Sony To Announce The PS4

PS4 PlayStation 4 Newsletter:
Despite year after year coming and going without a word from Sony about the PlayStation 4, the time finally seems to have arrived as the company's PlayStation event will take today at 6pm EST! Earlier in the month, Sony released a video through the official PlayStation Twitter, inviting users to join the event on February 20th, which began the initial hope that the upcoming PlayStation 4 console would finally be announced. As the gap between then and the event comes to a close, it seems more and more likely that this date will be the one.
Since the announcement, Sony has released additional videos looking back on the previous three PlayStation consoles; this suggests the company wants its fans to see the evolution of the PlayStation brand before the next generation console is revealed with its brand new features, especially considering Sony's tweet invited readers to “see the future.”

While “the future” could refer to new technology becoming available on the current PlayStation 3 console, this is unlikely; the amount of rumors coming out claiming leaked plans and photos of a PlayStation 4 console and its components have dramatically increased since the announcement. This too suggests that Sony is readying the information necessary to make an official announcement, making it more likely that inside sources could copy the information to leak it to the media.

Sources indicate that Sony is planning two SKUs that will sell for $429 and $529 due for release in either October or November 2013. This seems like a fair price point to consider for a brand new console, and Sony has a history of releasing major consoles stateside during November as well. Announcing the console tomorrow for an October/November release gives fans plenty of time to save.

While there have been many rumors about the PlayStation 4, and we have attempted to cover them all at, there are a few rumors we think will come true at the event.

One rumor about the upcoming console that fans have discussed at length is the supposed design for the controller. Allegedly leaked plans suggest that the controller will take a cue from Nintendo's books, ditching the traditional DualShock look in favor of one that sports touch input in the front. Other reported changes include a Share button, a 3.5-mm audio jack and a speaker possibly designed for voice control while maintaining the DualShock look.

Following rumors that Sony's console may not come with an optical drive came the rumor that the company would finally put its acquisition, Gaikai, to good use by offering PlayStation 3 games over a cloud service, eliminating an issue with backwards compatibility.

We will also see an emphasis on social media, with the PlayStation having built-in support for YouTube to upload gameplay videos and social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The rumors state Sony believes the future is in social networking rather than a need to further increase the graphical prowess of the PlayStation brand.

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