Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 – Going Deeper than EA?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 has always been a great game series. Unfortunately, it has often been overshadowed by the hugely budgeted FIFA franchise. Still, soccer fans can feel very fortunate to have such an interesting option if they don’t like EA’s offer. I know for a fact that NHL fans can’t say the same. The disappearance of the 2K series made the NHL producers slow down on the deeper improvements of the game. Soccer fans should be grateful that they have another series to turn to if they’re unsatisfied.

It isn’t exactly a case of arcade vs simulation when it comes to FIFA vs PES, but soccer fans quite often accuse EA’s game to be too “FIFAish”, which simply means that EA created a system and type of soccer that they’re not really changing at its core each year. Either you like it or you don’t… features are added and chances are that if you didn’t like FIFA one year, you won’t like it the next either. More often than not, only features are added at EA Sports rather than deep gameplay makeovers. Pro Evolution Soccer on the other hand, tend to make more of these deep gameplay adjustments that hardcore gamers love. Maybe it’s the japanese mentality at Konami that’s doing wonders here, but the results are definitely there.

Now heading into the 2014 edition, this tendency is no dffierent. There are a lot of deep interesting changes as always. Konami uses names like “M.A.S.S” and "The Heart" for their new functionalities, so as you can see the developers were quite inspired when it came to naming their new ideas and concepts, but all this means is that they constantly went in and modified the internal functioning of the game – so, what really affects the matches.

For example, the concept of "The Heart" represents how emotion level affect crowds, commentary and results. A good play on the field can shift the balance in the emotion and everything can start going the other way. More importantly, the difference can be seen and heard during the games. Those looking to immerse themselves and actually trick their mind into thinking they’re watching a real match, PES 2014 has it all, from entrances and stadiums to crowds and chants. You can tell the producers wanted to recreate every detail of the stadiums and make sure there was actually a link between the crowd and what’s going on on the field.

PES 2014 -- Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 – Going Deeper than EA?In the E3 2013 demo shown recently, the crowd and entrances were especially impressive and realistic. Visually speaking, the new engine is very close to the next-generation quality even if you play on the current generation consoles. There’s even better textures for the field and objects in this 2014 edition. Then, the true ball center concept was explained, which gives each player a wide field of control of the ball and the control is now affected by variables like weight shifting.

But what was the most impressive aspect of this demo? Without a doubt, I think it’s the depth and feel of the footwork. Especially for those coming from a FIFA background, Pro Evolution Soccer 14 will feel very refreshing on that aspect. The overhaul in animations seems to make a good deal of difference this year and the ball feels as free as ever between your feet. This also effects dekes, which are now more varied. Konami then insists that dekes with the ball will still be easy to execute for players of all levels, even beginners. Finally, there’s a newly organized defense system and a new Combination Play feature that allows you to set plays involving 3 players… so there’s a lot to look forward to this year.

So in conclusion, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 proves once again that a scientific approach to football games can be rewarding and create a special experience. Konami takes the time to make much deeper modifications to their game than EA Sports does in general. All the features presented for this 2014 edition are deep, but Konami also keeps remembering that the use of these features will be accessible to players of all skill levels. Stay tuned to PS4Experts as we head towards the release of PES 2014.

New Trailer, Current-Gen Release Date and Demo, Features List
A new PES 2014 trailer was revealed at Gamescom, along with a playable demo on-site. This trailer included plenty of cinematics, which intended to capture the atmosphere of the new game. A mix of classic and modern soundtracks can be heard as impressive player textures and facial design show up on screen, as well as a great 3D crowd and the realistic entrances that were promised.

For the current-generation, the release is approaching and we now have an official date: September 24th 2013, which is the same day as FIFA 14. Konami changed their minds a few times already, but it looks like they’re ready for a direct head-to-head competition with EA this fall.

A demo will also be available on September 11th for all to download on PS3. PS4 gamers can then get a taste of the game for free if they own a current-generation console.

For full info, features list and cover of PES 2014, visit the following press release.

See you on the field!

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Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 07/05/2013

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