PS4 Proven to make you smarter

Video games are being attacked in the news on a regular basis and this phenomenon is quite amazing to say the least – this plethora of blame for violence and bad behavior when it comes to video games has literally been going on for decades. Recent times were no exception. With the recent shootings in the United States, those who feel hatred towards video games are being heard clearly and loudly once again. However, there's some rescue for the video game lovers in the form of interesting studies that are coming out from time to time. The video below is one of them, and it brings to the table new arguments that put some of our favorite games under a more positive light. Let's develop a little more on what Daphne Bavelier has presented and how that could apply to the PS4 world.

Not As Brainless As We Thought
So... what exactly can we get out of a presentation like that? Well, the first thing that struck me is how a game that can seem like a total wreck for your brain can actually be beneficial for it. It's true that a game like Call of Duty doesn't really seem like much of a positive thing for the brain at first glance, but apparently we forget about spatial intelligence when we make that statement. Daphne specified that the incredible amount of moving objects that have to be taken in consideration by the brain on a Call of Duty battlefield actually delivers good mental exercise. So, what I hope comes out of this new concept is that we can now judge the positive aspect of video games not based on what they look like on the outside, but by actually analysing the intrinsic elements of each one. An apparently childish game could have tremendous value while a hugely promoted "brain-teaser" game could have none. That was an interesting new perspective for me.

PS4 Proven to make you smarter

Like Wine
Then, this presentation draws an important analogy with wine. Analogies are important because it is what most people will remember out of presentations like that. So for those who are unfamiliar (or too familiar!) with alcoholic beverages, a small dose can be beneficial for your health, but too big quantities can also hinder it. According to Daphne, the same can now be said about video games, which makes sense. The most obvious inconvenient with hardcore video game play is the huge amount of screen time that undermines your eyes and reduces the quality of your eyesight. So in conclusion, if you can manage to play just enough to gain the benefits, without suffering from the negative consequences, you’re a winner.

The PS4 itself
So when you pick up your first PS4 games, what should you be looking for when it comes to these benefits? Well, a title like Killzone could easily fill the role of that action game to play in occasional 40 minute doses. Then, you might want to pick up a game like The Witness, also presented at the Sony Conference, a puzzle title that will provide a slower, but more complex experience for your brain. Finally, there’s certainly something to gain (like more spatial intelligence!) from a Playstation Move game no matter what your genre preference is. So, try to pick up a good variety of games when you get your PS4 so that you get really take advantage of all the benefits outlined in the video.

Then switching over to unique PS4 characteristics, it’s also worth noting that the multitasking aspect of the upcoming PSN/PS4 interface might not be that good for your brain if we refer to what was mentioned in the video. The PS4 interface is predicted to include a very instantaneous experience that involves social media, video sharing and live interaction with friends, all at the same time, which will involve a great deal of multitasking. Referring to Daphne, playing a game, commenting on your social network, uploading a video and speaking through the microphone all at the same time won't allow you to multitask better in real life in any way, and could in fact hinder your results at such a test. Each game and benefit need to be studied separately she said. Absolutely no assumptions can be made in a field as new as this one.

But of course, all of this has to be taken with a grain of salt when we play games to have fun, but it’s still good information to know as a customer. So don’t forget to mix a bit of broccoli with your chocolate when you choose your PS4 games!

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 03/09/2013

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