Is The PlayStation 4's Launch In Jeopardy?

Is The PlayStation 4's Launch In Jeopardy?

A few months ago, the PlayStation 4 reveal was met with resounding cheers from both gamers and critics alike. It seems the system could do no wrong, as everything out of Sony's mouth was a hit. But leading up to launch, could Sony be potentially losing some of the goodwill it has garnered? Could problem after problem spell the downfall of the PlayStation 4?

Delays. It just had to be delays...
The biggest elephant in the room is that Sony just lost two of its strongest launch titles with the delay of both Watch Dogs and Driveclub. One can argue that yes, the delay of Watchdogs hurts the Xbox One as well, but it's obvious that Watch Dogs is one of the key titles that was going to usher in the next generation of gaming consoles. Losing it for any launch, no matter the system, is devastating. Sony frequently used Watch Dogs as a champion of what the PlayStation 4 could do, and many had come to associate Watch Dogs with the PS4 more so than the Xbox One.

With Driveclub, many have said the delay of this title doesn't hurt the PlayStation 4 much, that this title wasn't as anticipated as some of the others; however, this is a silly position to take. Sony didn't line up very many exclusive retail titles for the PlayStation 4, so losing Driveclub really hits the console hard. In addition, Driveclub was the answer to Xbox One's Forza, and delaying this title now leaves only one option for gearheads to pursue.

Losing an exclusive title and one of the biggest sellers for the console may hurt sales slightly, but does it put the console in jeopardy? Probably not. It's disappointing, especially if these were the two games you were getting with the system, but you'll still have plenty to play until both games launch in Spring 2014.

Online Access *Is* Required?
Sony has long held the line that online connectivity was not a requirement to use the PlayStation 4. However, this has proven to only be half true -- Sony has now revealed that online connectivity is required the first time you want to use DVD or Blu-ray playback. In addition, a day 1 update is required to access such features as the Share button, Remote Play and some PS4 Camera features.

What happens if you don't have online access?

Well, you're going to be stuck with a gimped PlayStation 4, to put it mildly. While this won't affect a large majority of PS4 gamers, there are still many parts of the United States, and the world, where online access isn't as easy to come by. Does this put the launch in jeopardy? Only if you have no way to access the Internet on your PlayStation 4, which will affect only a small number of gamers but sadly, will still affect some.

Is Sony Not Ready For Launch?
Recently, there has been quite a stir among gaming journalists, namely Adam Sessler, indicating that there is a problem leading up to the PlayStation 4 launch. What is that problem you may ask? That Sony isn't ready for launch.

Why do journalists think this? Namely because Sony isn't letting journalists get hands on with the PlayStation 4 and explore its features beforehand. Everything leading up to the PlayStation 4's launch is information carefully doled out by Sony and third-party publishers, making many journalists feel the company is hiding something with the system.

The delay of games, the day 1 update, a lineup full of multiplatform titles; these issues have many journalists spooked, like Sony wasn't ready to transition but wanted to beat Microsoft to the punch. A new rumor about the PlayStation 4 handicapping video streaming and capturing features also have video journalists concerned about their future.

Will the PS4 launch fail, or will Sony bounce back from these issues? Are journalists overreacting about the fate of the system? Let us know in the comments PS4 Experts readers!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/3/2013

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Launch update clarification.

Consumers won't be stuck with a gimped PS4 because they can order a disc from Sony with the update on it. You can also go to a friends computer or public computer and download the update to a USB drive and update that way. This is verifiable info provided directly from Sony.

No MP3, CD playback or streaming

I think the biggest own goal so far is the recent reveal that the PS4 will not support MP3, CD playback or DNLA streaming support. Already they are regretting the backlash and have posted that they are looking into it again following the negative what is an ironic parallel to some of the u turns by Microsoft earlier this year