Sony Unveils PlayStation Now, The PS4's Answer to Backwards Compatibility

August 2014 Update
As promised, the beta began on July 31st! However, what gamers found was high prices, no subscription service and poor streaming conditions.

Currently, the service features outlandish prices for renting games, such as 90 days of streaming Darksiders for $14.99 -- more expensive than buying a copy of the game and owning it. Prices range as high as $59.99 for some games.

The service features PlayStation 3 titles only and reports have come in that a large amount of lag and dropped connections are the norm.

Sony has said that they are "looking into" a subscription service for the future, but will anyone care about PlayStation Now by then? What could have been an amazing service is quickly becoming a joke.

June 2014 Update
Sony has announced that the open beta for PlayStation Now will begin on July 31st on the PlayStation 4! Any PlayStation 4 user will be able to try out the service on this date -- PlayStation Plus is not a requirement.

5/20 Update

We have just received word that the PlayStation Now Beta is now being rolled out on the PlayStation 4! If you've signed up for the beta, check your email!

If you're already a member of the beta on PlayStation 3, you will need a new code for the PS4 beta. Sony says that current beta testers will receive PS4 codes in a few weeks.

We knew that Sony was always working on a backwards compatibility solution involving the Gaikai service, but we never expected the company to announce its plans this early: barely two months after launch in the United States!

At CES 2014, Sony President Andrew House announced the PlayStation Now service, a streaming service that will look to bring PlayStation 1, 2, and 3 games to your PS4, Vita, PlayStation 3 and even the new 2014 models of Sony's BRAVIA TV!

Details are slim on the service but here is what we know so far:

- The PlayStation Now service will stream games digitally from Sony's cloud to your PlayStation 4.

- The service will allow you to rent games individually or purchase a monthly subscription.

- The service will add trophies to past PlayStation era games. In the official Sony press release, it was stated that "In addition, the service will support many popular PSN features such as online multi-player, Trophies, and messages."

- The service will seamlessly transition your PlayStation Now games from one system to another. For example, start a game on PlayStation 3, continue that game on the Vita while you're out and about and then resume that game on your PlayStation 4.

PlayStation Now- The service will have a beta in the United States at the end of January, but only for the PlayStation 3.

- The service will fully launch in summer for the PlayStation 4.

Currently, Sony is showcasing four games for the service at CES which we predict will be used to launch the service:

The Last Of Us
God of War: Ascension
Beyond: Two Souls

Sony has unveiled a PlayStation Now website, which is sadly devoid of information but is the place to sign up for the beta, which will begin Spring 2014.

As we learn further information, we will update this post so come back often!

Update - January 29, 2014:
According to a source working on Sony's PlayStation Now service, PS1 and PS2 games will run locally via emulation on the PS4 with the possibility of the games being in HD. That's right: there is a possibility that we will be able to finally play some of our favorite PS1 and PS2 classics in high definition. More details on Sony's plans for PS1 and PS2 games will be reported as they are announced, so stay tuned.

What do you think, PS4 Experts readers? Would you pay a monthly fee to access the back catalog of three PlayStation systems? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 1/7/2014

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It depends

It depends on price.

playstation now

so with our own games we would have to put the disc in the ps3 start it and then turn the ps4 but if we have to pay to play games we already own the no way in hell i will use it

Seems cool would we have to

Seems cool would we have to pay per game title or just the monthly fee would love to play old game titles from ps2 on ps4 like underground 2 and so forth il support it if its reasonable

This sounds absurd.

Backwards compatible means that I should be able to stick one of my PS1, PS2, or PS3 discs into the system and be able to play it. If what they are saying means I can put one of my discs in and share it to the cloud then fine that makes it technically BC. But if I have to pay for games I already own and also a subscription service just to play them then no thanks I'll just keep my fatboy PS3 alongside my PS4.


Thanks, but no thanks. Paying more for a backlog catalog which I already own? Pass.

No way I'm paying for this

No way I'm paying for this service if I already own the games. What sense does that make? Ripoff Sony.


I'm keeping my ps3 with my ps4 bet it's going to be like 10 to 15 pound a month

Makes sense

It makes sense to people that dont have the PS3 but have the PS4 to play the old games just like that. I think its a great idea

good question

I know a game that will be a cross platform(Destiny) so that wont be as far fetched as you think.

Meh, will wait.

After reading over some of the other comments I will agree that if we had to pay a subscription or month type payment for older generation games most of us have still got laying around the service would be kinda if not entirely pointless, sure I'd be happy with playing the old games just to enjoy some of the classics or games I did not own previously but it does depend on how Sony goes about the system as a whole...

absolutly Not!!!

Kiss my ass i am not paying a monthly fee to play games you already made millions and millions on initally sooner or later sony and microsoft will learn to stop milking their customers by Nickle and dimeing people to make enough money

Useful comment

It depends on some factors.

Useful comment 2

It depends on some things.


We already pay enough for games, STOP IT SONY!!! YOU'RE LETTING THE BOARD ROOM RULE OUR HOBBY!! STOP IT!!!!!

its all about money

What do I do with my PS1, PS2, PS3 games stored in my shelf? Why cant I play them on my PS4 box? Why do I need a cloud? Why do I need to pay for monthly subscription? I have the physical games at home in my own shelf. Physical games. Not digital monthly subscription games. Come on... stop ruining my hobby.

Play the games on your shelf

Play the games on your shelf and do not subscribe. I welcome the chance to play some of the older titles I have not played. Sony adding content does not mean you lose content. If the service is of no value to you simply choose not to utilize it.

You are correct, but....

why change the way they did it on the PSN network. Why make it so much more than it needs to be. Because of money. I agree you don't have to have it, but I also agree that they can go about it in a better way than what they have stated so far.


well--- having had to replay elder scrolls 4 oblivion a few times till i won the game took up time --to where i only bought a few games...5 ps 3 titles.. before the ps3 system died on 5th year march 2013 so... i wonder how long ps4 system will live before it expires---iv'e noticed no one ever mentioned they had to go out and get another one/ as if they expect there ps3 system to live for years to come im hoping hard drives live longer than ps 3 did which will make buying games worth while. this article confirms sony is moving away from game stop.


well ofcourse they want live, they all want $$, there is no such things as free now idea, well maybe ps4 is not compatible to play all gen games, lets say it could use disks as fingerprint to confirm for cloud system that u already are owner of that game and then u amy play taht game for free (ofc cloud service is not free), and my idea is ok people will share game and its no good, so every time u want to play a game it wil be good point for ps4 to ask insert disk for confirmation that owner still have disk and then start cloud gaming at hardware side ps4 wil no compativble with 123 ps games, it may use orginal disks as fingerprint for cloud system account that would be great way to sell even more ps4's for owners who already have 123ps games


So in addition to having to already pay for a Playstation Plus account now, you want to charge us a secondary fee for games? Not to mention there is no option to actually buy the games? Just rent or subscribe? So then renting is probably also going to be $2-$5 dollars or more per game and then have to pay again if we wanted to play again later on. Of course this is still early and the beta will hopefully make some changes to this awful idea. I agree that I shouldn't have to pay for something that I already have not only in digital copy but also purchased on the PSN network, spending $10+ on tons of PS1 hits. I am a huge supporter of Sony over Microsoft, don't let your fan base die because of greed. Figure it out!

Simple Solution

Dont use it... nuff said. If your complaining about BC keep the old system... they are still making games for it. It doesn't make sense to throw it out just because you got a PS4. Cost, power requirements, and heat generation are some of the reasons Sony chose not to put the Cell processor in the PS4.

Australia will cover costs

don't worry everybody it will be free around the globe and they'll charge us aussies to cover it like normal. we are Sony's cash cow :-)

The banks have closed.

Whats really left to say? Already have to pay just to play online now this!!! Shame on you Sony!!!

Stop fooling yourself by

Stop fooling yourself by assuming everything is going to be free. This is only an option, at least you'll be able to play older games on PS3,4, Vita and other non Playstation devices. Most people will have PS Plus but you shouldn't need it for PS Now. That is what is nice about PS at least you have options, you can choose what you want to do and not be forced.

What? Are you for real?

What? Are you for real? "having to pay to play online?" Xbox have been doing this from day one and Xbox Live Gold is nowhere near as good value for money as PS Plus! We got a whole generation of FREE online gaming! Now people keep moaning about paying £40 for a year's online membership when we get FREE games EVERY month? Not so much shame on SONY but shame on the freeloaders that want something for nothing. A subscription to allow us to play a WHOLE LIFETIME of Playstation games is a damn good idea and something I fully support. I do however hope SONY keep prices reasonable level and not let greed cloud their judgement. If this comes out at the same price as a PS Plus Yearly subscription I fully support that.

Exactly !!!!

Couldn't have said it better myself . On another note wouldn't it be great to be able to play ps1 multiplayer games via the Internet with friends across the world . I am sure it won't happen but one can dream . I would love to be able to play Vigilante 8 with my brother and friends again .

why not?

Seems like a plan! Like a system specific gamefly, you no longer need to pay again for discs you upgraded from or seldom play. Seems like a great idea.....AS LONG AS IT IS THE ENTIRE CATALOG THAT IS AVAILABLE.

A lot of people already

A lot of people already bought their old titles so now you want us to pay for them again ahhhhhhhhhhhh that socks no I know you guys need to make money to keep the service running smoothly so I would say have some free titles and some you have to rent or buy but the first title you should have free is Grand th auto


You have no idea how this is going to work. Many people have said so many things about these systems and features and were just dead wrong. Just cause you're speculating doesn't mean it's going to be true.


well personally I just got a membership for the free games and discounted purchases etc but they should also make the older games free and available for members my personal opinion because in all actuality yu can get an emulator on your phone or computer to play older games but its nothing like having the full experience minus the memory card to save data lol iv been rocking with Sony since 1st generation there was no such thing as an xbox but as you look at it things did become tremendously better because of Microsoft stepping in it gave competition and that will forever make gaming great if it wasn't for competition the ps4 would be the ps3 the ps3 would of ben a step in-between ps2 n ps3 but since we have competition both sony and microsft are advancing and feeding off of each other it only thing I wish they would come a combined server for competitive matches so US GAMERS CAN FIND OUT WHO THE BEST IS on xbox or playstation hopefully we see that change in the next generation NOW that's something to look forward to

Hey Whatever....

Look in my case most of my PS1,2 and 3 titles has be lost or sold over the years so I welcome and love the idea of renting or playing a PS1 game long lost. If you got those titles sitting on the shelf,DON'T GET THE SERVICE simple...

wont the ps4 blow up if they

wont the ps4 blow up if they play anything BUT ps4 games, oh wait they are gonna make money from it of course they will play :P playstation all the way tho

Never pay again

Got 1000gb ps3 loaded with ps1 ps2 and ps3 games all purchased from the store and a lot of cash spent don't see that they can resell me what i already own will pre purchased games be free????

I agree. COD BO2, GTA5,

I agree. COD BO2, GTA5, Walking Dead DOCTOR should be on that list. But definitely dont need to Re-Purchase something I bought the license to. PS3 to PS4...


I'm not gonna pay for something I should have all ready

like the idea...

backwards compatibility died with the 2nd gen PS3... RIP king's field, crash bandicoot, and gran turismo 3. I like the other guys idea about using the hard disk you have on the shelf as a fingerprint to play the digital game. dump a wimpy 10 bucks a month subscription on it and I'm all over it. just make it like a netflix for games. 10 bucks a month and you can play all you want as many games as you want.


the most expensive lag service i´ve ever seen.