Popular Series We Can’t Wait to See on the PlayStation 4 – Part 2

Play Station Series for the PS4

Here's the second part in our feature on the series we can't wait to see on the PlayStation 4, with three more hot series spanning multiple genres highlighted. These series have all come to be known as PlayStation series first and foremost (either because they're developed by Sony themselves, or because the developers were bribed by Sony…hey, it could happen). Here they are then, in no particular order.

Suikoden Series - Konami wasn't known for producing RPG's when Suikoden was first released on the PS1, and the underwhelming looking 2D RPG wasn't given much notice at first, considering the more prominent games soon to be released, including Wild Arms and Final Fantasy 7. Once gamers played it though, they were captivated by the storytelling and music, and Suikoden became a surprise hit, selling over 100,000 copies. Despite the respectable sales, Suikoden 2 was released in 1999 to limited quantities, and the game would end up being one of the most sought after on Ebay to this day, arguably being the most beloved entry in the series.

The PlayStation 2 got the next 3 instalments of the series, as well as a spin-off Tactics title. All 4 games performed well, and were positively received, though part 4 received the most mixed reviews. The DS recently got a new Suikoden game, and the series is expected to see its 6th main series entry in the near future, likely for the PS3.

Barring a sales disaster, expect Suikoden 7 to call the PlayStation 4 home at some point in the future, as Konami continues to expand the Suikoden world and introduce more and more of those mysterious true runes.

God of War Series - God of War hit the scene in 2005 and took it by storm, selling 3 million copies and winning numerous awards. The 3D action game was lauded for its tremendous graphics, music, and gameplay, and was almost instantly picked up by Universal Studios for a movie adaptation, which is still in development.

While it was thought the series would shift to the PS3 with part 2, Sony decided not to mess with a good thing and pumped it out on the PS2, to which it received as much critical acclaim as the first. Mobile phones and the PSP later got spinoff titles, with part 3 in development for the PS3, with as many as 50 enemies onscreen at once in the upcoming version.

This series will surely see the light of day on the PS4, and should make for some crazy hack and slash action. Only time will tell how many enemies Sony will be able to cram on screen in a PS4 version, but it should be awe inspiring and hectic fun.

Gran Turismo Series - The first Gran Turismo was a huge departure for the racing genre, taking a simulation approach that was usually reserved for games like Formula One and Nascar, but Gran Turismo did it with the kind of style, addictive and fun gameplay, and plethora of options that vaulted it above all others. The game was almost instantly hailed as one of the best racing games ever, with each successive entry in the series somehow managing to top the one before.

Gran Turismo features an exhaustive selection of tracks, cars, race types, and events, starting you off with just a small amount of money with which you can buy any number of real world cars. Winning races awards money which can be used to upgrade existing cars with a large collection of parts, or purchase new cars.

All 4 games in the GT series have approached or surpassed 10 million copies sold, giving it one of the highest ratios of game sales per release of any series with 4 or more games. The 5th game is currently in development for the PS3, with the 6th game likely coming for the PS4 close to launch.

SOCOM Series - While the most recent installment of the series was a disappoint for many, SOCOM still stands as one of Sony's most recognizable and popular franchises, and also one of their few mature-rated and online-centered franchises, with the ability to compete directly with some of Microsoft's own shooters and online games, areas that have traditionally been stronger on Microsoft's consoles.

We'd love to see a new version of this series fulfill the promise we expected out of the PS3 version. We're talking blazing fast online play, tight controls, gorgeous graphics, and rocking sound, and even more character customization options. And while online play is the major draw for SOCOM, we'd prefer the game not completely abandon single-player. At least a small campaign mode will suffice, something to pass the time when we don't feel like mixing it up with other dudes online.

There you have it, four more stellar series waiting in the wings for their chance to shine on the PlayStation 4, or rather their chance to smash into walls, hack things up, snipe noobs, and bust out true runes. It's going to be an experience unlike any other.

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PS3 isn't doing that well in

PS3 isn't doing that well in sales compared to Wii or Xbox hopefully PS4 is a little better when released. For now i'm still stuck on playing WoW i just got some cheap wow gold and excited to level up some players tonight.

Doing better

PS3's sales have really picked up since the price drop. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts. As far as MMO's, I know that feeling. I was addicted to a few different MMO's for a few years, until I finally decided they were a waste of time, and weren't even really all that fun. I'd much rather play through 20 different games than sink 1,000+ hours into one game.


i think that the ps4 should be untuchable no other game should be able to able beat it if they make it right the controller should look like this it should have little tuch screen in the middle instead of the power button and all you have to do is press and the game is on but you can also press where you want to go and it show you so when the game is on you are aready where you want to go and they should add more things to it like you can be able to call some one by just hooking up your phone to it and more but if they do that the xbox360 is going to get left in the dust

ps3 selling well sense it was released, only outsold by wii

ps3 hasn't sold as much for obvious reasons however sense the ps3's release it hasn't been outsold by the 360, although who really cares about the wii, the wii outsells them both but hey that's a younger age group and just casual gamers with few hardcores(normals) ps3 sales aren't doing bad at all if you narrow it down to the ps3 and 360 the ps3 is doing a remarkable job

Demon's Souls



Ive never heard of it.... what exactly is it?


Dude, read the write-up on it!! Why ask what it is when it says what it is in the article...? lol

PS3 Slim

Anyone have the slim, and what do you think of it?

it's great

Hi I'm sam ben and I actually have a ps3 slim version modle 250gb and all I can say is that it's the greatest thing that has ever happend to me (aftyer allah of course!!!) the slim version is lighter (like less heavy)and really really good at loads I mean it doesn' take that long to load ,plus the slim comes with 160gb, 250gb, 120gb(you don't want this one cause it's just low memory) In fact if you want my advice just get the 250gb slim because it's the best even better than 320gb because it loads alot faster than any other ps3 model(i'm talking about the 250gb model) AND YOU GET 230 GB OF FREE SPACE (250gb - 20\30gb for the system to install it self ) so you get 230 gb free space to install games copy movies and even download ps1 games and ps3 demos 250gb (slim duhh!!!)weighs 2.5 kilograms the older fat versions weigh 5 kilograms less watts for the slim than in the fat less noise for the slim than in the fat


No resident evil series!!!!! No devil may cry series!!!!!!!!!! No Street fighter series!!!!!! You have made many mistakes


The lists were mainly to highlight PlayStation exclusive series (other than Final Fantasy in part 1, which has been on other platforms, but was a PlayStation exclusive series for a long time). Resident Evil and Street Fighter have long been multiplatform series, and Devil May Cry has also appeared on the PC and 360. Doesn't mean we're not looking forward to those series, we definitely are.

Ratchet and Clank

I remember the first ratchet and clank for the ps2. and now almost a decade later the 9th (i think its the 9th im not really sure lol ) game, ratchet and clank future: a crack in time was released. I just saw a video about a 10th ratchet and clank..... its called ratchet and clank: all 4 one. i hope that this is not the last part of the series.... there had better be at least ONE more ratchet and clank game for the ps4. just ONE. thats all im asking for lol


we need HD remakes and a new consle title!!!!!!!


Socom is such a great games, up until the first one for PS3 came out. That was the end. I have moved on since Socom 4 (horrible game). Wish they woulkd make another eone with what the PS4 has to offer now They can make it soo much better. Some of the devs don't really listen to their fans anymore. They want to make something like Call of Duty because they see how much they make. But they don't realize that their games aren't Call of Duty and they are not Tray Arc/ Activision or whover. You change your beloved game to be like another one then it is no longer your game which means its no longer the same game and that means we don't want it. R.I.P. Socom If Battlefield 4 is like BF3 or better and for PS4 Thats what Im getting and maybe Destiny, that seems nice, cause Socom died years ago.