PlayStation Is The #1 Tech Search On Google

PlayStation Is The #1 Tech Search On Google

We know the PlayStation 4 is going to top many gaming website's "Best Of 2013" lists, but here is one award that came as a surprise. According to Google, the PlayStation 4 was the top ranking search term for "Tech Gadgets" in the United States on the search engine.

Worldwide, the PlayStation 4 did a little worse but still managed a very respectable number three position in the "Consumer Electronics" category.

How did the Xbox One do? It didn't rank at all in the United States and worldwide, it slipped in right behind the PS4 at number four in the "Consumer Electronics" category.

Did you search for the PS4 in 2013? You helped the PlayStation 4 achieve dominance yet again!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 12/30/2013

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