no surprise to anyone that Sony is working on a potential PlayStation 4; after all, they definitely have no plans of leaving the industry and financially, their gaming sales are very strong. This may be part of the reason why we, as fans of the PlayStation brand, are so impatient for any news about a PS4; we know it’s coming, and we just want to know something about it. Thanks to two recent job postings, we might have an idea of what Sony could be planning for a next generation system, such as a potential launch game or a release date.

PlayStation 4: Recent Job Postings, Rumors, and Reports

The first job posting comes to us by way of the online job boards, where they are seeking to fill the position of “a paid 12 week internship position as a Tools & Technologies Engineering Intern. The Tools and Technologies Group (T&T) provides the infrastructure, tools and run-time libraries that are shared among all SCEA's Next Gen. teams.” While the job posting does go on to mention the PlayStation 3, at this point the PlayStation 3 is no longer a next generation console, so it’s safe to assume that whoever lands this job will be contributing to the PlayStation 4 as well.

The second job posting is courtesy of what it is thought to be Guerrilla Games via the website Develop. Many PlayStation fans will know Guerrilla as the developers behind the Killzone franchise, the first-person shooter that is exclusive to the PlayStation brand. Guerrilla is looking for an Assistant Art Director who is “now working exclusively with an industry leader, on next gen technologies and with major IPs in the pipeline, (who) are looking to recruit creative and talented individuals.” Again, since next generation clearly does not apply to the PlayStation 3 anymore, and Guerilla is a first party developer, this can only mean Guerrilla is seeking to gear up for the PlayStation 4.

So what do both of these job postings mean in terms of the PlayStation 4? Each job posting sheds a bit more light on two very important details surrounding the PlayStation 4: a potential release date and a look at what could potentially be one of the games in the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup.

The fact that Sony is still looking to fill positions for potential PlayStation 4 development shows that we could still be a ways from seeing anything concrete about a new system. Rival Microsoft has already stated that this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3, will not see any announcements of a new Xbox and it looks like Sony could be following suit. This makes sense, as this year’s E3 will most likely be about pushing the Vita and, at this point, the unveiling of the PS4 would greatly overshadow their newest system. However, this does mean that work on the PS4 is underway and potentially, we could be seeing a release by the end of 2013. The fact that they are looking to hire merely an intern could show how far development currently is.

Killzone Guerrilla GamesWith the second job posting, we get what could be a glimpse into a future PS4 launch lineup. Killzone is one of Sony’s biggest franchises for both single player and multiplayer gaming; in fact, Killzone 3’s multiplayer has been released as its own separate downloadable game, a testament to the popularity of the series. Guerrilla Games have also exclusively worked on Killzone and, in an age where the first-person shooter is king, launching a new system with a first-person shooter, especially one with a deep online mode, would be looking to capture some of the success Microsoft had when launching the original Xbox with Halo.

Given that they are looking for an assistant art director, a possible Killzone 4 would most likely be in the beginning stages of creation, pointing even more to a release date of next year; consider that it could take them roughly two years to finish the game, we might be able to pinpoint a PlayStation 4 release at either Winter 2013 or Spring 2014.

In some late breaking news, a new report from an “insider source,” according to gaming blog Kotaku, further pinpoints the release date as the 2013 holiday season. The insider notes that some developers have had PS4 development kits since the beginning of this year, which matches with the Guerrilla Games job posting about next generation development. It’s safe to assume Sony’s own first-party developer would get access to a development kit, so this new posting just adds further fuel to the fire of Killzone 4 being a launch title. The article also mentions that the PlayStation 4 is code-named Orbis, though this may just be an in-development name; it’s likely Sony will want to stick with the PlayStation brand when thinking of a name, so expect PlayStation 4 to be the permanent name.

While the wait for the PlayStation 4 is far off, the PlayStation 3 looks to keep Sony’s brand momentum going with a steady influx of great games. Whatever the PS4 may bring at whatever date it launches, rest assured it’s going to be amazing.

Article by - Joshua Phillips

April 22nd, 2013 Update: How Close Were These Rumors?

Now that the PlayStation 4 has been officially unveiled, just how close were these rumor reports from 2012?

As we expected, the PlayStation 4 was still a ways off in early 2012; Sony not only didn't announce the details at E3 2012 but didn't announce anything period that year. It wouldn't be until February 2013 that we would finally get some hard details about the PlayStation 4 though some details, such as price and release date, are not available. However, just as the original article stated, Sony appears to be on track for a 2013 release. If you're interested in preordering the PlayStation 4, visit the official PS4 Experts PS4 Preorder page.

We now know that Guerrilla Games was in fact working on a Killzone game, titled Killzone: Shadow Fall, and that it will be available as a launch game for the PlayStation 4. You can read more about Killzone: Shadow Fall at our official PS4 Experts Killzone: Shadow Fall page.

Update by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 04/22/13

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