The Biggest Announcements Sony Could Make on September 7th

PlayStation Meeting

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Sony has officially confirmed the existence of an event called The PlayStation Meeting. While we can essentially assume that this is when they will unveil the PS4 Neo (PS4.5) for the first time, who’s to say they can’t announce anything else while they’re at it?

In the spirit of hopefulness and just plain fun, we’ve decided to compile a list of five things Sony could announce at The PlayStation Meeting which is happening September 7th, 2016 at 12PM PST and 3PM EST.

1. Sony Unveils the PS4 Neo (Previously known as PS4.5)

This is the most likely outcome. Sony previously said that the PS4 Neo exists, but declined to show it at E3. They were waiting for the right moment to strike and with PlayStation VR coming out in October, that time is now.

We’ll most likely see current and new games running on the platform, along with a price and release date.

2. Sony Announces the PS5

Here’s the thing: we know Sony is going to do another console, and of course we're betting it will be the PlayStation 5. What we don’t know is when they will start talking about it, but what if they decided to one-up Microsoft’s new console by announcing their next generation platform?

This would work if the PS5 was still a fear years off, and we have the PS4 Neo to look forward to. That way, we know where Sony is heading and we don’t have to wonder anymore. Think I’m crazy? Don’t forget that the invitations to this event said that Sony plans to “share details about the PlayStation Business.”

3. Sony Unveils the PS4 Slim

Images on NeoGAF have revealed what appears to be a 500GB slim PS4 that a luckly customer managed to procure. After multiple images leaked online from the user, Eurogamer sent one of their own reporters to investigate.

After seeing the slimmed down console in person, Eurogamer has confirmed that it is real.

It's a more boxy design than I would have expected, but ultimately it's almost guaranteed that Sony will announce this at the PlayStation Meeting. It's also rumored to have a release date shortly thereafter.

4. Sony Announces Backwards Compatibility For PS4

One of Microsoft’s biggest wins was at E3 2015 when they announced that they would be making Xbox 360 games compatible on Xbox One. I don’t know how they did it, blood magic probably, but it left Sony in a bind. After all, PlayStation Now and their PS2 Classics on the store aren’t exactly fixing the issue.

I think it would be awesome for Sony to announce a plan to get PS3 and PS2 games running on the PS4, especially if you own the disc.

5. The Vita isn’t Dead: Sony Announces a New Handheld/New Vita Experiences

Now we’re really getting into the “this probably won’t happen, but it would be awesome if it did” territory. As we all know, what Sony did with the Vita was nothing short of cold-blooded murder. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but support for the system kinda dropped off and it’s left Vita owners wondering if Sony just forgot about them, or what?

Sony has even come out and said that they have no titles in development for the Vita. Who knows, though, Sony brought back the PlayStation Move to use on VR, maybe Vita has a place in the future as well? We can hope.

6. Sony Announces a PS4 Neo and PlayStation VR Bundle

While we don’t have any solid evidence yet that PS4 Neo is going to improve the VR experience, there’s plenty of proof to show that it could. Perhaps Sony will offer a bundle in stores where you can get the full upgrade at a discount?

Even better, let’s talk about an upgrade program where you can trade in your PS4 for the new PS4 Neo and get a discount!

What do you want to see Sony announce on September 7th during The PlayStation Meeting? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert date - 8/11/16

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