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This page is dedicated to the current playstation network status with links to the most up to date information. Is the Playstation Network up or down for you? Post your comments below.

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Lizard Squad vs "FinestSquad" - 12/12/14

Is the network up or down for you? Post your comments below. List your location and a description how the network has been for you today.




Ps4 wont load disk

Ps4 online not happening

no online psn access and intermittent access to the online store via the internet (not via console)


Still down in Portugal


I am still unable to get online hope it gets fixed before break is over


Why did I get charged 49.99 if they are offline

On in va

USA, Virginia PSN just came back on

PSN back on (for now)

My PSN is back online ...... hope its permanent


nc still off line

is still offline

P.E.N.I.S is still offline in South Poland


Acting stupid..wont let me sign in to the internet. .tried 1473 tried dns servers...just hope an update comes soon.havent been able to play since I bought this

PS4 network down

"Undergoing maintenance". I can't get online with the network with BF4. Also can't get BF4 Campaign to a point where I can resume a previous campaign. It goes through the intro to the dam blowup mission and then it loops back to the main BF4 screen. Nothing I have tried will get around it, including unplugging from the internet. New hacking problem?? Sure hope not like last holidays.......

No access to psn and account

I get a access denied from the server when i try to login to psn or ps4 forum with computer. Als PS4 cannot connet to psn. This happens already 3 weeks. Akamai say goto Playstation support, playstation support say goto isp, isp say it's working good here (and they're right, because i get a access denied from psn server. All other internet traffic is good here. Trace ends at akamai technologies.