PS4 Concept By - Carlos Fernandes

Great new PS4 concept by Carlos Fernandes of Lisboa, Portugal, which he did completely by himself. In this video he demonstrates the entire creation process. He used Cinema4D to model everything and photoshop to add some effects.

Learn more about his design here:

Concept Designs by Carlos:

PS4 Concept 1 Carlos Fernandez

PS4 Concept 2 Carlos Fernandez

PS4 Concept 3 Carlos Fernandez

PS4 Concept 4 Carlos Fernandez

What do you think of this design and the work Carlos put into it? Post your comments below.


disk slot

I really like the design, it's probably my favorite. With that being said, the disk slot makes no sense unless i missed something and its extended on the back.

Disk Slot

I don't get why the disk slot would be right there. I should be on top of the console. Other than that, It's a really cool design.