PlayStation Rewards Enters ‘Beta-testing’; Full Launch Expected in 2011

PlayStation Rewards Enters ‘Beta-testing’; Full Launch Expected in 2011In an effort to reward their most loyal customers in a tangible way, Sony has unveiled a new rewards program called PlayStation Rewards, with beta testing of the program set to begin immediately. A full launch is currently scheduled for Spring 2011.

The beta test will be conducted on an invite only basis, and will be comprised of members of the exclusive PlayStation Plus and Gamer Advisory Panel members. While the program will only offer rewards based on PS3 involvement initially, it will expand to include the PSP as well at a future date.

Just What Tier of Gamer Are You?

The PlayStation Rewards program will use a tier based system to rank its members, and the higher tier players will be granted greater rewards. The tiers will be classified as Select, Pro, and Legendary. Gamers will move up tiers and earn greater rewards by playing more games, taking surveys, downloading content, and buying products from the PlayStation Store.

Possible planned rewards include new PSN avatars and Home content, as well as inclusion in sweepstakes drawings offering any number of great prizes, the first of which will be a chance for one lucky Rewards member to win their way to the 2011 Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Let us know what you think about this new program below, and keep us bookmarked for all the latest updates on this exciting new program, and everything else related to the PlayStation 3 and 4.

Update - 2013

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Wanna test

I wanna test it how i can join the beta?

I would like to be a beta tester

I have ever playstation out there I have ps1,ps2,and a ps3 fat and now a ps3 slim I was just wondering if you would give a chance to prove myself to you guys by asking if I can become a beta tester for playstation.

beta tester

i would love to be a beta tester for the playstation 4

PS4 Beta tester

i have always wanted to be a beta tester of something, and the PlayStation 4 would be fantastic to beta test

Would love to be a Beta tester!!

Gamed since the age of 3 starting with the Commadore 64 then on almost every home console realesed after, now at the age of 24 still spend a considreble amount of time and income on my gaming addiction/hobby. I would love a chance to be able to express me views on the latest gaming additions.

Beta Tester

I would love to test the new PS4. I think it would be cool if we tested it and tell you guys what needs to be done to it. Maybe tell you a new design for upcoming Playstations. Thanks

Can I test the PS4 ?

I'm a huge playstation fan ! I would love to test a PS4 !

Beta test

Me and my father have been playstation ever since the beginning we would love to test

Want to test PS4

Hello I never had a Playstation before, but you need also new players, insn't it?

how do i get involved?

I love the playstation, how do I beta test the ps4?

beta tester

i would love to test the ps4 then i could give the ps3 to the kids. hustla8669

Beta Test

I want to help out with the beta testing. I've have been able to try out almost all of sony's gaming system ps one, ps2 and the so far the ps3. An some handhelds one's like the playstation portable. Not the vita yet. Game Id soulreaperflare1

would love to test

Am 20 have a psn acc and would absolutely love to have an opportunity to test and return the favor in which Sony has so awesomely givin me and my house hold

ps4 beta

hi playstaion Name: danny ryan age 13 gamer xCrazyCeltx reason i am a hardcore gamer who would love to test the ps4 and leave my feedback i am not sure if i am too young to do a beta but would love to experience it and love playstation ive had every playstation and thousands of games would love to hear back, thank you very much

Need a tester? Then I'm your man! :D

Hey I would love to test. I have not owned a sony station for quite some time. I have played a little bit on the ps3. I would love to join in the beta and experience the technology that is to come.

ps4 tester

hey i would love an opputunity to test the ps4 , i love playing it think its alot better than xbox , ive owned every playstation and love how they are getting 100 times better every new console and would love the opputunity to be the first to test one get bak to me at

Be more than happy to test

I would really like to test the new PlayStation, o have plenty of time after work to play, and I have a nephew that loves playing games so I can test a variety of games. PlayStation network to me has always been top of the gaming world, and the quality of games have always been high. If you have any questions or want to talk any further please contact me at my email:, thank you for your time.


Does no one notice that this was set for 2011...? This is LONG gone by now...

Wanna test the PS4

Hi I would love to beta test the ps4. I've owned every play station system and would like to be one of the first people to test it out. My psn ID is Theman34427 and my email address is If you could get back to me as soon as possible then it would be greatly aprreciated. Thanks. P.S my age is 16 years old and have parents consent if you decide to accept me.

Let me try?

I love sony, always have. Own every Playstation and want to keep the series going strong:) please and thanks,I will be sure to give lots of feed back. Thanks! Justin

let me test the best

hello my names jake ive been playing playstation since it comeout. anaylised everything use upgraded on it frm graphics to stimulation i would be so happy if i given a once in a life time oppatunity to test the best console in the world in its time thanks.

Why not pick me ?

I loved sony ps1,then came the ps2 wow,next ps3 "addicted"..The chance to be a beta tester for ps4 "wicked"

I would make a good tester.

I love gaming and would give positive and negative feedback. I have enjoyed PlayStation games from way back.

More than happy to help

i would love to help with this beta testing and i have all consoles that sony have released, i enjoy gaming and would love to take part. Any information as to where i can find a signup for this beta would be greatly appreciated :D

Beta testing

Name: CJ Foreman Screenname: khilla2392 I would Love to be a beta tester. I love all game systems, but prefer some over others. This would give me chance to see if i really want to buy a PS4, even though i really want one real bad.

May I please test?

I had the psp and the ps vita and they were good especially the vita. I am no interested in the ps4 and the features that it brings. I am very interested in this one. I am a freshman taking in computer science and I would love to test it out and give feedback on how it works or how it could be better. May I please be a beta tester?

Beta testing

I would like to test the ps4 and other future products for Sony I've always bought the Sony play station right as the drop I love to have this one before every one else My Psn Is keffy61443221

love to test just ask\

i have been useing psp ps1 ps2 ps3 and will get ps4 and think that as a gamer all my life i would not bs you and tell you what i think and if it bites ill let you no and if good will tell you and if great you will have to sell it to me thank if you do and thanks if you dont

Pick us to test the new Play Station 4

My Boyfriend, his little brother and I would like to test out the new Play Station 4. We play Call of Duty Black Ops 2 all day and night give us the opportunity to test your products. Just email us at

I would love to test the Playstation 4

I am an advid gamer. I would love to be a beta tester for the PS4. I have enjoyed every Playstation console invented, including the PSP. I intend to purchase a PS4, whether I am chosen to beta test or not. It would be an honor to be able to be a part of something so amazing. PS4!!!!! I can be reached at

Beta Testing PS4

I have never beta tested before but it sounds like an enjoyable experience. I have always had a playstation since it's inception. I would give love to give the system a try. My email is

hardcore gamer

I have owned and played on ever system starting from the first nintendo. I highly doubt that playstation will hand out ps4 to randoms to beta test but if they do im your best beta tester. I bought the first ps3 n got the yellow light thanks ps for that hope your ps4 are truly tested this time. My psn is shawneld and winner of many tournaments. Email me if testing the new system actually happens this time.

look at the title

If you read the title this isn't about beta testing the ps4


who would´t to that :D