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PS4 News January 18th, 2013 -- PS4 to Launch in Spring 2013?

PS4 News January 18th, 2013 -- PS4 to Launch in Spring 2013?
Hiroshi Sakamoto, president of Sony, has hinted the PlayStation 4 console could be announced soon. In a recent interview with the website Emol, Hiroshi Sakamoto insinuated that the PS4 could be released before E3 2013 is announced or even sooner. He was quoted as saying: "That's still a big secret, but our friends are preparing Sony PlayStation. I can only say that we are focused on the E3 gaming event, scheduled for June. [An] announcement may be [made] in that minute or even earlier in May.". What do you think? Will the PS4 be released before E3? Post your comments below!

PS4 News January 15th, 2013 -- PlayStation 4 Announcement March 2013?
Hopeful fans expecting a Sony PlayStation 4 announcement during E3 2013 may be in for a pleasant surprise says Baird's Senior Research Analyst Colin Sebastian, who believes Sony will host a dedicated event as early as March. According to Sebastian, Sony will likely use high-end PC parts to build the PS4, aiming for a $400 price point due to its large scale manufacturing. Additionally, Sebastian notes that there could be a wrench in the gears with the console's production that could possibly "limit unit shipments or regions at launch."

Should this schedule go as expected, E3 2013 would be left open for announcing launch PS4 games.

PS4 News January 11th, 2013 -- Sony CEO Admits PS4 May Not Be Near?
President and CEO of Sony Kaz Hirai responded to fans' clamoring for information about the Sony PlayStation 4 console at CES 2013: "We've very happy with the way that the PlayStation 3 has grown over the years. Obviously a lot of interaction with the PlayStation Vita as well. All of the gaming fans out there, you probably know that we don't talk about future generation technologies until we're ready to launch it in a big way."

While this doesn't necessarily suggest that Sony isn't close to announcing the PlayStation 4, many fans wonder whether the news will be delayed yet another year as Sony further develops the technology.

PS4 News January 10th, 2013 -- No PS4 Release Date at CES 2013
PlayStation fans hoping for some word on the release date of the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 console at the Consumer Electronics Show this year were sorely disappointed as the event came and went without a single word from the company. The thought initially came to mind due to Microsoft's mention of next-gen IllumiRoom technology, but Sony had other subjects on the mind for this event. However, it does make more sense to consider that Sony could be waiting until the Electronic Entertainment Expo event arrives this June as this event puts the focus solely on video games and would allow Sony to fully stand out from the crowd.

PS4 News December 24th, 2012 -- PS4 in 2013 or 2014?
As we close out 2012, the big question on every Sony fan's mind is "When will the PS4 come out?" Anonymous industry insiders have made multiple statements, ranging from Sony wants to beat Microsoft to the punch by releasing early to saying the definitive date is Christmas 2013 with a reveal at E3 2013.

However, Bethesda Interactive's Todd Howard, game director for Skyrim, has said that he does not expect to see the new Xbox or PS4 until 2014 at the earliest. Anonymous industry insiders have also attached themselves to this statement, saying that Autumn 2014 is a much more likely date, as it gives Sony a chance to get the systems on the shelves in advance of Christmas.

PS4 News November 15th, 2012 -- Could the 2013 release date be a reality?

PS4 News November 15th, 2012 -- Could the 2013 release date be a reality?
Polygon recently spoke with Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot about Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Patriots, which will be the 17th release in the series scheduled to release in 2013. According to Guillemot, who was asked whether Patriots would be available as a next-gen game: "There's a good chance it can be."

Considering Ubisoft's statement of its upcoming sequel arriving on next-gen consoles and no changes to the game's 2013 release date, this could suggest something major in the works as far as the upcoming PlayStation 4 announcement is concerned. With any luck, we may hear the announcement during next year's E3 convention, hopefully with Patriots lined up as a launch title.


PS4 "Orbis" Dev Kits Sent To Developers - November 3, 2012
According to VG247, PlayStation 4 dev kits are being shipped to developers. The PS4 dev kit comes with a Blu-ray and is assembled in a "PC" case. There are 4 versions of the PS4 dev kits being shipped. One has a "modified PC", and the third is suppose to have the final specs. The fourth and final version will be released to developers in the summer of 2013. Sources are referring the dev kits to "Orbis" and not "PS4". The kits apparently house AMD's A10 APU series and come with either 8GB or 16GB of RAM. The Orbis has Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity, and HDMI out slots. Could it be that the PS4 or Orbis will surface in 2013? Only time will tell.

CD Projekt announces two upcoming PlayStation 4 Games - November 2, 2012

CD Projekt announces two upcoming PlayStation 4 Games - November 2, 2012
Even though Sony hasn't yet admitted to producing or even being ready to announce the PlayStation 4, CD Projekt helped add to the list of upcoming PlayStation 4 games, citing The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 as upcoming PS4 titles. Neither The Witcher nor The Witcher 2 ever made it to the PS3, and Adam Kiciński continued the trend by expressing disinterest in porting his newest titles to the current generation console.

However, in a recent tweet he states that he will be porting the company's upcoming games to the next generation of consoles, including PS4, which means Sony fans now have two games to anticipate. Hopefully this is only the start of developers announcing future titles for the PlayStation 4.

Will PS3 security issues force the PS4 out sooner? - November 1st, 2012

Will PS3 security issues force the PS4 out sooner? - November 1st, 2012
All PlayStation 3 gamers remember the first fateful day when the PlayStation Network was hacked back in April 2011. Since then, everyone has been trying to forget the unfortunate incident, but it's no secret that too many people are still apprehensive about using the PlayStation Store and other features that would house personal and financial information on Sony's servers.

It's been rumored that Sony's feeling the pressure even more now that the PS3's level zero cryptographic keys have been uncovered, essentially making it a permanently vulnerable system, meaning they may make great strides to release the PlayStation 4 sooner than anticipated to get away from the PS3. While this hack is bad news for PS3 users, it could mean an earlier PS4, perhaps seeing release as early as Fall 2013.

Sony is (literally) heating up with Move development - October 15th, 2012

Sony is (literally) heating up with Move development - October 15th, 2012
While Nintendo and Microsoft seem to have given up on their respective motion controllers, Sony is still looking at new ways to further its Move technology. According to Kotaku, the conglomerate recently filed a patent for a Move controller that will change color depending on its temperature, heating up to an orange or red color and cooling to a blue or green color. The patent states it can detect when the user's hands are sweating, as an example, causing it to change to a cooling color as a response. Though Sony has not yet officially announced this technology, it does bring a little insight in terms of what Sony wants to accomplish with the upcoming PlayStation 4.

PS4 Release Date: Possibly 2015? - John Koller PS4

PS4 Release Date: Possibly 2015? - September 29th 2012
Last week, the Vice President of Hardware Marketing for the PlayStation brand, John Koller, told news outlet GameSpot that the company plans to support the PlayStation 3 until 2015. While some may think this automatically means the PlayStation 4 will not see release until 2015, this is probably not the case. As Koller explains, the PlayStation 2 stayed active for years, even after the PlayStation 3 saw release. It makes sense for Sony to continue to support the PlayStation 3 since they do not alienate those Sony fans who won't upgrade ASAP to the PlayStation 4. However, chances are good that all of Sony's major franchises will make the jump to the PlayStation 4, leaving only the smaller developers and publishers to continue to support the PlayStation 3.

PS3 Third Model Slimmed Once Again

PS3 Third Model Slimmed Once Again - September 22 2012
Sony has unveiled that the PS3 has slimmed down again. This will be the third model for the PS3. This model with be 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the previous version. The main difference is the memory capacities. The 250GB model set to be released on September 25 will offer "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception: Game of the Year Edition" and a voucher for more than $30 worth of bonus digital content for $269.99. The 500GB model will be bundled with a free 30-Day PlayStation Plus voucher and a copy of "Assassin's Creed III" for $299.99 with a launch date of October 30.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot

Update - September 16 2012
The PlayStation 3 has definitely graced the market with a host of AAA games and series like God of War, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid and others. With the PlayStation 4's rapidly approaching release, Sony gamers can't help but be excited for what the next generation will bring them. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot recently shared his thoughts on the matter; however, his thoughts are a bit off-putting to most gamers.

According to Guillemot, while AAA games will be even more amazing than today's titles, they may be few and far between. Guillemot believes that more and more developers may start looking into adapting the free-to-play model for their games and series as it opens up new ways to make ongoing revenue instead of one-and-done sales or ongoing subscriptions. In addition, it allows developers to play a more active role in their games once they ship. Some of this train of thought can be attributed to the rising cost of games and the decline in sales that continues to haunt the industry.

Whether Guillemot's predictions will come true or not ultimately depends on the industry trends as we get closer to the release of the PlayStation 4. As with all other details regarding the new console and how it will impact gamers and the industry as a whole, only time will tell.

OnLive and Gaikai for PS4

Update - August 15, 2012
Cloud-based streaming gaming has been on the rise in the past few years, thanks to companies such as OnLive and Gaikai. For those that have yet to hear of this technology, cloud-based streaming allows you to purchase an inexpensive set-top box and stream games from a more powerful hardware system. The benefits are immense in terms of portability, cost and the fact that it makes upgrading hardware components easier as the cost is not on the user's end.

The industry was abuzz when Sony purchased cloud-based streaming company Gaikai in July 2012 and what it meant for the PlayStation 4. Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has recently revealed that "In regards to the cloud, one of the things that you probably saw is our acquisition of a company called Gaikai. That is a company that's going to propel the movement of the video game business into the cloud space very quickly."

While many gamers and journalists debate on the specifications and hardware of a potential PlayStation 4, the future of the device could lie in cloud-based streaming gaming. One thing is for sure, Sony is definitely setting itself up to be a major player in the digital space in both gaming and beyond. Even if the PlayStation 4 is not a streaming device, expect cloud-based streaming gaming to play a very large role.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Update - August 2, 2012 - Grand Theft Auto 5
The conference call at Take Two Interactive today had potential to include information on Grand Theft Auto 5. However Take Two Interactive did not include Grand Theft Auto V in the release schedule. The schedule shows all releases up to March 2013. "We haven't talked about a release date," explained Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick. "We're blessed to be working with Rockstar," professed the CEO. Rockstar did not have anything to say about Grand Theft Auto V.

Gran Turismo 6 on PS4

Update - August 2, 2012 - Gran Turismo 6
Gran Turismo 5 has been in stores for awhile now, and creator Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that Gran Turismo 6 is on the way. There may not be Gran Turismo 6 until the PS4 however. Yamauchi was speaking at a China Joy event on Thursday and hinted that the next series would be on Sony's next generation console. He was quoted as saying: “We're always aiming for the latest technology and latest expression.”. The statement is vague, however, it shows that a next generation console could be in the works.

Electronic Arts CEO, John Riccitiello

Update - July 26, 2012
Electronic Arts CEO, John Riccitiello, has amplified rumors about the PS4 and next generation Xbox. He stated he expects both consoles to be released in 2013. He was quoted as saying: "A major catalyst going forward, and the most important catalyst going forward is visibility on next-generation console, because that NPD data - that minus 10-25% that you've been seeing - that can and should be reversed out and some point, probably starting next year.". Microsoft or Sony has not confirmed his statement.

Update - July 15, 2012
New slim PlayStation 3PlayStation fans, journalists, industry analysts and even ex-employees have all made the same conclusion: the PlayStation 4 is definitely coming. The popular release date rumor so far is 2013, but could the PlayStation 4 be further out than that?

Within the last few days, a design document and set of pictures shows what looks like a second redesign of the PlayStation 3. While nothing on the inside of the PlayStation 3 has changed, the outside of the system has seen a few changes. For starters, the new PlayStation 3 is no longer rounded at the top and is completely flat, matching the look of the PlayStation 2 Slim. This is not just an aesthetic choice; the PlayStation 3 is now a top loading console, similar to the original PlayStation. It will come in three models, with the only difference between each model being the size of the hard drive: 160, 250 and 500 GB.

While many would dismiss this redesigned PlayStation 3 as fake, these new pictures match a filing that Sony placed with the FCC last month. In addition, rumors state that Sony plans to announce this redesign next month at Gamescom. With a new PS3 redesign on the horizon, could we see a longer wait for the PlayStation 4? Would Sony bother to create a new PlayStation 3 hardware model if the PlayStation 4 was only a year away from release?

Atilla Vass - Ex Sony

Update - July 06, 2012
Internet sleuths at found some information relating to the PS4 on LinkedIn. Atilla Vass is an ex-employee of Sony, whose resume talks about the “Next Generation PlayStation”. He worked at Sony for over 14 years and his speciality has been “R&D” centering on technology ranging from graphics to cloud services and more. His resume stated (he has since changed it) between August 2010 and until April of 2012 he worked on the PlayStation Vita and what he calls the Next Generation PlayStation. He worked on Graphics Library, Security. You can see Vass's resume here. With rumors of the PS4 circulating the internet, this information could be proof that Sony is working on a Next Generation PlayStation.

Update - June 23, 2012
Andrew House Sony PS4While many of us feel that news about the PlayStation 4 will come sooner rather than later, there is one individual at Sony who does not feel that way. SCE chief executive Andrew House stated, in an interview with MCV, ""The right time to talk about new advances in hardware is when you can demonstrate a significant leap on the current experience, and something that is going to be attractive... Beyond that we have nothing to say at this point,"

Overall, this makes sense, as Sony wants the PS4 to blow their fans away from the first moment they unveil it for the world to see. However, look at games like Star Wars 1313; clearly, even in an alpha form, this game is leagues ahead of what the PlayStation 3 can do graphically, so much so that journalists and analysts are calling it a next-generation game. Clearly, it seems some companies have already demonstrated next-generation games.

One way to look at the quote by House is that Sony is waiting until the games are out of alpha and graphically polished, something that Star Wars 1313 in its alpha form was not. Perhaps Sony does not feel any of their PS4 games, in their current form, are not yet ready to use to demonstrate the PlayStation 4; the quote mentions they are not ready to demonstrate it, not that they haven't been working on it.

We already have confirmation that we're at the end of the console cycle in addition to games rumored to be on the PlayStation 4; regardless of the statement by House, we will see the PlayStation 4 sooner rather than later.

Update - June 22, 2012
Microsoft XBox 720 documents leaked. Check out the PS4's competition. Learn more at New XBox 720!

Update - June 18, 2012
Dead Island: Riptide E3 2012 PS4While we all know the PlayStation 4 is fast approaching, as evident by Sony's uneventful E3 2012 conference, most developers and publishers have yet to confirm our suspicions. There have been leaks, usually by unnamed sources, that tell us of PS4 development and games, but nothing concrete from a trusted source with a name and face. However, that has seemingly changed; while we have not learned of a hard date for the PS4, what we have learned is that this previous console cycle is at its end straight from a respectable big-name publisher.

The "blink and you'll miss it" announcement of Dead Island: Riptide at E3 2012 caught many by surprise, even though no information was given about the game proper. A few days later, GameStop and other video game retailers had given the game a price of $49.99, $10 cheaper than current console releases. Many pondered if this was a mistake but this price was later confirmed by Deep Silver PR employee Aubrey Norris. However, the reason she gave for the $50 price is what is most telling: "we're at the end of a console cycle and that price point makes the most sense given that." This is the first time a developer or publisher has indicated that we are nearing the end of the current console systems.

With Dead Island: Riptide most likely releasing in late 2012 or early 2013, and this game coming at the "end of a console cycle," this further points to the fact that we'll soon be hearing about the PlayStation 4 and with a potential late 2013 release.

Update - June 11, 2012
Star Wars 1313 PS4We know that PlayStation 4 games are in development, but could we have already seen our first one? According to websites such as Forbes and Joystiq, we may have already witnessed our first PlayStation 4 title in action: Star Wars 1313.

The game follows an unnamed bounty hunter into a secret prison colony dubbed 1313. The game will feature no Jedi or Sith and will have nothing to do with the Force; no other information is known at this time. A gameplay clip was shown at E3, showing off the third-person cover-based shooting mechanics along with the jaw-dropping graphics. Those in attendance at E3, along with the fans who have watched the clip, are claiming that the graphics seen in the video are far too advanced for current systems, such as the PlayStation 3, and that we're looking at next-generation graphics.

They could very well be right; Star Wars 1313 is currently in pre-production, meaning that it still has a long way to go before release. Lucasarts has declined to mention what systems the game will be running on; the gameplay clip was shown on a high-end PC featuring hardware that is rumored to be the same hardware that the new Xbox or PlayStation 4 may be using.

With Star Wars 1313 in pre-production, a possible release date is the end of 2013; the same time frame that is rumored to be the release of the PlayStation 4, putting forth the possibility that not only is Star Wars 1313 a next-generation title, but it could be a launch title at that.

E3 Updates June 2012
Surprisingly Sony is opening up a little about the PS4. Some notable news that came out of E3 is as follows.

  • SCEA Scott RohdeSony has confirmed that PS4 Games are in development. The vice president of SCEA's, Scott Rohde, commented: “We're not talking about when the machine is coming out, but I think anyone on the planet knows that, of course, games are in development.” “It's just something that we didn't feel was important to bring up this year. We had probably five or ten other games that probably deserved stage time today that didn't get it.”/li>
  • CEO of Sony, Jack TrettonSony wants the PS4 to be the best console, not the cheapest or the first to rush to market. The CEO of Sony, Jack Tretton, was quoted saying: “We've never been first. We've never been cheapest, ” Tretton said. “It's about being the best. If you can build a better machine, and it's going to come out a little bit later, that's better than rushing something to market that's going to run out of gas for the long term." “Ideally, in a perfect world, you want the best machine that ships first, that's cheapest. But the number one goal is to be the best machine, and that's what we're always focused on.”
  • Possible PS4 next gen graphics on display thanks to Square Enix. Check out the video!
  • Sony's PlayStation E3 Press Conference Pre-Show
  • Sony showed it's cross play feature on the game All Stars Battle Royale. Characters will include God of War's Kratos, PaRappa the Rapper (from...PaRappa the Rapper), Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth, and two new additions. The game will be available on the PS3 and Vita.

Update - May 31 2012

Sony has rejected the idea of a download only plan for it's console. The console will still include an optical disk drive. After strong consideration, Sony realized that not all gamers have a good internet connection. Gamers in the US and Europe have fast download speeds, however, gamers in other countries have slower speeds. Gamer files are large, sometimes larger than an HD movie. Therefore gamers with slow connections, would have to wait hours or days to download just one game. Microsoft is planning to include an optical drive in the Xbox successor. The company had concerns about slow download speeds as well. The disk drive is here to stay at the moment. As technology advances, there might be a day where the disk drive will be obsolete.

Update - May 26 2012
A post on Gameranx states that the PS4 specs list will contain an advanced cell processor with 10GB of RAM and 10GB of video memory. This is all speculation, however, if the information is correct the GPU graphics processor is based on Nvidia’s Kepler architecture, which is the same tech powering the GTX680! VG247 has called the spec list “complete bullshit.” We will have to wait and see how this rolls out.

Update - May 26 2012
Bungie a gaming studio, which created hits like "Halo", will release it's new series of sci-fi games in 2013. According to a lawsuit between Activision and it's former "Call of Duty" employees, there was details about "Destiny" in the filing. The contract states that the first installment of Bungie's shooting game "Destiny" will be released in 2013 for the Xbox 360, and the next generation Xbox console, which the contract names the "720". Bungie is under contract to release versions every other year, with an extension pack named "Comet", that will ship in 2014. Bungie and Activision have plans to release the game for the PS3 and it's successor the PS4 in 2014.

Update - May 25th 2012
The URL that sparked rumors that Sony's next generation console would be named 'Orbis" is now inactive. Try going to It no longer works.

When news broke out about the "Orbis" site, the link, linked to a page that mimicked the PS3 developer site. This was back in March, now the site redirects us to nothing. Is Sony trying to hide something? Comment below.

Update - April 7th 2012 - Why Orbis?
Late last month the first concrete information about Sony's next generation console was published, codenamed Orbis. The original article was published on Kotaku, a pretty reputable gaming website that has reported similar topics on previous Sony projects with 100% accuracy. Since the release of the codename, people all over the internet have been speculating the possible reasons behind the word Orbis.

Orbis comes from Latin and has several meanings but they all share something in common, it represents a circle, a ring, a complete journey. If we take a look at Sony's recent Playstation Vita release, we can find some more hints there. Vita is the Latin for life, mostly known thanks to a sub-par 1960s film. There's already plenty of speculation that the PS4 and Vita will feature heavy cross compatible features, so if we put both together we have Orbis Vita, roughly translated into complete circle, or circle of life.

It's definitely a break from the current naming cycle of the Playstation console and Playstation Orbis has a really nice ring to it. It's safe to expect a holiday season reason in 2013 so make sure to leave room on that Christmas list

Update - April 6th 2012
According to a recent article in a Japanese newspaper, technology giants Sony are shaping up to lay off up to 10,000 employees. The article follows recent rumors that they've also begun forcing employees into early retirement as well as seriously cutting the pay of some of their top staff. It's no secret that Sony have begun focusing their efforts into certain departments as they've started to pump more money into the crystal LED design, as well as their next generation console.

Update - April 5th 2012
VG247 is stating that sources have told them, that Sony is confident that their next-gen PlayStation will be released before the Xbox 720.

The VG247 source was quoted as saying: “Sony are completely in the belief that they have the jump on Microsoft this time.” “You should be watching the timing of next year's E3 keynotes, and who's going to go first.” “Top line publishers already know about it,” the source said. “Developers working with publishers – like Ubisoft, for example – already know what's going on. They're already working on it.”

Coming out first has its disadvantages, such as price point. There are advantages as to the line-up of games available at launch – especially exclusive titles. For now it's just rumors, however, we will have to see which console is announced first.

Update - March 30th 2012
A recent article on Kotaku has confirmed that the Playstation 4 is in development and is currently going under the code name of Orbis. Kotaku stated that an inside source leaked the information and has also said that the resolution will be bumped up to a massive 4096x2160 thanks to AMDs Southern Islands GPU and x64 CPU. It is also rumored that 3D games will support 1080p.

Other information in the article hinted at a possible anti-used game system where players that purchase second hand games will have to go online with their new console and purchase the right to play the game. With the popular GAME store already threatened by administration, and those companies making it clear their biggest profits come from second hand titles, this is an industry changing move from Sony.

Several high profile gaming studios have also confirmed that they have received the developers kit for the Playstation 4, leading us to believe we're going to see the next generation console in time for the 2013 holiday period.

Update - March 12th 2012
During a recent private viewing at the San Francisco's Game Developer's Conference, members of the gaming press were lucky enough to get a preview of the next generation of the Unreal Engine. Sadly, everyone involved was asked to sign a NDA, meaning we can't get any real concrete footage of the new engine but Epic's VP Mark Rein said that the next generation of consoles would need to be 10x stronger than the PS3 in order to utilize the new engine. Everyone expects something special with the next-gen consoles but can you imagine what today's games would be like looking 10x better?

Update - January 11th 2012
Sony President Shuhei YoshidaSony President Shuhei Yoshida recently laughed off comments when asked about the possibility of a Playstation 4 launch this year. During a Playstation Vita interview, CVG threw a number of questions at the big man but he shrugged them all off saying "We have no immediate plans for another home console announcement". This could of course just be a way to create more hype and anticipation for Sony's E3 announcements or, they may truly have no intention of releasing the Playstation 4 over the next year or two. Only time will tell, we'll let you know what happens at E3.

Update - January 11th 2012
Sony's Deputy President Kazuo HiraiSony's Deputy President, Kazuo Hirai, recently made several comments that have trashed rumors about Sony making a Playstation 4 related announcement at E3 this June. He mentioned the fact that the Playstation 3 has always been planned for a 10 year shelf life, although this doesn't totally squash the possibility of a PS4 announcement as Sony continued to support the Playstation 2 years after the launch of the PS3. He also stated that Sony have yet to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Playstation 3 and they hope to do so using innovative technology such as the Playstation Move. Sony also plan to dedicate a lot more time and resources to the 3-D market "We are definitely, from a Sony perspective, very committed to 3-D,".

Updates - January 2012
Sony's Kaz Hirai has stated "we are not making any announcements at E3. I've always said a 10-year life cycle for PS3, and there is no reason to go away from that." Keep in mind the PS2's life cycle after the PS3 came out leaving the possibility for anything to happen...

Naughty Dogs Co-President Evan WellsIn a recent interview with Naughty Dog's co-president Evan Wells expressed his concern above developing the next generation of games. During the interview he told Eurogamer that the company suffered "dark times" during the transition to the Playstation 3 but he hopes that the experience and wisdom they gained during that time, has better prepared them for the next generation of consoles.

Uncharted is arguably their most popular title so this pretty much confirms the release of Uncharted 4 on the Playstation 4 but will past ghosts reveal themselves and give Naughty Dog even more issues?

Although the interview didn't really reveal any juicy gossip, it has confirmed that developers are aware of what will be required for PS4 games, suggesting that they may already have access to the developer tools. Previously, developers have gained access to these tools 1-2 years before the consoles release so using past experiences, we could be looking at a mid 2013 release, assuming we all haven't burned up in a raging ball of apocalypse by then.

Update - December 2011
During a recent press event in London, head of Sony Europe, Jim Ryan, said that Sony did not want to fall too far behind when releasing the next generation Playstation. During the press conference he made it clear that the release of the upcoming Wii, as well as the rumors of the next Xbox, have spurred Sony on to push the release of their next generation console. The Wii-U will be released later this year and the rumored Xbox 720 is expected to be announced later this year, with a release date of 2013. The Playstation 3 launched a year after the Xbox360 and didn't really suffer all that much, with the exception of the technical issues.

However, with the current state in the economy and the expected next generation prices to be even higher, can they afford to delay the release a year later than their competitors? The Wii-U isn't really going to compete with with either the Xbox 720 or Playstation 4 as it's clearly not designed for the more hardcore gamers but it still leaves you wondering if they can pull something out of the hat.

There has also been concern expressed over the developer tools. Rumors circulated several months ago that the developer tools for the Xbox720 games have already been deployed but there has been no hardcore evidence to suggest the same for the Playstation 4, the last thing Sony need is a bunch of rushed launch titles.

So what do you think? Can Sony afford to delay the launch of the Playstation 4 by a year or will the Xbox 720 capitalize on an extra year of sales?

Update - October 2011
Developers of the Uncharted franchise, one of the most successful to launch on the Playstation 3, made an announcement today in which they state "The Playstation 3 could not sustain another installment of Uncharted". The announcement went into details about plans the developers had to improve the franchise but the current technological capabilities of the Playstation 3 would not be able to support such plans. This was a shocking announcement to the industry, with many of the experts arguing that the Playstation 3 has yet to be pushed to its true limits suddenly silenced by this information. What does this mean for me or you? The release date for the Playstation 4 is going to come sooner than most people are expecting.

Update - September 2011
Shuhei Yoshida SonyIn a recent interview with Sony's Director of Global Operations, EuroGamer discovered that Sony are quite willing to discuss the next-gen console, it's just that they don't feel there is a need to. In the interview, Shuhei Yoshida went on to explain why Sony are in no rush to pump out announcements about the next-gen Sony console.

It basically boils down to the game developers, while they're still able to improve their products using the Playstation 3, Sony see no need to develop and release the Playstation 4. Ubisoft and a few other companies have expressed their concerns that current hardware restrictions on the PS3, with the main problem being Ram, are reducing the quality of the games they could develop but industry experts have said a simple Ram upgrade could extend the shelf-life of both the Xbox360 and PS3 by several years but it's not something we expect to see.

This console generation has seen some real innovative titles hit home consoles, games such as L.A Noire, Grand Theft Auto IV and Mass Effect proved that current generation consoles still have what it takes to give us a great gaming experience but is it the best we could get? It's inevitable that Sony will release a next-gen console, the Wii-U is a year away, the Xbox 720 a year after that, Sony has been around a long time and is worth an estimated $60 billion, so it is safe to expect them to bring something to the table that can compete with Nintendo and Microsoft.

Sony doesn't remain one of the most respectable companies on the planet by drawing the short straw, they know what sells and they know how to design it. It's known that the Playstation 4 has been in development for some time now and it has been said that developers already have access to the SDK tools used to create new titles. Just because the juicy details about the PS4 haven't been leaked yet, don't assume they're not there. With all the information accumulated on here and other PS4 fan sites, it's confirmed that the Playstation 4 is coming, it's just a matter of when...

Update - July 2011
A recent article on Digitimes (A highly respectable technology information resource) has claimed that Sony has filed for new components from a Taiwanese component developer. That same developer reported that the new components could be used for a Kinect style motion sensor for the Playstation 4. The article suggested that Foxxconn and Pegatron Technology will be used to create the new parts for Sony, both companies were involved in the making of the Playstation 3.

The article also reported that they will begin production at the end of this year with the hopes of a 2012 launch, some have speculated as much as 20 million Playstation 4 consoles will be ready for time of launch.

Sony has yet to make an official comment, watch this space!!

Update - E3 2011
SCEE Boss Andrew HouseGamers eagerly awaiting a Playstation 4 announcement were disappointed when SCEE boss Andrew House released a statement in an interview with Eurogamer

"From a Sony perspective, we're very comfortable with PS3 and the way that market's developing,"

Although they made it clear they have no intention of a Playstation 4 related announcement anytime soon they did show off their new 3D capability as well as the NGP/PSP2 now officially named Playstation Vita. They've waited 7 years after the release of the PSP to announce their next generation handheld, we could be waiting a similar length of time for an official Playstation 4 announcement, stay tuned!

Update - May 2011 - According to a recent article in Eurogamer, Sony has confirmed they're directing finances to an undisclosed research and development project for a "Future Platform". In the build up to E3, rumors about Project Cafe suggest Nintendo will announce the Wii-2 and developers have reported receiving prototype development tools for a new Microsoft product. Everyone is expecting an Xbox720 and Wii-2 announcement, we can hope that Sony has something as big to announce.

A quote from Sony's chief Financial Manager Kato stated "For the home equipment the PS3 still has a product life, but this is a platform business, so for the future platform - when we'll be introducing what product I cannot discuss that - but our development work is already under way, so the costs are incurred there."

Update - June 2010 - In an interview with Gamespot at this year's E3, Activision COO Thomas Tippl shed some up-to-date, though still quite vague light, on the PS4's future release. When asked when he expected the next generation consoles to release, Tippl stated that it was unlikely they would see release within the next 2-3 years, as Activision still had no information on any new consoles. With development times for next gen games running 2-3 years on average, it makes sense that if the new consoles will come with third party games at launch (a near certainty), it will be at least 2 years from the time third parties first get the development toolkits in their hands to the point where the console releases. In the meantime all we can do is speculate and continue to wait.

Update - July 2009
Doom and Quake creator John Carmack- In a recent interview, Doom and Quake creator John Carmack speculated that Sony will likely attempt to be first to the dance floor with their new console, before Microsoft launches their next console. As talked about above, there is plenty of rationale in this line of thinking. On the other hand, Sony has long maintained they have a long-term plan for the PS3, and with the lower production costs of the new slim model PS3, and the increased sales of the new version, the PS3 may just be coming into its own. Whether Sony will try to launch before Microsoft (by all accounts Nintendo will actually launch first, but they're not considered direct competition to the others like Sony and Microsoft are to each other) remains to be seen. Let us know what you think.