PS4 Beta Testing -- Don't Be Fooled!

PS4 Beta Testing -- Don't Be Fooled!
Despite the huge influx of so-called official sources on the matter, Sony is not offering any fans the opportunity to beta test the upcoming PlayStation 4 console. There are also no authorized individuals able to provide early access to any part of the console, let alone provide a means of beta testing.

Typically, the only individuals that can beta test a console or gain access to a development kit are developers who need to know more about the console to create new games for it or test their own games on the new device. In addition, Sony itself has its own team of individuals whose job it is to thoroughly test out the console, which eliminates the need for outside help. This also minimizes the chance that someone will leak information about the PlayStation 4 before the company is prepared to announce it.

The number of websites claiming to promise early access to the new console are on the rise, which has prompted the company to issue an official statement and warning to those eager to try and test the PlayStation 4. On the official PlayStation Twitter account, Sony writes "Important: Sites or individuals offering "PS4 beta tests" are frauds. Don't be fooled!"

Websites pretending to provide early access to the PlayStation 4 may cause a number of problems like other scam websites do. Some may be trying to collect credit card information with the promise of reserving an early spot. Others may simply try to collect email addresses to send spam email and other unwanted subscription newsletters. In addition to websites, some individuals also try to make such claims through posting on forums.

As a general rule of thumb, if someone is talking about being a beta tester, it is a false statement. If someone were beta testing the PlayStation 4 console, they would be held under an NDA: a non-disclosure agreement in which the tester is required by law to keep quiet about what he is testing. This means giving out any information under this agreement would be punishable by law.

With these facts in mind, you can enjoy the countdown to the launch of the PlayStation 4 while keeping you, and your personal information, safe.

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