These PlayStation Classics Should be on PlayStation Now by the End of the Year

If you haven’t heard by now, Sony is launching its PlayStation Now service – a cloud-based service that allows you to play PS1/PS2/PS3 games on your PS4. PS1 and PS2 games will benefit from local emulation (i.e. the games can be installed and played directly from the PS4) while PS3 games will be streaming via the cloud due to the PS4 not being powerful enough to locally emulated PS3 games. It’s a killer service that without question shows us a window into the future of gaming, yet despite how exciting the service may seem, it doesn’t mean anything if there are not great games to play during the first few months.

Thus, PlayStation Now needs to offer the following games below before the end of 2014. If they allow these games to be played on their cloud-based service? Believe me, Sony will know they have a hit on their hands as players will be more than willing to pay for the monthly service.

The Last of UsThe Last of Us
One of the most remarkable games of 2013 on any platform, The Last of Us blew us away despite being released a few months before the PS4’s launch. Unfortunately, this means a lot of people didn’t get to play the game, and what better way to relieve (or experience for the first time) one of 2013’s best than by playing it on day one via PlayStation Now?

And while we’re mentioning a Naughty Dog game, the original Uncharted has to be on PlayStation Now by the end of 2014.

Grand Theft Auto VGrand Theft Auto V
There’s a rumor circulating that Grand Theft Auto V may be re-released on the PS4 sometime soon. If it doesn’t happen, Grand Theft Auto V via PlayStation Now is the next best thing. A ton of people are still playing this game – heck, it’s a reason why so many PS4 owners are still playing their PS3. Yet a lot of people missed out on Grand Theft Auto V due to being released only a month before the launch of the PS4. Another game that deserves to be available on the first day of the PlayStation Now launch, it’s time PS4 owners were able to find out what the fuss is all about.

The Entire Final Fantasy LibraryThe Entire Final Fantasy Library
Most of you probably have fond memories of playing classic Final Fantasy titles such as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, and so on via your PlayStation console. Thus, it’s in the best interest of Sony and Square Enix to gradually release every (or almost every) Final Fantasy title on PlayStation Now for the rest of 2014 and into 2015. Start with the fan-favorite Final Fantasy VII and release them in chronological order, allowing everyone to get a taste for what made Final Fantasy on the PlayStation so incredible.

And while we’re at it? Why not release more classic JRPGs that were originally available for Sony’s past consoles? Square Enix’s Chrono Cross would be a great place to start, as would the Persona series, Legend of Legaia, and more.

Classic Platformers PlaystationClassic Platformers
Who wouldn’t want to play platformer classics such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, and more? Some of the best cooperative games to ever be released on a PlayStation console, people would flock to these games just so they could play these classics all over again with their friends.

Metal Gear Solid FranchiseMetal Gear Solid Franchise
There would not be a better way to prepare for the upcoming release of Metal Gear Solid V than to be able to play every Metal Gear Solid game from beginning to end. Besides, every game in the franchise is an absolute classic, so it would be shame to not be able to play them as soon as possible via PlayStation Now. Stealth action at its very best, Metal Gear Solid is one of the absolute best franchises to ever grace a PlayStation console, and it’s worthy of being offered via PlayStation Now by the end of 2014.

Now that I have given you my picks, allow me to turn the conversation over to you guys. Which PlayStation classics do you want to see on PlayStation Now by the end of the year? Let us know in the comments below!

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 3/1/2013

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Playstation Now

I want EQOA from PS2 :)

How about "Beyond 2 souls",

How about "Beyond 2 souls", or Castlevania (and hopefully finally to sequel too!!)

Games on Playstation Now

It would be great to see all the tomb raiders, Beyond Two Souls, and Heavy Rain on Playstation Now... Please Thank You


If you want to add classics...I'd recommend the God of War series.




Im down with the addition of the SOCOM series on Playstation Now! As long as they keep the servers up it would be an instant hit with the fan base!