PS4 Launch Lineup VS PS3 Launch Lineup

PS4 Launch Lineup VS PS3 Launch LineupWould you deem the PS4 launch lineup as satisfying? I would. If fact, from my knowledge of console launch lineups, I think this has to be one of the best ever. I know that the quality of the actual games can’t be taken into account, but the variety and titles like Watch Dogs and Infamous Second Son simply assure us that we’re going to have a good time at launch. And that’s without counting in all the indies releasing on launch day. In past console launches, we’ve mostly had little to none indie games to play. Now we’re getting a great lineup and one that’s widely advertised too.

But which was the best, the PS4 lineup or the PS3 lineup? Let’s take the time to compare the two. There’s eight years separating the two, but I’m sure some of you will be surprised of the familiarities.

The PS3 had a similar lineups in a lot of regards, and it’s easy to see where the execs got their inspiration to create the PS4’s lineup. The PS3’s lineup contained a good selection of racers as well: Ridge Racer 7, Need For Speed, Carbon and Full Auto 2: Battlelines. How would you compare those to the PS4’s Driveclub, Need for Speed Rival and the Crew? I would say the two match up pretty well considering their respective era. Full Auto 2: Battlelines brought an original twist to the racing genre and so does The Crew, Need for Speed is NFS, enough said, and DriveClub and Ridge Racer both represent a good balance between arcade and simulation. I do have a special preference for The Crew if I had to choose the top of those games, simply because it aims to accomplish so much for a launch title.

Then we have shooters, starting with the trusty Call of Duty series. I would say Ghosts looks to be definitely stronger than Call of Duty 3, as many thought that this third edition was a bit lackluster. Then, we have a bit more of the sci-fi type with FEAR for the PS3 and Killzone Shadow Fall for the PS4. Killzone Shadow Fall is a little bit cooler since it's an exclusive but FEAR is one of my all time favorites. Nothing beats that combo of sci-fi and realism that the original FEAR provided. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas also came out for the PS3, and I'm sorry but there's no matching that on the PS4!

Sports games? I wouldn't say that the 2007 year was too good or too great for sports game. I did enjoy the 2K games back then, but I personally think that's where it took a bit of a downturn for the NHL series. We're not getting an NHL game for the PS4 launch, but I think we're still in for some great games. NBA, FIFA and Madden all seem pretty solid this year and with the strong revenue that these sports games are collecting, the end results have to be quality.

Finally, let me mention the comparison between the two games aimed at a younger audience: Sonic the Hedgehog and Knack. Sonic the Hedgehog, or “Sonic 2006” as some people like to call it, still gives Sonic fans nightmares still to this day I’m sure. The confusing story with the human princess, the incredibly long loading times and the ridiculous difficulty of some levels made it one of the most bumpy Sonic experiences ever. I still enjoyed it to some degree back then, but I must say that Knack looks much more solid. The cooperative local play is ingenious to have children enjoy the game more easily and the story is pretty compelling from the opinions of many.

So how do you think both lineups compare against each other? Is the PS4 launch lineup the best ever for Sony? What about the other genres?

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 09/19/2013

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