PS4 Update - New PS4 Concept

Whats up PS4 fans!?!?
In our last PS4 Experts newsletter, we had finally witnessed the unveiling of the product we'd all been waiting for: the PlayStation 4! Since then, the annual Game Developer Conference has taken place, we've had both developers and publishers come out in support of the new system and a load of tasty rumors and game announcements.

But first we have an exclusive that our only our newsletter fans get to see first. Concept designer Tamar Fleisher created an awesome all new PS4 design concept. More exclusives to come. Giveaways perhaps?!?!

Close up:

All views here:

Let's start with some new information about the console itself. At this year's annual Game Developer Conference, also called GDC, Sony held a panel discussing the PlayStation 4 hardware. Sony Senior Staff Engineer Chris Norden explained some of the improvements of the system in four key areas: hardware, the DualShock 4, the PS4 Eye and the interface. While much of the conference was tailored towards the programming side of things, there were some new facts about the hardware announced. Some examples were:

  • A discussion of the some of the internal changes to the DualShock 4
  • A look at the new features of the PS4 Eye and how it could change gaming
  • An overview of the PS4 Interface, including never before seen information
  • Some more facts regarding the PS4's hardware.
  • If you missed the PS4 Experts coverage of this panel at GDC 2013, you can get caught up with all the facts at the following link. If you are craving even more hardware news, check out our recent articles on the PS4 Camera and the PSN Network.

We also covered all the PS4 news out of GDC at our frequently updated news page, along with more recent PS4 news such as:

  • A look at the PlayStation 4's first Kickstarter game
  • Our first glimpse at the Unreal Engine 4 in action
  • A new Bioware game
  • What big name companies such as GameStop and Nvidia think about PS4
  • How the PS4 will target more than just gamers
  • A potential release date!
  • How PS4 Developers were not aware of the system's RAM until the unveiling!
  • And much more! If you want to stay up-to-date on all the latest PS4 news on PS4 Experts, bookmark this page for future reference!

We not only received news on the PlayStation 4 but news about new game releases as well! While the official reveal of the console brought a large list of games due for release, publishers have been announcing additional games since. We've seen announcements for Blacklight: Retribution, Primal Carnage: Genesis and Beyond Good & Evil 2, with many more games rumored to be coming, including Tekken Vs. Capcom and a new fighting game from Arc System Works. Sadly, we also have our first game cancellation: Star Wars 1313, which you can read all about on our Star Wars 1313 page.

However, that's not all! PS4 Experts has been busy elsewhere in the gaming community as well, covering topics such as potential PlayStation 4 problems, a look at DLC, the announcement of Battlefield 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5, a look at the Tales series through the years and a look at the currently in development Human Element, scheduled for 2015.

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