Is this PlayStation 4 video real?

Five days ago, the Internet was abuzz at what many claimed was a leaked PlayStation 4 video, featuring our first look at the system. We've embedded the video for you here:

Why did viewers immediately think the video was real? Perhaps it had to do with the Sony logo and the iconic commercial sound effect that plays at the beginning of all PlayStation ads, or maybe it was the high production values the video sported. The video is definitely a bit on the odd side and doesn't really tell us anything new about the system, but all Sony commercials have been slightly odd so that's no surprise there.

Within the video is supposedly our first look at the PlayStation 4 console, interspersed among clips of InFamous: Second Son and random gamers/viewers with PlayStation buttons for eyes. Many believed this video was an E3 trailer leaked early by the production studio who created it; even as Sony claimed the video was fake, many people believed it was just a cover up. After all, the video just looked too good to be fake!

Unfortunately, as much as we want to believe this is the real deal, the video is confirmed to be a fake straight from the source: YouTube uploader Slot B. Known only by his (or her!) YouTube handle, Slot B has kept quiet about this whole deal until now: the uploader has now posted a making of video for the trailer, showing us the type of production values that went into this amazing video. We've embedded the video below so you can take a look.

Even though this video is a hoax, it shows us just how excited people are for the PlayStation 4!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 5/18/2013

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Playstation 4 Video

Love this video, damn why didnt I think of that. PS4 baby for the win!

The sound does the job!

Anyone got a clue on the artist/track title??? Great job Slot B!