Popular Series We Can’t Wait to See on the PlayStation 4 – Part 1

Popular Play Station 4 Series Part 1

The thought of playing the biggest and best franchises on the PlayStation 4 gets me as giddy as a schoolgirl (not actually all that hard to do I admit). With that mind, let's look at some series that are intertwined with the PlayStation brand and likely to see new releases on Sony's behemoth come 2012 (or thereabouts).

Metal Gear Series - Despite the defection of other key series to the Xbox 360, Konami kept the newest MGS instalment exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Metal Gear got its start way back in the late 80's on the Nintendo, then disappeared for several years before making a triumphant return on the PlayStation 1 with the first Metal Gear Solid. Brilliant gameplay, storytelling, voice acting, and music, all combined to make MGS one of the most popular PS1 games ever.

MGS 2 made the jump to the PS2, and despite a noteworthy twist about halfway through the game that sent fans reeling and flooding message boards with angry curses, the game was extremely well received, topping MGS 1 in sales with over 7 million. MGS 3 followed and was another success, though its sales didn't quite live up to expectations, selling 3.7 million copies (if you can call that underwhelming, which apparently you can).

Recently we were blessed with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on PlayStation 3, the most well-received title in the series to date, which has already sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide. With the recent teaser that a new MGS is forthcoming, it's likely that the PS4 will see Metal Gear Solid 6, and not 5, which will likely return to the PS3. Bring it on.

Final Fantasy Series - The once prolific Final Fantasy series has begun to slow with age. The series had its monumental debut on the PlayStation 1 with the 7th instalment of the franchise, selling 10 million copies worldwide, and standing to this day as one of the most talked about and debated games ever. That was quickly followed a year and a half later with part 8, which sold over 8 million copies. Part 9, an homage to earlier games in the series, also saw release on the PS1, selling over 5 million copies. By 2001 and the release of part 10 on the PS2, the series had seen 4 releases in just over 5 years, selling nearly 30 million copies in that span.

Things dried up after 10 though, partly due to the box office failure of the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie, which hit Square hard, with losses in the range of $100 million. The company slowed down game production as it attempted to restructure itself and weather the storm, eventually joining forces with rival Enix.

In the last 8 years we've only seen one major release in the series, part 12, which sold over 5 million copies and continued the series standard of exceptional sales and critical praise. With 13 still awaiting release on the PS3, it's likely to be the only main series instalment to see release on the current system. Final Fantasy 14 has already been hinted at by Square, and will hopefully see release early in the PS4's life cycle, stimulating both the system, and the RPG genre.

Hot Shots Golf Series - Though golf has seen a tremendous increase in popularity in the Tiger Woods era, the game is still seen by many as bland and boring, and this perception often followed golf games around as well. That all changed with the release of Hot Shots Golf on the PS1. Hot Shots combined fun characters and easy controls with a realistic physics engine and quick play to make golf enjoyable even for those who had previously had little exposure or interest in the sport.

Hot Shots 2 went to a different developer, but continued the series success, as did part 3, the first version released on the PS2. Part 4 saw the introduction of online play, which proved to be a great feature. Players could take part in tournaments and match play modes, and a website sprung up where players conducted their own seasons.

HSG 5 came out for the PS3, with improved graphics and physics, and the same easy play style and charming characters. HSG 6 will likely see release on the PS3, giving each PlayStation system 2 versions of the series. Expect the PS4 to get part 7 close to launch, a great start to the system for sports fans everywhere.

With these 3 series and many more making likely appearances on the PlayStation 4, things are certainly promising for Sony's next console. Too bad we have a few years yet before we can lovingly caress it and hold it in our arms (that is common practice is it not?).

Update - Final Fantasy XIV was announced after the original publishing of this article, and in a somewhat surprising revelation, it will be a MMORPG like FFXI. FFXIV will see release for the PS3 and PC. As it stands, it appears that the two PS3 entries in the Fabula Nova Crystalis triumvirate of games will be the only single-player FF games which will see release on the PS3. This of course all depends on the release of the PS4. FFXV could also very well see release on the PS3 if system sales continue to improve, and the release of the PS4 isn't until at least 2013 or later. All we know for a near certainty is that some FF game, be it 15, 16, or even 17, will likely grace the PS4 someday.

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I would love to see all three of those series on PS4, and I expect all of them will be. MGS will just be sick, and FF will probably be amazing, though I'm not entirely impressed with the direction of the recent games, 12 and 13 (at least based on what I've read so far), as far as the battle system. I wish they would stick to something more traditional or switch it completely over to an action-RPG battle system, like Star Ocean or Rogue Galaxy. These MMO-style, quasi-real-time battle systems don't do it for me.

PS4 2012 $300

m already bored of the ps3 and xbox360 ... so i want it now ... u guys saying u still need time to play ps3 games ... u can buy the games anytime u want .. alots of people want something new and better ... i hate games now bcous i finish the game in the first day i buy it ... this is really making me mad bcous games are expencive for me and i finish it and get bored of the games in the same day i buy it .. i even finished mirror edge and uncharted 2 times in the first day i buy them !! ... so im ready for new consols ... sorry .. my english sucks ... xD .. just try to understand .. lol


hmm, the way you complain....says you dont have a PS3 at all...


I do think he has a valid point about game length. Games are getting shorter and shorter on the whole, with multiplayer expected to substitute for shorter game length. For people who aren't into multiplayer, they're getting half a game basically. I don't see this trend changing anytime soon either, it will probably only continue to grow, as developers release shorter and shorter games and supplement them with DLC and online play (which will also start costing money per individual game in the future, if Activision and others get their way) to appease the fans and fill their coffers. The thing is, waiting for the PS4 with the expectations that this trend will change is just setting yourself up to be let down, because I don't see it happening. Like I said, I think it will only continue to get worse, with more of an emphasis on multiplayer and DLC.

To PS4guru

Short levels are the one thing I do not like about first person shooters. One of my favorite games of all time, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, had some painfully short levels. Their first level, Team Player, was painfully short! I never was much of a multiplayer guy. I like the missions and the story lines. I think as gaming technology expands, we might see longer levels AND longer multiplayer.

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This is an excellent topic you are discussing about and i really appreciate it. It should be going on. Regards, hotelomania


I think The birth by sleep is for psp and Key blade Wars should be on either ps3 or ps4 which ever is out at the time


It ain't happening in the new game informer one of sony's top dogs announced they were going to lengthen ps3 as long as they could and that they are definitely going for at least a 10 year lifespan.


Why? So Sony gets even more money? How many consoles do people need, or want to spend even more money on? And then what, do what they and Microsoft did when the PS3 and 360 were introduced? Make games exclusively for those consoles so people who might want to play them feel they have to buy them in order to? They have the capability of upgrading the consoles, so upgrade them through patches and software, motherboard replacements, whatever etc.. Or, how about coming up with a solution such as allowing owners of the older model consoles discounts to upgrade by returning their old ones for a sizable credit towards the newer versions? These companies can then be responsible for recycling all that plastic and/or re-use the parts. Or how about forward compatible games rather than backward, even if they might not play as well like the backward compatible games often don't, but still play adequately for the most part on the previous console versions? I am sick of Sony and Microsoft introducing yet another upgraded product or operating system, etc., or beginning to develop one as soon as a new one is released. Here's a novel idea: Take more time working with game developers to produce games that are worth sixty dollars and have long life replay value rather than most of the games that are currently being produced that you can finish in 6-8 hours and have no replay value whatsoever. Honestly, it's really obnoxious to think there will be a PS4. Seriously, obnoxious. More crap for land fills I guess, and more money for capitalists and less for people who already don't have it to begin with. I would go back to Atari and play Pong for the rest of my life before I fork out another couple hundred dollars for yet another console that like all the newer consoles will inevitably have bugs and flaws so then another console would have to developed to fix those problems and console limitations because of game developer advancements that the company couldn't anticipate. Sony and Microsoft already don't fully stand behind the products they make, and yet they continue to develop and produce more product. Both my PS3 and 360 malfunctioned at different times, and both companies refused to acknowledge the failures on their behalf. My fault, I know. That's because I purchased them and used them as they were intended so I could see how that would be my fault. We live in such a disposable society, where nothing is ever good enough except draining people of their cash for the next best thing. PS4-Pfft.

i realyy think the statement

i realyy think the statement you tried to push forth is labled as bias. of course it can be bias from any perspective.

I Agree, Sort Of.

Listen, I sort of agree to what you're saying. I only have a ps2, but I bet that if I just got a brand new ps3 console and then found out about a new console coming out, I would be really pissed. Personally, I'm really looking forward to the ps4 coming so that I can actually play some new games. I do think that this new console at least should have backwards and/or forwards compatibility. I personally am tearing my hair out waiting for the ps4, but I do understand where you're coming from.

Bring it

Why do you guys fear new consoles? I don't really care if they release a new console sooner than expected I'm a gamer and know i will buy one as i want to play the best games i can play, Sony won't force anyone to buy a new console should it arrive say in 2012, they will obviously still support current gen for at least another 5 years and that console is well good enough to last at least that long.

Do you agree?

Why do you guys fear new consoles? I don't really care if they release a new console sooner than expected I'm a gamer and know i will buy one as i want to play the best games i can play, Sony won't force anyone to buy a new console should it arrive say in 2012, they will obviously still support current gen for at least another 5 years and that console is well good enough to last at least that long.


I'll buy PS4 if it costs $100AUD

its not go n to be a $100

men please its not go n to be $100 cuz im put n it around $400-$500 and thats that

Can't wait for the PS4!

Can't wait for the PS4! Hopefully released in 2012.

Too Right!

Too Right!

yes, please?

yes, please?

Stop Sooking ladies

If you dont want a new console then dont buy it...its not that hard as far as im concerned it cant come out soon enough =)


dnt by it wen it first comes out cuz theres not going to be any game....not cod, sr, gta, ac, or bf jst to name a few .....GO SAINTS ROW 3 YYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think its a great idea of sony( plz make games like fifa 13 or mw4 or uncharted 4 and make things like madagascar 3 or ice age 4 for the little players)

Monster Hunter

'nuff said.

ps4 should still have blu-ray and bc like first 2 gen ps3's

If ps4 have blu-ray and improve the disc to more than ps3 and improve the hard drive and memory and have bc for ps1 to ps4. Not only you could play the games that you played years ago but the could add a program that for very easy to easy for the noobs to medicore to average so diffucult to very diffucult to extremely diffucult to sick. The more you raise the diffuculty the smartier the computer gets but not only that the person thats playing against the computer skills increase the higher they raise the diffuculty. And it could be the game could be the same quality as ps4 going to be and just because they might have add features don't mean raise the price to 700 hundred dollars or more. You can do this sony you can charge 350 to 375 for the console and a control still having it backwards compatible and you can have a bundle the console two controllers 2 or more games av cable and hdmi cable and have on the console four usb ports we need the extra ports not two ports. If it is a bundle with 2 games and extra accesories the price coud be better value than having no games the price should be 400 to 425 and if it like 5 games with the console and controllers and other accessories the price could be like 475 to 525. And no rinky dink games too the games should be the career of kobe bryant and tim duncan and robert horry memorable moments. Uncharted 4 and the ending could be the charcters from the last of us. Everything from db franshise and make the fighting still be similiar to dbz bodikai tenkaichi 3 and not like ultimate tenkaichi also have the charcters fighting moves be different and don't have the computer cheat videl should not be able to beat up super saiyan 4 gogeta.

I really just wanna be able

I really just wanna be able to play my two favourite games on the same ps(be that 3 or 4), and those are the sly-games and kingdom hearts.. Though, I can't decide if I'm gonna buy ps3 or ps4, since I now have ps2 :) (no, english isn't my native language, I'm from Sweden :) ) /Rebecka


Which Dragon ball z game will be released for playstation-4? and the pricing of ps4..?


No1 ever mentions FIFA on these questionnaires. Hello the best series ever, FIFA!!!! Just saying, they sell a lot of copies as well, u might as well mention it. FIFA on a next gen will be outrageously awesome.