PS4 Console Concept by Marcus Luk

This unfinished PS4 console concept was designed by Marcus Luk.

PS4 Concept Design - Console
PS4 Console Concept by Marcus Luk

PS4 Console - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

Console Features: - 4 USB ports

This PS4 concept was created by Marcus Luk. Do you think he should finish the concept? We asked but never heard back from Marcus. Post your comments below:

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mmmm yeah nar

sorry ,not really into this one

like it

It looks great apart from the checkerboard


looks like something out of the 80's ?

Looks familiar

Looks like a bigger black wii to me. IDC what it looks like as long as its worth the money lol.

2 in 1!

So you can play PS4 games and checkers/chess on there! Great!


not the best concept I've seen


Not digging this one looks like the designer rushed through this one to get get it done. If this is the design they are going with I might just wait to see the nex xbox design


i think this playstation looks awsome i'm guessing you can play ps4 games, wii games and xbox games and at the same time you can play chess or drauphes.

its so cool

i love it i can whithe